Lost in Love Starlife: full story, plot summary, casts, teasers

Lost in Love Starlife full story.

Sai Joshi, a young and outspoken girl from Gadchiroli aspires to become a doctor and dreams to study MBBS at the Nagpur Medical College. In Nagpur, Virat Chavan becomes an IPS officer and is posted to Gadchiroli.

Sai stays with her father Inspector Kamal Joshi in Gadchiroli and her world revolves around him. The local politician’s son and goon, Jagtap, falls in one-sided love with Sai and harras her. Jagtap try to kill Kamal to get married with Sai. On topping 12th exam in Maharashtra state, Sai request her father to take VRS and move to Nagpur.

Virat joins his posting in Gadchiroli. Virat’s car splash mud on Sai which makes Sai dislike him. Further, Virat ask Kamal to postpone his VRS on stage. Kamal accept his senior officer Virat order which makes Sai anger. Virat and Pakhi gets infatuated with each other but Chavan family select Pakhi as Samrat’s bride. Pakhi to stay with Virat gets married to Samrat and Virat promise Pakhi to not give her place to any girl. Pakhi confess love to Virat which Samrat overhears and leave for duty, heartbroken.

Kamal Joshi takes the bullet to save Virat from Jagtap shoot and Sai sees it. On his deathbed, Kamal asks Virat to take care Sai. Sai is devastated after her father death and try to commit suicide in her emotional state. After Kamal’s funeral, villagers pressurise Virat to marry orphaned Sai. Sai request Virat to decline marriage proposal and remind him about Pakhi. Virat propose deal marriage and unwillingly, Sai gets agree for it. During marriage, Virat keeps reminding Sai to not expect any husband love and support from him as he already made promise to Pakhi. Sai also makes it clear that She will leave marriage once she complete MBBS. Pakhi gets shattered seeing Virat-Sai marriage but Virat assure her by disclosing deal marriage details. Chavan family refuse to accept Virat-Sai marriage as Sai is not from upper class, Shahānnau Kule Maratha, like Pakhi. Chavan family humiliates Sai by name calling Junglee, defaming Kamal death and his upbringing but Sai gives a befitting reply to them.

Virat face false accusations by Vithal Mane and gets suspended from job. Virat blames Sai for it. Further, Virat blames Sai to snatch away his love Pakhi and claims to ruins his life. Sai goes to police department and saves Virat job.

Sai comes to know Devyani-Pulkit past relationship and decide to track down the truth. Sai find a chance when Pulkit invites on lunch. Virat stops Sai physically and orders to close house main door and not open till he lock Sai in a room. But Sai does not surrender and goes to meet Pulkit. Further, Virat stops Sai to have food and claims to enjoy on his money when Sai returns home. Sai decided to leave the house but Ashwini makes Virat realise his mistake and Virat apologize to Sai and stops her.

Sai expose the Chavans’s act of making Devyani mentally ill, Devyani-Pulkit separation and putting newly born Harinee in orphanage. Sai plans to reunite Devyani and Pulkit by getting them remarried. Pakhi writes fake letter to stop Sai and Virat agrees with Pakhi. Pulkit gets kidnapped by Chavan family’s goon. Later, Sai and Pulkit shows proof to prove Pulkit’s innocence but Virat refuses to believe. Virat throws Sai from the house at midnight and stops Ashwini to give food to Sai. Pakhi and Virat calls Sai as gold digger and mentally challenged person. Sai arrange for evidence and brought it in front of Virat. Then, Sai goes back to Gadchiroli. Virat does not take any action against his family’s crimes and forgive them. Virat apologies to Sai and ask her to return but she refuses. Virat goes on a mission and gets shot. A emotional Sai rushes to the hospital and takes good care of Virat. Both reconcile and Sai return home.

On Harinee’s birthday, Sai mend Devyani-Harinee’s relationship and conveys Chavan family to accept Harinee. Meanwhile, Pakhi confess her feelings again which Sai see it. Sai ask both of them to clear their stand in front of family. But, Virat claims Sai’s questions are cheap and does not requires any answer. Pakhi calls Sai a Nurse and ask her to take money and leave the house. Chavan family support Virat and Pakhi and humiliate Sai further. But, Sai gives befitting reply to them.

