Jhanak Starlife story, plot casts and teasers

Jhanak on starlife revolves around a girl named Jhanak, who sustains herself by selling flowers. Jhanak’s world takes a drastic turn when she loses her mother, leaving her vulnerable to the local goon’s ominous gaze. The promo hints at a compelling storyline that explores the transformati on of Jhanak’s journey in the aftermath of her mother’s demise. For Jhanak, dance is the breath of her life.

She has to overcome challenges and loss while crossing paths with a man who further complicates her life. However, a tragedy pushes her into a whirlwind of crushed dreams, failures and a marriage of convenience.

Jhanak is played by Hiba Nawab known for her role in Destined by fate. Speaking on the show she share: `Hey everyone, I’m beyond thrilled to announce my new TV show, Jhanak! It’s been a journey filled with hard work, dedication, and passion from the whole team. We’ve poured our hearts and souls into bringing this show to life, and we can’t wait for all of you to experience it.”

The show is said to have garnered much ratings when it was released last year and will definitely be a trip worth taking for it’s African viewers.

The main Casts are Krushal Ahuja and Hiba Nawab

Click to read  the first teasers here


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