The Evil Eye Starlife: Full story, plot summary, casts, teasers

Ansh and piya

The Evil Eye Starlife is an indian supernatural thriller series focusing on The Daayans, a clan of witches who worship the mother goddesses Kali and Durga. It also explores the life of Ansh and Piya, two individuals who are unaware of their inherited powers and how their destinies are tied together. Get ready to dive into the world of the supernatural and all the clash between covens and cults and the scramble for power and domination. Top of which is Mohana’s fight to remain the queen no matter who she subdues.

The Evil Eye Starlife Full story:

Mohana Rathod, a 251-year-old daayan, sustains herself by draining the life-force of her victims. She enchants Mridul Rathod and marries him. They have two children, Ansh and Kajal. Mohana helps him amass great wealth through black magic while she gradually drains his vitality, leading to his premature death. Mohana also kills Mridul’s mother to hide her secret identity, but the Rathods grow suspicious anyway.

A worried Vedashree Rathod seeks help from her friend Divya Sharma, a psychical wizardess and a reevaavanshi (member of a clan of monster-hunters) who comes to help the Rathod family. She wards off the evil eye by slashing Mohana’s plait, rendering Mohana powerless. Once cornered, Mohana is sealed in a temple and Vedashree and Shekhar adopt Ansh and Kajal.

18 years later.
Ansh and Kajal grow up with their cousins, Neha and Rishi in a city far away. Ansh discovers his superpowers, but is unaware that he is a daavansh, the hybrid offspring of a daayan/ daanav and a human. He can be saved from turning to the dark side only by a girl who has Durga’s trishula symbol as her birthmark, and is referred to as daivik (divine conduit).

The Evil Eye full story
Ansh and Kajal – siblings

Divya’s daughter (Piya Sharma) has that symbol behind her neck. Sparks fly between Ansh and Piya. Mohana sends a puppet daayan, Ruby, with a fake symbol to marry Ansh, so that she can return. Ansh and Vedashree fall under Ruby’s control, during which Ruby and Ansh get married. Mohana is released from the seal and regains her powers. Ansh learns about his mother.

Piya’s childhood friend and obsessive lover, Naman attempts to marry her by taking advantage of his unwell foster mother, a visually-impaired priestess, but Ansh stops the wedding. Fearing Ansh’s budding romance with Piya, Mohana sends a message summoning Ruby’s father, Bhaisasur, an asura from Paataal Lohk to scare Piya away. Bhaisasur becomes enraged at Mohana for cutting his daughter Ruby’s plait and attacks Ansh instead of Piya, much to Mohana’s horror. A distressed Piya invokes Devi-Maa for help. Piya learns that she is the real Daivik. Later Ansh learns about his Daavansh self and that Mohana and Vedeshree are half-sisters.

Saavi is hypnotised by Mohana and releases Dilruba, a chudel, to separate Piya and Ansh. Dilruba casts a  (hex) to capture Piya and Ansh, but Piya saves Ansh and becomes trapped inside Dilruba’s hex. With Mohana’s help, Ansh fools Dilruba due to which her hex breaks, freeing Piya. Later Mohana agrees to Ansh and Piya’s marriage and frees Divya, who is later revealed to be a Sarpika (serpent). Mohana kills Divya but Divya outsmarts Mohana by transferring her serpentine powers to Piya. Ansh and Piya get married.

The Evil Eye Starlife Full story
Mohana in the Evil Eye

Piya learns about Mohana’s real motive of wanting to feed on Ansh on the day of rakt chandra grahan, the red moon eclipse: to become immortal. The churel makes Piya fall into an eternal sleep. Ansh turns to the dark side and becomes an extremely powerful Daavansh who cares for no one but himself. Piya returns with the help of trinetra-mani, a gem powered by Shiva’s third eye and brings Ansh back to his senses. Piya exposes Mohana’s intentions to the Rathods, after which Ansh expels Mohana. Later, Piya and Ansh consummate their marriage.

Dola, Mohana’s twin sister and Ruby’s mother, a two-headed daayan who rules the Swapna-Lohk (Dream World) and unleashes horror frightens the Rathods and threatens to kill Ansh. The Rathods attack Dola using Makarketh flowers on the muhurta of Makar Sankranti and kill her, only to be revived by Mohana. The sisters fool Piya into transferring her serpentine powers to Ansh. Believing that Piya is devoid of powers, the sisters try to burn her alive using Tharal-agni a type of fuel. Piya invokes Devi-Maa for help. Mohana and Dola are turned into stone statues, but are freed by Ruby. A Sarp (snake-man) hypnotises Ansh and steals his Sarpika powers. He disguises himself as Ansh and targets Piya’s Trinetra-mani gem. Ansh and Piya combine their powers and defeat the Sarp. Mohana feeds on the serpent disguised as Ansh during the muhurta of the red moon eclipse and becomes a Sarpayan possessing combined powers.