Sai gifts saree to Pakhi’s mother on anniversary after Virat permission. Pakhi and Chavan family humiliate Sai and ask Sai to apologize to Pakhi. Sai has emotional breakdown due to constant bullying and harassment and agrees with their claim of calling herself incompetent and difficult person to be fit in Chavan family.

Ninad childhood dream gets complete when Sai surprise him with Harmonium, which Sai brought it from her scholarship money. Ninaad felt speechless and gives blessing to Sai.

Pakhi traps Ajinkya to meet unwell Sai in bedroom and Chavan family sees Pakhi’s action but keeps mute. Virat gets angry and harm Ajinkya physically and question Sai’s character. Sai feels hurt and goes out of house but gets hit by car. Virat apologize to Sai by crying in front Kamal photo and she forgave him.

Virat plans a trip to Mahabaleshwar to celebrate marriage anniversary. But he lies about this to Sai and Chavan family that this trip is an official one. Pakhi misses Virat and touches his things to feel him in bedroom. Pakhi fake cry about Samrat and blame Sai to enjoy with Virat on her miserable time. Chavan family sympathies with Pakhi. Virat narrates a fake love story to Sai but Yoga instructor interrupts them and speak about Virat-Pakhi’s love story. Sai gets agitated as she thinks Virat was telling Pakhi and his love story with could not get complete due to her. They have argument over anniversary celebration and Sai leaves the place. Virat gets hurt by Sai’s behaviour and decided to take revenge.

Sai meets Samrat in hospital while helping an injured child, who belong to Samrat’s NGO. Sai convince Samrat to return home and Samrat gets agree. Samrat reveals that Pakhi never wanted to marry him and ask for divorce from Pakhi. Sai takes good care of unwell Virat but he continues to be rude with Sai. Next day, Pakhi helps Virat to wear his T-shirt in bedroom and ask him to meet in cafe alone. Pakhi confess love to Virat again and ask him to divorce Sai. Sai visits cafe with her friends and gets hurt to see Virat and Pakhi holding hands and spending time. Virat orders Sai not to speak about cafe at home but Shivani overhear Sai’s rambling while passing through her room and cafe truth comes out. Virat compares himself and Samrat with Lord Ram and Lakshman and claims Pakhi as very innocent and emotional person who met him at cafe to discuss about Samrat, although the truth was totally opposite. Samrat believe in Virat word’s and drops divorce proceedings.

Pakhi plans a Puja at home to make Virat jealous. Sai denies to become part of her drama and wants to attend her college but Virat forcefully locks Sai in the room. Sai decides to leave house due to overpowering and rude behaviour of Virat towards her. Devyani sees Sai packing her stuff and inform Virat. Pakhi says Devyani to stay out it but Devyani calls out her. Virat shout on Devyani and asks her to behave with Pakhi properly. Sai leaves the house but gets into an accident while saving a child from falling into pit on road. Sai’s friend takes her to the hospital. Devyani shares her superstition about Virat-Sai safety and Ashwini ask Sai to get back home for Virat safety. An emotional Sai agrees with Ashwini request and return home.

Ashwini separates Sai and Virat’s room to give them some space. Sai and Virat give their relationship a fresh start, this time as friends.Sai falls into Virat’s love and wants to confess. Meanwhile, Pakhi enjoy being in Virat’s arms and plans to spend night with him in bedroom. Sai try to confess her feeling on diwali but Virat leaves for mission.

Virat and Naxalite Shruti flew from jungle after shooting a bullet to his best friend Naxalite Sada(Sadanand). Virat introduce Shruti as his wife in hotel to protect her from police and Mohit sees it. Police inform Virat about missing of Sada death body but Virat ignores and continue to be off duty to hide his treason act of protecting Naxalite Shruti. Mohit reveal hotel truth in front of family. Sai is devastated to hear this and plead to clear the matter. Virat ignore Sai and strictly warns family to not say a word against his Shruti. Sai keeps requesting Virat to reveal the truth but Virat enjoy to be Shruti’s husband and continue to spends his whole time with Shruti only.

Sai joins Pulkit to assist in hospital. Sai feels betrayed seeing Virat and Shruti as husband-wife. Further, Virat signs Sahas birth certificate as father in front of Sai and Sai gets heartbroken. Chavan family witness Virat caring Shruti and see Sahas as son of Virat in his birth certificate. Virat and Shruti starts living together as husband and wife in a separate house.

