Happy Hearts Starlife: Full story, Plot summary, casts, teasers

Happy Hearts Starlife is the story of a girl called Happy, she faces life and trials with a positive and contagious spirit but when she Meets Rocky and her life changes forever…

Happy Hearts Starlife full story:

Happy Mehra is a free-spirited middle-class girl. Rocky Khosla is a playboy and an arrogant goon. His elder kind-hearted brother Chintu falls in love with Happy and befriends her. Happy constantly fights with Rocky. She and Chintu get married as she learns about his feelings. However, he dies in an accident.

Chintu and Rocky’s father Kulwant blames Rocky and disowns him. Rocky sets up a hotel to fulfill Chintu’s dream. Happy joins him; they slowly become friends. Ranvijay Shroff, a dapper famous lawyer fighting for righteousness of society starts falling for Happy. Rocky is falsely accused of molesting Happy’s sister Smiley and jailed for ten years.

3 years later

Happy is running the hotel successfully and has a friendship with Ranvijay. After escaping, Rocky is jealous seeing them together and proves his innocence. He realises his feelings for Happy and decides to confess it. Obsessed with Happy, Ranvijay dies after killing his brother Ranveer and girlfriend Anaya. Happy fakes her death to leave the city. Rocky is heartbroken.

6 years later

Happy is a RJ, known as Khushi (which is the Hindi word for ‘Happy’). Rocky has wife Harleen but hates her and still mourns Happy. Harleen hates their son Honey as she never wanted a child. Honey runs away and meets Happy who looks after him. She finds out about him being Rocky’s son. Rocky learns that Happy is alive. Kumar tries to shoot Honey. Harleen comes in between to save him and dies. Happy proposes Rocky and they get married.

Happy Hearts Starlife Full Casts.

  • Ansh Bagri as Rocky Saluja / Rocky Kulwant Khosla
  • Aru K Verma as Chintu Kulwant Khosla
  • Rohit Purohit as Ranvijay “RV” Digvijay Shroff
  • Purvi Mundada as Harleen Rocky Saluja
  • Ajinkya Mishra as Honey Rocky Saluja
  • Iris Maity as Anaya Sanjay Grover
  • Geetu Bawa as Sandhya Mayanjeet Mehra
  • Ankushi Gagneja as Smiley Mayanjeet Mehra
  • Geetanjali Singh as Dinky Sujanjeet Mehra
  • Aruna Irani[5] as Sushmita Trilok Khosla
  • Satyajit Sharma as Kulwant Trilok Khosla
  • Rudrakshi Gupta as Madhu Kulwant Khosla
  • Sejal Sharma as Simmi Kulwant Khosla
  • Khushi Mishra as Guggi Kulwant Khosla
  • Minoli Nandwana as Anjali Charanjeet Mehra
  • Neha Luthra as Neha Charanjeet Mehra
  • Akshita Vatsayan as Kajal Aarabjeet Mehra
  • Karan Singh Chabbra as Timmi
  • Shubham Chandna as Sachin
  • Hitanshu Jinsi as Daddu Balwant Khosla
  • Karan Taneja as Rupinder Aarabjeet Mehra[6]
  • Manish Khanna as Shyamnik Bhatia
  • Shresth Kumar as Ranveer Digvijay Shroff
  • Akansha Sareen as Sania Shyamnik Bhatia
  • Anang Desai as Sanjay Grover
  • Romanch Mehta as Kabir


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