Dola sees Mohana’s horoscope, which predicts that Ansh’s child will put an end to her. The Rathods celebrate Piya’s pregnancy. Ansh learns about Mohana’s intentions to kill Piya and their unborn child. Realising the danger he poses, Ansh decides to separate from Piya until the baby is born. Piya gives birth to a baby boy in an abandoned Shiva Temple. Mohana tries to kill the child several times, but in vain.

Six months Later.
Piya and Ansh are overwhelmed to see the superpowers of their son, Aditya Rathod. Mohana has still not given up her mission of killing Aditya. She kidnaps and pushes him off a cliff, but Aditya is saved by Ansh. Aditya smites Mohana with a trident. The Rathod family throw her ashes away in a river.

Vedashree starts becoming evil and becomes fond of heavy jewellery and things that a daayan appreciates. Piya grows suspicious about Vedashree’s changed behaviour and finds out that she has become a daayan. Vedashree successfully converts Piya into a daayan, but the daayan’s power cannot overpower the divine powers within her. Piya succeeds in convincing Vedashree about the kindness within her. Vedashree removes her daayan plait and throws it away in the same river where Mohana’s ashes were thrown before. Mohana acquires a mermaid’s body and comes back for revenge when she reacquired her plait.

The Evil Eye Starlife
Piya in the Evil Eye

Mohana is threatened to be taken back to Kohra-Lohk, the graveyard of all evil powers and realises that only a Daivik can save her. Mohana helps Piya regain her human form and Daivik powers back, under the condition that Piya must help her in return. Shalaka gives the Kohrayan dagger to Ansh which has the power to push a person back to their past life. Ansh stabs his family and himself sending everyone back to the past.

Ansh touches Piya’s earring and remembers everything. He finds Piya, makes her remember the past and the two reconcile. The Rathod family reach Pravesh Dwar. They jump through it, and return to the present.

2 years Later.
The Rathod family return to the present. Naman, Saavi and Sanam try to find Mayank’s family, who have gone missing. Ansh discovers he has a twin brother, Karan (Harsh Rajput) who is handicapped and possesses superpowers. He has an intense hatred for Vedashree for keeping him away from his family, unaware that Vedashree didn’t know he was alive.

Karan, manipulated by Mohana and assumed that it was Divya who made his wife, Maansi and their child, Krish into stone statues, comes back to take revenge on Divya’s family. Naman marries Sanam unaware that she has turned into a Chudail . Elsewhere Karan pretends to be Ansh in front of Nishant and learns that Piya and Adi have to sacrifice their lives to save Maansi and Krish. Karan convinces the family to help him save his wife and child without revealing that Piya and Adi will turn to stone, while Piya was suspicious about Karan since she knew that Divya can never attack innocent ones.

Nishant learns Karan’s motives and tells Ansh, but Ansh cannot save Piya and Adi in time. Karan and Ansh fight; Karan reveals his magical wings and knocks out Ansh. Meanwhile, Vedashree uses her blood relation with Mohana to stop her from achieving her goals. Maansi and Krish are freed from their stone form but it is revealed that Maansi is a daayan and a puppet of Mohana; Mohana had sent Maansi to obtain Karan’s magical wings.

The Evil Eye Starlife Full story

Mohana tells Karan about his birth where Karan was handicapped and she threw him into Paatal-Kethki. Ansh and Karan team up and attack Mohana and Maansi. Karan makes a tough decision to turn Maansi, Krish and himself into stone in order to save Piya and Adi, leaving Ansh heartbroken, but before leaving, Karan transfers his magical wings to Ansh. Elsewhere Saavi and Guru Maa try to reveal Sanam’s truth to Naman but in vain.

Naman realises that he married a Chudail and accepts her too. After a few days, Piya and Ansh sends Adi to a daycare. The daycare staff plans to take children on a picnic, Mohana uses this as an opportunity to take Adi and throws him off a cliff, Ansh jumps to save Adi. An enraged Piya fights Mohana as Ansh uses Karan’s magical wings to save Adi. Mohana uses the blood relation Vedashree made with her as an opportunity to scare the Rathods. Meanwhile, Ansh is unhappy for not being able to do anything for Karan. Mohana uses the blood bond between her and Vedashree to turn the latter into a puppet.