Police departments suspend Virat to have 2 wives. Sai to save Virat job and reputation ask for divorce and submit backdated divorce papers with Police departments. Police gives clean chit to Virat due to Sai’s papers and ask him to join back duty. Shruti confess her love to Virat and hug him but Sada came back. Shruti feel upset seeing Sada alive and stand against him to protect Virat. Sada gets angry. Sada kidnap Sai and ask Shruti to return. Virat gets injured in landmine blast while rescuing Sai and Police arrest Naxalite Shruti and Sada for their criminal activities.

Sai feels guilty having Virat on death bed due to her kidnapping by Sada. Chavan family put blames on Sai for their bad behaviour with Virat and linking Shruti as Virat wife. Sai accepts all false accusations in her guilt. Sai worship Lord Shiva in temple for Virat’s health. Doctor informs to get injection to save Virat. Sai arrange injection after many hurdles and saves Virat life. Virat gets out of danger due to Sai effort and comes to consciousness. Virat blame Sai for his condition and ask Sai to leave hospital. An emotional Sai keeps apologising to Virat.

Virat request police departments to release Naxalite Shruti from all charges. Chavan family apologize to Shruti and continue to blame Sai to justify Virat’s traitor act. Virat display his displeasure to Shruti to have her in jail and blames Sai for their conditions. Shruti kiss Virat and confess her love again. Virat promise Shruti to fulfill Sahas’s fatherly duty. A guilty Sai tries to apologise to Virat in many ways but Virat continue his rude behavior.

Virat returns to Chavan Niwas and Chavan family are happy to get rid of Sai. Sai apologizes to Virat and returns to Chavan Niwas during Holi. Chavan family supports Pakhi when she suggest to throw Sai in Holi fire to get rid of her. Sai bears all insults to mend her relationship with Virat. Still Virat continues his rude behavior with Sai. On Holi, Sai manages to bring Virat to the Holi function.

The next day, Sai reads a letter from Rajeev, who was Shivani’s ex-fiancée. Sai decides to meet him without Shivani’s knowledge. Rajeev tells Sai about feeling guilty after leaving Shivani and tells her that he only loved Shivani but Virat sees him and puts him in jail and accuses him of mental abuse towards Shivani. Virat warns Sai to not meet Rajeev again as he left Shivani on the wedding day and Shivani cut her hand. Shivani learns that Sai met Rajeev and confronts her. Sai reveals that Rajeev was feeling guilty after leaving her and wants to patch up. Both of them visit Rajeev in jail. Shivani forgives Rajeev and starts afresh. Sai convinces Virat to get Rajeev and Shivani married but he refuses to do so.

On Ram Navami, Virat organizes a function near the temple and invites the entire family. The entire family sees Rajeev with Shivani and takes her away, but the entire place catches on fire and Rajeev saves Shivani by risking his life and falls unconscious. After seeing Rajeev’s love for Shivani, the entire family arranges for Rajeev and Shivani’s wedding. Sai finishes her last exam and Virat breaks all ties with her. On Rajeev and Shivani’s sangeet, Rajeev gets an heart attack but Sai saves him and takes him to the hospital. Sai tells Virat to forgive his family and she takes the blame upon herself for doubting him and says that his family isn’t at fault. She cries remembering her mistake and asks him not to go away from his family. Later on the same night, Virat forgives his family.

The next day, Sai goes missing and Virat tries to find her everywhere but in vain. Virat regrets not telling his feelings to her. Later, Sai and Virat confess their love to each other in front of the entire family and guests. The entire family is happy except Pakhi, Bhavani, Sonali and Omkar. Later They announce that Both Rajeev-Shivani and Virat-Sai will be married in the same day and same time. Bhavani stops Sai and Virat during the pheras and gives 2 options to Sai. Either leave the house and become doctor or leave the dream of becoming doctor and become the daughter in-law of this house. Virat chooses the 2nd option for Sai and both get married.

Later he informs Sai that he lied to Bhavani about their future and encourages Sai to continue her internship, hiding from the family. The family realizes Virat’s lie and the family’s males support Sai. Soon Sai is revealed to be pregnant while Pakhi falls for Samrat. However, Jagtap kidnaps Sai and in his attempt to save her, Samrat is run over by Jagtap leading to his death. Pakhi blames Sai for the same and curses her due to which she suffers a miscarriage and becomes incapable to conceive. Sai and Virat hire a woman named Geeta to carry their child by becoming his surrogate mother but Pakhi manipulates the woman and becomes the surrogate mother of the baby. Soon she gives birth to Vinayak. Unwillingly, the family members take away Vinayak from Sai and give him to Pakhi.

