Unfortunate love update Tuesday 3 January 2023


Unfortunate love 3 January 2023: The Episode starts with Lakshmi packing her bags. She looks at Rishi and her photo frame. Main phir bhi tumko plays…..Rishi comes there. Lakshmi looks at Rishi and is about to go. Rishi calls her. Her pallu gets stuck under the table. Rishi asks her not to leave, scold or punish him, but don’t leave. Lakshmi looks at him, recalls seeing him on bed with Malishka and goes out of room. Virender, Dadi and Ayush come home and call Lakshmi. Rano, Shalu and Bani come there, followed by Karishma and Neelam. They see Lakshmi coming downstairs with her stuff. Virender asks Lakshmi why did they take such a decision. Lakshmi says I am leaving. Malishka and Sonal come there. Ayush says we will sort out the problem. Shalu says Jiju helps you always and be with you.

Lakshmi recalls again. Dadi asks her to tell what is the thing, and cries. Virender says we will make everything fine. Dadi apologizes to Lakshmi if she felt bad for anyone’s sayings. Lakshmi says Dadi. Virender asks Ayush to bring Rishi. Malishka asks Sonal if Rishi will tell everyone. Dadi says something big has happened, and they shall know the reason. Neelam says husband and wife want divorce then why you want to know the reason. dadi says it is our responsibility to make them understand. Dadi asks Ayush to call Rishi. Lakshmi stops Ayush. She keeps Dadi’s hand on her head and gives her swear not to ask anyone about the reason. She says you will not ask Rishi or me.

She gives swear to everyone and thinks she can’t tell anyone about Rishi’s mistake. Neelam says nobody will ask, we better know that the reason is you. She says we will not ask even if you tell from your mouth. She says it is enough for us that the inauspicious and unlucky girl is leaving from our house. Karishma says she will not go this way and asks Ayush to take her bag. Rano says why you are blaming lakshmi to be inauspicious and says she is Devi, and is silent.Karishma says why she is not saying, why she took the divorce. Rano says they shall know who is bad and inauspicious. Lakshmi says let it go. Rano says your name is getting ruined, if you stay silent then you are making your name ruined, and I will not let this happen.

She says they got such a good girl and they are not valuing her. Shalu says leave it, if Di doesn’t want to tell. Rano says why don’t you understand that they will raised fingers on you and will get their son remarried, but what will happen to you. Karishma asks her to stop her nonsense? Rano says Lakshmi’s life is getting ruined, and says you all had come to beg infront of us. Neelam says did we come to beg? She insults Rano and says I thought she is diamond, but she is coal who blackens and brings inauspicious things. Shalu asks her to stop it and says I will not bear it. Bani says my Di has saved Jiju many times and he is alive because of her.

Neelam shouts enough and asks them to leave. She threatens Rano and asks Lakshmi to leave with her family. Rano asks what you will do? Lakshmi says Chachi, she is like my Mother. Rano says they have played with your life. Lakshmi says Chachi, please come from here. Rano says we will leave, but first I will show the bag to them, else they might call us thieves. She opens the bag and shows the clothes and everything. She says she has taken all ordinary clothes and also a photo frame. She sees Rishi and Lakshmi’s photo frame and says throw it, you will not get even a penny. Lakshmi stops Rano from throwing it.

Rishi thinks how to stop Lakshmi. His innerself told him that he has given promise to Neelam. Rishi says I can’t live without Lakshmi. Lakshmi gets teary eyes and keeps her clothes and photo frame back in the trolley. She looks at Ayush, Virender, Dadi and Neelam and recalls moments with them. She looks at the house and recalls their happy times. She looks at the inhouse temple Gods, and walks towards the door. She is about to step out and recalls her grah pravesh.

Lakshmi hearing Rishi saying don’t go, Lakshmi. She turns and looks back. Karishma holds her hand and asks her not to wait for mahurat, as it is best for Rishi and us. Virender shouts Karishma. Dadi says she is bahu of the house, you will be punished for throwing her out. Karishma says punishment, my foot. She says nobody will be punished, as she is not our bahu, her days are over here and asks her to leave. She asks her to leave again. Ayush thinks where is Bhai? He cries and wipes his tears, and goes to call Rishi. Rishi tells that he will stop Lakshmi and will convince Mom. He says he will not let her go and finds the door locked. Malishka is standing outside and says she locked the door. She says if he stops Lakshmi and she really stops then. Rishi tries to open the door and thinks Lakshmi will leave before meeting him.


His innerself tells that Lakshmi doesn’t want any relation between them, she don’t want anything to happen between you both. Rishi says it is all my mistake, she is going because of me. His innerself says you have betrayed her, and now will be punished. Malishka says you are in Malishka Bhagya and not in Lakshmi Bhagya. She says nobody will come to stop you. She sees Ayush and hides. Ayush thinks if Rishi had stopped her then she would have really stopped. Malishka thinks if he sees me here then will understand that I have locked the door. She thinks I hate you Ayush, Lakshmi has to leave before Rishi comes. Ayush finds Rishi’s door locked and thinks who has locked the door. Lakshmi is about to step out, thinking Rishi didn’t come to stop her even once.

Dadi shouts Lakshmi and falls. Lakshmi goes inside and holds Dadi. Dadi says they can’t live without her and says if you stay then we will have breath. Sonal and Malishka think all their hardwork will go waste. Neelam says everyone will take care of you like before. Virender says family was set because of Lakshmi, she has put life into this house, else this house was lifeless. Neelam says lifeless, and says you spend your life here and now feeling that this house was lifeless. She says you will hurt me more with your words. She says may be this girl had taken care of you much, but she shall leave.

Lakshmi tells Dadi that time and breath don’t end if anyone goes. She says nothing matters if I leave from here. Dadi cries. Lakshmi says if it matters then Rishi wouldn’t have done such a mistake. She says everything will be good. Dadi cries.Ayush asks Rishi why did you divorce Lakshmi Bhabhi? Rishi says our relation was till here. He says everything is over. Ayush is shocked. Rishi thinks he has betrayed Lakshmi and can’t force her to stay with me. He says he can’t punish her by forcing her to stay with him. Ayush asks him to come. Rishi asks him to go to Lakshmi and take care of her. He says I know you will take care ofv her very well. Lakshmi thinks you will not come, as you knows that we will not stop.

She recalls her grah pravesh and goes out. She sees the diya in the tulsi plant flickering due to wind, and holds it with her hand. Malishka says finally Lakshmi is gone, and I will enter as Lakshmi of the house and my grah pravesh will happen. She says she has ended everything and now her Rishi will be back to her.She comes to Karishma and smiles. Karishma closes the door. Ayush tells Rishi that he has to come and stop Lakshmi. Rishi says my relation is over with Lakshmi. Ayush says please stop her. He says she is waiting, please stop her before it is too late. He brings Rishi downstairs. Karishma tells Neelam that she will ask Mukesh to make some sweets for the big work today.

Dadi cries. Virender asks Dadi to have strength and says she is thrown from home, but not from our hearts. He goes. Sonal asks Malishka if Lakshmi will return. Karishma brings gangajal and sprinkle in the house. Sonal asks what is she doing? Karishma says she is warding off all the inauspicious effects from the house. Ayush and Rishi come downstairs. Ayush asks where is Bhabhi? Karishma says she is gone and asks him to see gangajal. Rishi thinks he has hurt her so much that she left. Karishma taunts Rishi saying Lakshmi left. Rishi says Lakshmi didn’t do anything. Malishka says once his hangover goes, he will be hers. Virender comes out and tells Lakshmi that he let her go, last time, but what happened this time that she is silent.

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