The family celebrates Adi’s first birthday. Piya witnesses Vedashree tries to kill Adi under Mohana’s influence. She tells Ansh about the attempts made on their child’s life, while Vedashree manipulates Ansh into believing that Piya has changed a lot and wants to stay away from a joint family. Vedashree tries to burn the house only to be stopped by Piya who throws her off the terrace. Piya tries to save her but in vain.

Vedashree is hospitalised while Mohana transfers Vedashree’s life into a “Praan-Pyala” and threatens Piya to leave the Rathod Family forever by breaking Ansh’s heart or she will kill Vedashree. Piya leaves the House without Adi. Nishant and Saavi follows Mohana and finds that the Praan-Pyala is hidden in a daayan-island floating in the sky. Mohana demands Piya to leave the city; she agrees on the condition that she needs her son along with her.

Mohana accepts it and helps her to get Adi but intentionally leaves Piya’s earring in Ansh’s room to mislead him. An enraged Ansh goes to Nishant’s office to get Adi back, However he learns that Piya is innocent. He follows Piya and tells her that he knows the truth. Ansh kills Piya as she asked and transfers Piya’s life into a Praan-Pyala and later tricks Mohana into giving him the Praan-Pyala. Ansh gives Piya’s life back but Mohana flees with Vedashree’s Praan-pyala. Piya gives a part of her life to Vedashree to save her, but starts losing her strength whenever she uses her powers.

Meanwhile, Sanam realises that a special gem called ” Trikon Mani ” from her collection is stolen by Panna. Nishant decides to save Piya and asks for help from his sister-Trishila, a Revavanshi, who has the power to give life back to anyone. Trishila accompanies them to Rathod house making Piya extremely happy. Trishila promises the family to save Piya, and succeeds, while Ansh is suspicious about Trishila’s intentions. The Rathod family thanks Trishila. Meanwhile, Ansh finds out that Trishila is here for some other purpose and eventually finds out that she has come back to bring Piya’s mother, Divya back to life.

Trishila gives Divya a task to do and leaves the house. Later, Divya creates a sword named Pralay-Talvar. Divya and Mohana hears a disembodied voice which reveals that once the Pralay-Talvar is released, the Pralay-Yuddh/ War between Revavanshis representing Divya and Kali-Shaktis representing Mohana will begin. The one whose blood flows first will be defeated and the entire clan of theirs will get destroyed. Both Divya and Mohana try to remove it from the socket but fail. Later the Rathods learn about the War and try to stop it. Adi removes the sword and Ansh and Piya tries to destroy it in vain. Divya, sacrifices her life by stabbing herself with the Sword to save a poisoned Ansh and to start the Pralay-Yuddh.

The Pralay-Yuddh starts with all the supernatural evil entities at one side and all the Revavanshis, Rathods and Ansh on the other side. Mohana enlists the help of Trikon Mani to win, But Trikon Mani enters into Piya who later transforms into the MahaKali Avtaar and destroys the evil forces and vows to destroy everyone. Mohana flees, Dilruba hurts herself and fall unconscious while saving Naman, while all other evil entities gets burned to Death. After Piya comes to her senses, she realises Divya’s actions were for the benefit of the coming generation.

Piya burns Divya’s pyre and she and Ansh sacrifice their power to stay away from evil and live a normal life. They tie Adi’s powers into a Bangle. However, Piya is still able to use her powers and harms Adi by mistake, angering Ansh. Ansh believes that Piya did not sacrifice her powers purposefully since she loves her powers more. Piya gets tired of justifying herself and Ansh’s accusations and leaves the house. Piya realizes that she is pregnant again, and that her powers are those of her unborn child. Piya goes to confess to Ansh, but he doesn’t give Piya a chance to speak. Later a heartbroken Piya leaves for Bandap.


6 years Later.
Ansh and Piya live separately with Adi (Diaan Talaviya) and Pari (Kisha Arora), the latter possesses daayan powers. Mohana conjures a monster called Bhasmika (Sana Amin Sheikh) who has the powers of all the evil entities. Mohana names the monster Urvashi, who enters the Rathod household to marry Ansh and bear his child. Adi sees through the true form of Urvashi but he gets bullied instead.

Piya brings Pari to Mumbai for her studies, and Adi and Pari become friends at school. Once they realise they are siblings, both try to make their parents reconcile. Urvashi constantly attempts to kill Adi as he is a major hindrance between her and Ansh. During the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, Urvashi, in an attempt to kidnap Adi, kidnaps Pari by mistake. Piya returns to the Rathod household after six years and demands the release of her daughter from Mohana. The Rathod family learns of Pari’s parentage. The Rathods capture Mohana in the same temple at Bandap. Adi reveals the Urvashi’s true form and gets kidnapped with Pari and confined on an island. Ansh and Piya regain their powers and with the help of their children they defeat Urvashi and return to the Rathod house with the children.