Sai has Pakhi arrested in a case of illegal surrogacy and manipulating Geeta. The family members ask Sai to let them bail out Pakhi but she refuses and threatens to leave the house along with Vinayak if they return Pakhi. Virat bails Pakhi out and brings her to Chavan Nivas. Sai leaves the house along with Vinayak. As she travels to Gadhchiroli on a bus, there is an accident. Virat reaches the accident spot and looks for Sai and Vinayak. Virat and the family members consider Sai dead and do her final rites. Sai survives and searches for Vinayak in vain. She thinks that Vinayak is dead and falls unconscious. She regains consciousness in the hospital and discovers that she is pregnant.

7 years later

Sai gives birth to a girl, Savi, raises her alone in Kankavli along with Usha, runs a school for housewives, and dreams to build a hospital in that place. Vinayak, Virat’s adopted son whom he brought from an orphanage during a mission, goes camping and meets Sai and Savi and becomes their friend. Virat goes to Kankavli to surprise Vinayak. MLA Gulabrao, who opposes the idea of Sai’s school, continuously conspires against Sai and attempts to kidnap Savi but Virat saves her and drops her at her house.

Later, Virat and Vinayak return to Nagpur and are welcomed by Pakhi, who now owns the family business and became Virat’s second wife on the Chavan’s insistence and came to a compromise with Virat that they will be husband and wife just for their namesake. Virat still remembers Sai and considers himself responsible for letting her go. Ashwini hates Sai for leaving Virat and tells him to forget her. Later, Bhavani and Ashwini plan a holiday for Pakhi and Virat but they refuse to do so. Later, Virat and Vinayak go to Kankavli to meet Sai and Savi for Vinayak’s treatment.

Virat is shocked to see Sai alive and is angry with her and asks her about Savi. Later, Gulabrao insults Sai and questions her character and Virat beats him up. Later, Gulabrao’s men kidnap Savi and attempt to kill her but Virat saves her and ends up getting hurt. Pakhi urgently goes to Kankavli to meet Virat along with Mohit and is shocked to see Sai alive. Later, Virat and Pakhi return to Nagpur along with Vinayak and the family members gets to know about Sai and Savi and break ties with Sai.

Later, Vinayak’s health deteriorates and Pakhi requests Sai to come to Nagpur for Vinayak’s treatment. She agrees and comes to Nagpur and stays in a rented house along with Savi and Usha. Sai treats Vinayak and he is able to walk freely. Jagtap tells Virat about Savi being his daughter and Virat stops Sai and takes Savi from her and gets her arrested.

Sai escapes from the jail with Jagtap’s help and reaches Chavan Nivas and takes Savi along with her and stays back at Nagpur. Bhavani is not convinced that Savi is Sai and Virat’s daughter and hurls taunts at Sai and Savi. Ashwini invites Sai and Savi for Savi’s Kanya puja. Bhavani cuts her hair off and decides to get a DNA test done. Virat is angry about this and asks Bhavani to plead forgiveness from Sai which she bluntly refuses. Virat decided to get Savi’s admission into Vinayak’s school much to Sai’s dismay. Sai decides to get Savi’s admission to Virat’s school. Virat also gets Vinayak admitted to his school.

Pakhi meets Sai privately and asks her to take Savi away from Nagpur. Virat overhears their conversation and gets angry with Pakhi. Sai threatens Virat to tell the entire truth to Savi and tells him that he can meet Savi only on weekends. Sai and Virat save some policemen in a deadly accident. Virat’s senior officer is impressed with Sai and Virat’s teamwork and offers the job of police doctor to Sai and works with Virat as a team. Sai accepts the job offer. Savi and Vinayak’s school has arranged a picnic for the children and their parents.

Savi celebrates her birthday along with Sai and Usha and Virat gets to know about it and takes her away for the picnic. Sai also comes along for the picnic. They celebrate Savi’s birthday in the park along with the school’s children. Sai and Virat get shocked when they see their anniversary cake instead of Savi’s birthday cake. Virat gets shocked that Sai buys gifts and gifts them to Savi on behalf of Virat. Later, The bus meets with an accident and Virat saves everyone and Sai except Pakhi. Pakhi sees Virat saving Sai and stands still. The bus falls down and Pakhi gets severely injured. The doctors declare Pakhi dead but Sai revives her and does her operation successfully.

