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Read full story, plot and main casts of StarLife TV series titled ‘Game of Love’


Game of Love

Game of love is a new series that premiered 27th August 2018 on StarLife TV. It is an Indian series that revolves around two brothers and their cousin. The brothers are named Shivaay (played by Nakhul Mehta), Omkara (played by Kunal Jaisingh), and Rudra (played by Leenesh Mattoo).

The series celebrates the extended relations particular with Indian family set up while it follows the lives of three brothers as they navigate through life, career, family and falling in love. The show first follows the bond between the brothers and then shifts to the bonds they share with their significant others.

We learn about the different perspectives they have about love and how their destinies lead them to different women both for good and evil. We also see the battles they face as old enemies seek to destroy the bond and unity the Obeiro family share.

Surbhi Chandna as Anika Vardhan Trivedi

Plot, Main casts and full story of Game of Love Starlife TV. 

Dadi Oberio, head of the Obeiro family has two sons: Tej and Shakti. Tev marries Jhanvi and they give birth to, Omskara, Rudra and their sister Priyanka. While Shakti Marries Pinky and they have an only son named Shivaay.

Shivaay grows up to be a well respected businessman who does not believe in love. But due to his mother’s insistence, he agrees to marry Tia Kapoor. However, he marries an orphan named Anika instead. Anika goes on to show him that not all women are evil, gradually he grows closer to her and they fall totally in love. Their love and bond makes them the perfect couple and proves to be an example for their younger siblings to emulate.

Nakuul Mehta as Shivaay Singh Oberoi

Omkara on the other hand is an artist turned business man, but unlike his cousin Shivaay, he believes in the beauty of love and can’t wait to meet the love of his life.

He meets Ishana and falls for her not knowing that she only wants him for his wealth. Ishana pretends and acts as Bela-a docile girl in front of Omkara and then turns to Mala – a mediatist in front of Omkara’s girlfriend, Riddhima. This is as a ploy to separate Omkara and Riddhima so she could keep him and his wealth.

Kunal Jaisingh as Omkara Singh Oberoi

But Luckily for Omkara, she gets discovered and exposed by his brother Shivaay and Rudra. This leads to Omkara throwing her out of his life. Omkara then again turns to Riddhima but she too betrays him.

After this encounter, Omkara begins to despise the idea of love. Then he marries Gauri Kumari Sharma, a bubbly girl he meets in Bareilly. Omskara hates her at first because of his previous experiences with women and their false love profession, he also labels her a good digger. But as time passes on, they truly fall in love and he comes to the realisation that not all women are fake.

Rudra is the youngest and more cheerful brother who has no immediate goals or ambitions for his life. He is a fun freak, has a jovial personality and loves partying. His initial love interest is Saumya Kapoor, a family friend of the Oberoi’s.

Rudra initially hates Saumya but after Saumya saves Rudra from Romi, a mentally stunted woman who claims herself to be a devi, Rudra develops feelings for Saumya. In a drunken state, Rudra and Saumya get married, Rudra however refuses to reciprocate Saumya’s love, when she cannot bare this any longer, she leaves and exits from his life.

Leenesh Mattoo as Rudra Singh Oberoi

Then enters Bhavya Pratap Rathore, who is undercover as a shy and simple girl and uses Rudra in one of her operations. She is able to win Rudra’s affection and they fall in love. However, their age difference becomes a barrier to their happy ending. When Saumya comes back to win Rudra heart, but Bhavya and Rudra are already married.

Priyanka, their sister is an honest and shy girl. She is also Anika’s friend. Priyanka gets married to an officer named Ranveer. Ranveer displays a negative character and tries to ruin the Oberois with his foster mother Kamini Khurana but Priyanka’s love and commitment changes him.

In the midst of all these conflicts and success in the lives of these brothers, Saumya, Tia, and Svetlana Kapoor three sister who are sworn enemies of the Obeiro family plot to take revenge for old sins and bring the family down.

Subha Rajput As Pyriyanka 2016 -2017

Svetlana reveals that her parents were killed in an accident at one of the Oberoi’s factory and therefore the sisters seek revenge from their family. Svetlana initially is Omkara and Rudra’s father, Tej’s mistress. The entire family hates her and she is the reason for Tej and Jhanvi’s rocky marriage. When Tej and Jhanvi get back together, she tries her talents with Omkara, but does not succeed. She is eventually jailed.

Reyhna Malhotra as Svetlana Kapoor

Tia, who initially does not reveal herself to be Svetlana and Saumya’s sister, tries to marry Shivaay. It is later revealed that she used to date a man named Dushyant, whom she believes died because of Anika and Shivaay. She eventually turns good after Dushyant turns up alive, and not loving Shivaay.

Navina Bole as Tia Kapoor

Saumya, the last Kapoor sister, was initially introduced as a family friend, and was a good character. Even when she made her re-entry into the show, she is shown to only want Rudra’s love and willing to go to any means for him. Right after Bhavya and Rudra’s wedding, it is revealed she is the secret third sister of the Kapoor family and was used as their secret weapon. Both Svetlana and Saumya are sent to jail, while Tia is reunited with Dushyant and goes on to have a child with him.

Nehalaxmi Iyer as Saumya Kapoor

Game of Love promises to be a thrilling and entertaining family drama showing every Monday to Saturday by 20h00 and 20h30 on Starlife TV.

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • Number of episodes: 614 (as of 24 August 2018)
  • Number of season: 2
  • Channel: StarLife TV Africa
  • Indian name: Ishqbaaaz
  • Country of origin: India.

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