List of Starlife New and upcoming series for 2023

2023 has shown to be a great year for series premiere on Starlife and Zeeworld channel. Both Bollywood themed channels are being on their A game this year, bringing new and exciting series back to back.

Here’s a list of upcoming and currently running series on Starlife in 2023 Including those already aired

2021 Starlife series


1. Geet Starlife (ended) 

Geet is the story of a girl whose life take a turn for the worst after her parents force her to get married. However fate has a better better plan for her.

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2. A perfect lie Starlife (ended)

Durga is a girl out on a mission to avenge the injustice melted to her family by the khurranas. however she soon finds herself in a love triangle which threatens to make her reconsider…

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3. Family Affairs starlife ((ended)) 

A family tale of the Shrivastavs and their grandmother who controls the family with an Iron fist.

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4. The Inseparables starlife ((ended)) 

A tale about the bond shared between two sisters that is both lasting and enduring despite marriage and health challenges.

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5. Kulfi the singing star ((ended))

Follow Kulfi, a Prodigy singer, who grows up without  knowledge of her father despite inheriting his singing talents. Through fate and circumstances, she meets with him but they are many obstacles to their union.

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6. Game of love (ended December 16)

The obeiros are not your regular family that you would love to envy, but between all that success and glamour lies people steady chasing their happiness.

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7. Forbidden Love. (ended) 

Two opposite people brought together by love, watch the series to follow Arnav and Khushi.

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8. Made For Each other. ((ended)) 

Anurag and Pernar are two fated lovers who are constantly separated by the interference of other people. They make sacrifices to bring each other out of trouble, however they are the ones who suffer the most…

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Made for each other premieres on StarLife on 18th September

This page will be updated once new series gets announced in the year 2023


  1. Why are we watching old series on Starlife I was watching Geet yesterday 31March today 1st April nothing on Geet something old series but why has India closed all the markets for export or what what’s going on please I request you to tell me why and what happened to the series of GEET ETC

    • Is unfair. No notification about soaps that are currently running, Geet and perfect lie was aired yesterday and today was something else

  2. It’s not fair that they just decided to change the series we have been watching just like that. geet, made for each other, family affairs e.t.c. you don’t do that to your customers

  3. What happened to our series? The ones we were watching? I mean Geet, Kulfi, Made for each other and others. All we are seeing new ones

  4. I don’t know the reason why all of a sudden you stopped showing Kulfi, made for each other , family affairs and the rest of the current episode. Some of us pay our Dstv because of this nice episodes you show but it seems you’ve taken us back to previous ones that have already been showed and the ones we know of have been suspended. If this is how starlife operates then some of us will stop watching the station. You always repeat movies which even make the station very boring and the series that motivates us to continue to watch the station are stopped in the middle of no where. Please do your things right before you loose your viewers. And am one. I have lost interest with the station and their style of repeating movies over and over again. Paying DSTV to watch repetition is sooo ******

  5. Please bring back this series Kufi, family Affair its not fair because you didn’t tell us that our series will be cancelled and i like to know what is happening this series will be back or not.

  6. I like this channel because it can air all the types of series and the dubbing is better compared to zee world so continue exactly like this😍😍

  7. Am in love with forbidden love and family affairs if those 2shows wre to be aired again l will be over the moon but yes keep up with the good work that you doing STARLIFE PPL😘

  8. Please bring back forbidden love kushi and Arnav this is the movie I really love so much I will also love to watch family Affair I love it too thanks good job to you guys

  9. Can you please add more Bollywood blockbusters movies on Starlife cause we already know all of the ones which are playing
    It’s boring watching the samething again n again

  10. Please bring back the crossroads,made for each other,insperables.the ones you guys are showing is boring.i getting sick and tired of starlife.
    Back then,I prefer starlife to zeeworld.i beg of you.

  11. Pls starlife can you bring back A MAGICAL LOVE STORY, MISMATCHED,GAME OF LOVE and also plssssssss try and air BRIDAL MATERIAL pls these are my humble request. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. As a starlife fan please bring old series to our screens this new stories are boring we want evil eye,game of love and without us starlife fans the starlife channel is nothing so please bring those series back


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