Pakhi comes back and is angry with Virat. Virat later accepts Pakhi as his wife and starts afresh. Later, Bhavani sends Virat and Pakhi on a honeymoon trip. Over there, Virat meets a couple and they reveal that a few years ago when they were going to Gadhchiroli from Nagpur by bus and their bus meets an accident. Virat decided to find his lost son. Sai takes Savi and Vinayak to Lonavla for an outing and meets Saheba Monga, an artist during a social gathering and tells her story to her. Sai gets a job in a hospital in Nagpur and meets Saheba again and work together. Later, a patient kidnaps Savi and Vinayak and keeps them in his custody. On hearing this, Pakhi falls unconscious and her health deteriorates. Saheba, Sai, and Virat rescue them and Saheba goes back to Ludhiana.

Virat discovers that Vinayak is his long-lost son which he adopted a long time ago. Pulkit tells the family that Pakhi’s uterus has to be removed else she will die. Virat agrees to it and Pulkit and Sai saves her life.

The bus wrecks, and Pakhi gets severely injured. The doctors declare Pakhi dead, but Sai revives her and operates on her successfully. Pakhi is irked from Virat. Virat later accepts Pakhi as his wife and starts afresh. Later, Bhavani sends Virat and Pakhi on a honeymoon trip. Over there, Virat meets a couple, and they reveal that a few years ago when they were going to Gadhchiroli from Nagpur by bus, their bus meets an accident. Virat decided to find his lost son.

Sai takes Savi and Vinayak to Lonavla for an outing and meets Sahiba Monga, an artist during a social gathering and tells her story to her. Sai gets a job in a hospital in Nagpur and meets Sahiba again and work together. Later, a patient kidnaps Savi and Vinayak and keeps them in his custody. On hearing this, Pakhi falls unconscious and her health deteriorates. Sahiba, Sai, and Virat rescue them and Saheba goes back to Ludhiana. Virat discovers that Vinayak is his long-lost son which he adopted a long time ago. Pulkit tells the family that Pakhi’s uterus has to be removed else she will die. Virat agrees to it and Pulkit and Sai save her life. Pakhi is devastated on hearing that her uterus was removed and she can never conceive. Later, Shivani reveals to the family that she is pregnant for 3 months. Bhavani hurls a taunt at her and goes away.

Virat decides to hide Vinayak’s truth from Sai and Pakhi to save Pakhi’s life and tells the orphanage manager not to tell anything to Sai. Sai decides to find out whether Vinayak is alive and she sneaks into the orphanage but gets caught by Virat. Sai decides to do a puja on Vinayak’s death anniversary. Virat gets worried after hearing this. Sai gets to know that Vinayak is alive with Jagtap’s help and is overwhelmed. Virat finally tells Sai that Vinayak is his son who came to Kankavli for treatment. Sai tells the entire family that Vinayak is Virat and her son and never died in the accident. Bhavani is regretful of her actions. Later, Pakhi kidnaps Vinayak and is about to leave the country but is stopped by Virat and he refuses to give Vinayak to Sai.

Sai files a custody case but withdraws it when the judge asks to produce Vinayak in court. Sai wants to tell the truth to Vinayak describing all the events behind his separation in a calm environment, but Pakhi spoils it and tells the truth in her words. Vinayak misunderstands Sai as a magician and a bad woman who wants to separate him from Pakhi, so he pushes Sai away and starts detesting her. Vinayak goes into depression and anxiety issues. Virat goes to a church and confesses that he still loves Sai and wants to live with her and their children. Bhavani overhears his confession and decides to reunite Sai and Virat. Virat brings Sai and Savi to his house and puts them in the outhouse. During Holi, A criminal arrives and plants a bomb in a sound system and Vinayak takes it but Sai saves him. Later, Sai and Savi move into the house much against Pakhi’s will. Later, Dr Satya Adhikari, A surgeon arrives at the hospital, and Sai gets irritated on seeing his careless behavior. His mother, Amba forces him to get married as he is still stuck in his past after his girlfriend’s death.
801-894 “Sai and Pulkit wins the case; Sai and Satya’s closeness; Virat to divorce Pakhi; Virat propose Sai; Sai and Satya marriage; Pakhi divorces Virat; Pakhi’s letter for Vinayak; Sai and Satya’s closeness; Vinayak’s birthday;