The Rathod family wants Ansh and Piya to reunite, but Piya is reluctant due to Ansh’s mistrust, her six-year separation from Adi, and being abandoned during her pregnancy. Meanwhile, the ghost of Bhasmika rises from the ashes and possesses Piya to get intimate with Ansh. Ansh realises this and stabs her with the daivik dagger. Bhasmika leaves and Piya’s soul ascends to Namah Lohk. Shiva and Narayan invite her to ascend to heaven but her soul is reluctant Ansh sacrifices himself, reaches Namah Lok where his love is tested by the Gods, and is successful in bringing Piya’s soul back. Ansh and Piya reunite and the family celebrates with the occasion of Pari’s and Vedashree’s birthday which fall on the same day.

Mohana returns to her daayan form after sucking all the life force out of Bhasmika and acquires Bhasmika’s powers. Nishant, Naman, and Saavi realise the pearl has grown into an egg. Pari falls under Mohana’s spell and helps her come out of captivity using the evil powers of the egg. Mohana whisks the egg off to its right place to hatch. Out of the egg comes the first Ekayaan of the world, known as Prathmayan/Prathima (Salina Prakash), who is the birth mother of Vedashree, Mohana and Dola. She is the source of all evil entities in the world.

Her primary goal is to turn her younger daughter Vedashree into an Ekaayan instead of her elder daughter Mohana, as the latter’s shrewd and extremely cunning nature pose a danger for her. To achieve her motive, she wants to defeat the good represented by Goddess Durga with the evil at Dussehra. Pratima, Mohana and Pari start forming an evil army of human beings with the help of Prathmayan mantra, Naman too comes under Prathmayan’s spell. Nishant prepares a potion that prevents them from falling under the spell of the prathmayan mantra.

The Rathods are saved from the mantra, but Prathmayan, Mohana and Pari reach their house. Naman and Pari break out of the spell and join their family to fight Prathimaayan. Piya uses divine energy to invoke Goddess Durga’s blessings and powers to kill Prathmayan using a Rama Setu arrow.

After Prathmayan’s departure, Piya is unable to fix her daivik dagger. She immerses it in water where the dagger is refixed by another Daivik Dev (Stavan Shinde). Dev reaches the Rathod House during the anniversary celebrations of Ansh and Piya disguised as Ruchi (Piya’s cousin)’s fiancé. Dev’s wants to win Piya at any cost and he implants a Daivik raksha dravya on Piya’s body to prohibit intimacy between Ansh and Piya.

On the day of Karva Chauth Dev attacks Ansh and leaves him for dead. He manipulates all the family members to allow him to marry Piya in order to save Ansh. He eventually abducts Piya and forcefully ties his Kalasutra around her neck to enslave her. Piya outsmarts him and turns him into an ice statue. Ansh and Piya return home safely with their children on Diwali. Mohana get an opportunity to re-enter the Rathod’s house as a return of her favours for helping Ansh and saving Piya.

During the Diwali celebrations, Chaitali goes to the new neighbour’s house to greet them. She learns that the new neighbour is in fact Vedashree’s twin sister and a daayan, Kalashree (Ritu Chaudhary). Her motive is to unite with Vedashree to become a daayanjod, or a mahadaayan. Mohana constantly tries to warn the Rathods regarding the presence of a daayan in the neighbourhood, but her warnings are dismissed and she is imprisoned in a patal ketki dome.

As Vedashree refuses to agree to Kalashree’s demands, the latter targets the Rathod family and locks them into the daayan mirror. Everyone but Adi and Pari are locked inside the dayan mirror and Vedashree learns of her twin sister’s actions. Nishant comes to save the Rathods and gets the daayan gem from Mohana. Adi and Pari join forces with Mohana to save their family from the daayan mirror; the family members are released from the mirror.

Vedashree, who had agreed to Kalashree’s demands in her helplessness turns into ash. Mohana cautions the Rathod family about the dangers of the ash and demands that they dispose of it. The Rathods disagree in the hopes of bringing back Vedashree to life. Meanwhile, Naman becomes a chudail and faces a lot of trouble to continue as a Reevavanshi. Saavi gives him the task to capture an evil power in order to continue being a Reevavanshi. Dilruba misreads the Naman and believes that Naman is in love with Saavi.

Nishant discovers that Kalashree needs Prathmaayan’s vow to become a mahadaayan, which is sent to her through the latter’s hair. Piya, with the help of Mohana stops mahadaayan from being born. Mohana assists the Rathods in reviving Vedashree.