The Chavans get trapped in a hijacked plane; The end of Virat and Sai”
Pakhi files a case against Pulkit and Sai for removing her uterus but Pakhi loses the case. Later, Vinayak reunites with Sai and Sai plans to leave the house. Later, Virat goes on a mission but gets shot. Sai arrives there and Virat confesses his love for her. Sai fears that she will be the reason for breaking Pakhi’s married life and decides to leave Virat forever. Virat locks her up in the house but Sai escapes. Virat goes behind her and finally meets Sai in a public gathering in which Bhavani was the chief guest. Virat confesses his love in public and as the public forces her, Sai agrees to marry him. Ashwini tells Sai to marry Satya. Sai tells Satya to marry her, and both marry, and Virat is left heartbroken. Pakhi realizes that Virat had never loved her and leaves him for good. It is revealed that Amba was Bhavani’s sister who ran away with a person in the past and later that person left her while she was pregnant. Sai and Virat get closer, and Satya gets irked because of their closeness. Later, it was revealed that Satya’s father is Vijendra Ghatge who was Sai’s father’s colleague who had Last Stage Brain Tumour. Vijendra and Amba reunite and get married. Vijendra had undergone surgery, and the surgery was successful. Sai realizes that her marriage with Satya to fulfill the promise given to her son Vinayak and her ex-mother-in-law Ashwini that she will not be the reason for breaking Virat and Pakhi’s marriage was of no use as they got separated anyway so she decides to tell the truth to Satya that she still loves Virat and can’t be with him for the namesake. Satya proposes to Sai and before she could tell him her truth Satya collapses in front of her discovering that Satya’s nerve got injured in an accident and his legs get paralyzed. Satya also realizes that Sai still loves Virat and asks her to return to Virat, but she refuses because she can’t leave him in his bad days as he is now her responsibility. Sai consults the doctors, and they advise her to take Satya to Germany. Later, Sai visits Chavan’s house for the last time and leave for the airport. Later, Ashwini and Bhavani decide to go to Mumbai with the entire family to go to Siddhivinayak Temple. Virat arrests a criminal Ramakant Pujari due to which his aides led by Bheema Pujari decide to teach the Police a lesson by hijacking a flight to Mumbai. Savi overhears their conversation and tells it to Virat and Sai.

The Chavan family, Sai, Satya and Savi all leave for the airport to catch a flight to Mumbai. Sai meets Geetanjali and they become friends. Sai is onboard the same flight as the Chavan family which the hijackers were about to hijack as their flight was delayed. The flight takes off and the flight gets hijacked. Ashwini and Ninad get injured by the hijacker, Bheema. The plane lands in Nanded and Karishma and Vinayak escape from the flight. Later, Geetanjali is also revealed to be the wife of Ramakant and the leader of the gang. Virat and Sai successfully stop the hijackers, and the entire Chavan family gets off safely along with Satya. Satya took a promise from Sai that she would return to Virat after this hijack. Later, a member of the gang ties a bomb jacket around Sai, just before he dies from his injuries. Sai and Virat confess their love in their final moments, and the bomb blasts kills both of them.

End of season 1.

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Lost In Love Full Starlife Casts

  • Ayesha Singh as Sai Joshi: An MBBS student; Alka and Kamal’s daughter; Virat’s wife (2020–present)
  • Neil Bhatt as ACP Virat “Viru/Shiva” Chavan: Ashwini and Ninad’s son; Sai’s husband (2020–present)
  • Aishwarya Sharma as Patralekha “Pakhi” Mohitepatil Salunkhe: Vaishali and Shailesh’s daughter; Samrat’s wife (2020–present)
  • Yogendra Vikram Singh as Samrat “Jeeva” Salunkhe: Mansi and Ashok’s son; Patralekha’s husband (2020–present)
  • Kishori Shahane as Bhavani Chavan: Matriarch of the Chavan family; Nagesh’s widow; Devyani’s mother; Harinee’s grandmother (2020–present)
  • Shailesh Datar as Ret. Col. Ninad Chavan: Mansi, Nagesh, Omkaar and Shivani’s brother; Ashwini’s husband; Virat’s father (2020–present)
  • Bharti Patil as Ashwini Chavan: Ninad’s wife; Virat’s mother (2020–present)
  • Mridul Kumar as Omkar “Omi” Chavan: Mansi, Nagesh, Ninad and Shivani’s brother; Sonali’s husband; Mohit’s father (2020–present)
  • Sheetal Maulik as Sonali Chavan: Omkaar’s wife; Mohit’s mother (2020–present)
  • Mitali Nag as Devyani “Devi” Chavan Deshpande: Bhavani and Nagesh’s daughter; Samrat, Virat and Mohit’s cousin; Pulkit’s wife; Harinee’s mother (2020–present)
  • Yash Pandit as Dr. Pulkit Deshpande: Devyani’s husband; Harinee’s father; Sai’s professor (2021–present)
  • Yamini Malhotra / Tanvi Thakkar as Shivani Chavan: Mansi, Nagesh, Ninad and Omkaar’s sister; Amey’s former girlfriend (2020–2021) / (2022–present)
  • Sachin Shroff as Rajiv: Shivani’s Fiancee (2022 – present)
  • Adish Vaidya / Vihan Verma as Mohit Chavan: Sonali and Omkaar’s son; Devyani, Samrat and Virat’s cousin; Karishma’s husband (2020–2021) /
  • Sneha Bhawsar as Karishma Chavan: Mohit’s wife
  • Dimple Shaw Chauhan / Roopa Divetia as Mansi Chavan Salunkhe: Nagesh, Ninad, Omkaar and Shivani’s sister; Ashok’s widow; Samrat’s mother
  • Hirva Trivedi as Harinee Deshpande: Devyani and Pulkit’s daughter; Madhuri’s foster daughter
  • Sanjay Narvekar as Inspector Kamal Joshi: Alka’s widower; Sai’s father; Usha’s foster brother
  • Vishavpreet Kaur as Vaishali Mohitepatil: Shailesh’s wife; Patralekha’s mother
  • Atul Mahajan as Shailesh Mohitepatil: Vaishali’s husband; Patralekha’s father
  • Jitendra Bohara as Sunny: Virat and Samrat’s best friend
  • Suraj Sonik as Aniket More: Sai’s best friend
  • Tejasvi Khatal as Madhuri Patil: Pulkit’s foster sister; Harinee’s foster mother
  • Anjana Nathan as Usha: Sai’s caretaker; Kamal’s foster sister
  • Nivaan Sen / Vineet Kumar Chaudhary as Sadanand Pawle: A Naxalite; Virat’s best friend; Shruti’s husband; Saahas’ father
  • Shafaq Naaz as Shruti Pawle: A Naxalite; Sada’s wife; Saahas’ mother
  • Siddharth Bodke as Jagtap Mane: A local goon obsessed with Sai; Kamal’s murderer
  • Ganesh Yadav as Vitthal Damodar Mane: Jagtap’s father, a local politician and goon at Gadchiroli
  • Jitendra Trehan as DIG Sanjeev K. Salaskar of Nagpur: Virat’s senior officer
  • Jia Sheth as Pari: Sai’s best friend
  • Bhagya Bhanushali as Balakram: Sai’s best friend
  • Somesh Sharma as Ajinkya Mhatre: Sai’s college friend
  • Riddhi Gupta as Sandhya: Sai’s college friend
  • Shalini Singh as Neha: Patralekha’s best friend
  • Deepali Pansare as Barkha Rani Wagh: A celebrity Lavani dancer from Sai’s village Gadchiroli
  • Kushagre Dua as Amey Gupte: Sarita’s husband; Shivani’s former boyfriend
  • Minoli Nandwana as Sarita Gupte: Amey’s wife
  • Pankaj Vishnu as Inspector Pawar
  • Rakesh Rajwant as Officer Gopal Shinde
  • Aditya Bansal as Milind: Sai’s college friend
  • Ami Joshi as Aishwarya: Sai’s college friend
  • Keshav Ashwani as Sai’s college friend
  • Yash Abbad as Sai’s college friend
  • Gajendra Chauhan as Dean of Nagpur City Medical College
  • Dolly Minhas as Dr. Anjali: Sai’s psychiatrist
  • Sunila Karambelkar as Swapna: Ashwini’s elder sister
  • Abhineet Kaushik as Bhau: a goon
  • Deepak Soni as Inspector Sachin Kadam


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