In return, Mohana demands the Rathods support her in her alliance with Angad (Malhar Pandya), unaware of his true identity. Angad is a Singha (a creature who is the sworn enemy of supernatural entities). Ansh kills Angad on the day of her wedding to protect his family. Mohana is traumatized after Angad’s loss which makes her return to the dark side and swears to take revenge on Ansh.

Mohana forgets all that she had promised herself when she had been in love, as her heart fills with hatred and turns vengeful. Ansh submits himself in front of Mohana so that his family is protected from Mohana’s vengeance. Nevertheless, Mohana outsmarts him and transfers Pari’s life force into a Praan-Pyaala. Ansh and Piya manage to save Pari through the help of Dilruba who sacrifices herself after giving birth to Dafli (Naman and Dilruba’s daughter). However, Mohana had already mixed her blood into Pari’s Praan-Pyaala which allows her to live inside Pari.

Mohana executes her revenge in the Rathod house and manages to hurt Vedashree and frame Piya. Piya gets arrested by a CBI officer named Abhay. On the other side, Naman is amazed to discover the supernatural powers of his new born daughter. Ansh saves Piya from jail and holds a Christmas party in house and tells Abhay the truth. Barkha (Mohana’s lookalike) enters and shocks everyone. The Rathods and Reewawanshis take Barkha into confidence and set a trap for Mohana but the latter kills Abhay and Barkha in the process. Piya’s long lost brother, Ayush (also known as Adrishi) appears and he and Mohana go to the moon. She escapes the trip to the moon and gets angry.

The Rathods take advantage of her loss of powers to cure Piya, but Mohana regains them and learns about a future of her death by the hands of Ansh. She tricks Piya into promising to help kill her challenger, who is Ansh, in exchange to leave their lives forever.

In the end she finally reveals that it was Ansh who would be her challenger. Ansh jumps into lava to save Piya from Mohana’s trap but she follows after him. Just as Mohana is crowned queen of the witches, Ansh and Piya rise from the dead, and Ansh kills Mohana for good.

More information on the series

  • Name: The Evil Eye
  • Channel: Star life
  • Start date: coming soon
  • Episodes: 432
  • Seasons: 2
  • Indian title: Nazar

The Evil Eye Starlife Full casts, real names.

  • Antara Biswas as Daayan Mohana Rathod– Pratima’s daughter; Dola’s sister; Vedashree and Kalashree’s half-sister; Mridul’s wife; Ansh, Karan and Kajal’s mother /Barkha Kumari– Tutor

The Evil Eye Starlife Full story

  • Harsh Rajput as Daavansh Ansh Rathod– Mohana and Mridul’s son; Karan and Kajal’s brother; Ruby’s former husband; Piya’s husband; Aditya and Pari’s father /Karan Rathod– Mohana and Mridul’s son; Ansh and Kajal’s brother; Mansi’s husband

The Evil Eye Starlife cast

  • Niyati Fatnani as Daivik Piya Rathod– Divya and Nishant’s daughter; Saavi’s sister; Naman’s former fiancé; Ansh’s wife; Aditya and Pari’s mother
  • Diaan Talaviya as Daivik Daavansh Aditya Rathod aka Munna – Piya and Ansh’s son; Pari’s brother
    • Kiara Bhanushali as Baby Aditya Rathod
  • Kisha Arora as Dayanvash Pari Rathod – Piya and Ansh’s daughter; Aditya’s sister
  • Ritu Chaudhary Seth as Vedashree Rathod– Pratima’s daughter; Kalashree’s sister; Mohana and Dola’s half-sister; Divya’s friend; Shekhar’s wife /Kalashree– Pratima’s daughter; Vedashree’s sister; Mohana and Dola’s half-sister (2019)
  • Sumit Kaul as Monster Hunter Nishant Sharma– Professor; Trishila’s brother; Divya’s husband; Piya and Saavi’s father
  • Amit Kaushik as Shekhar Rathod– Mridul, Jaya and Avinash’s brother; Vedashree’s husband
  • Ashita Dhawan as Chaitali Rathod– Avinash’s wife; Rishi and Neha’s mother
  • Kapil Soni as ACP Avinash Rathod– Shekhar, Mridul and Jaya’s brother; Chaitali’s husband; Rishi and Neha’s father
  • Jatin Bhardwaj as Rishi Rathod– Chaitali and Avinash’s son; Neha’s brother
  • Resham P S as Neha Rathod– Chaitali and Avinash’s daughter; Rishi’s sister
  • Pallavi Gupta as Kajal Rathod– Mohana and Mridul’s daughter; Ansh and Karan’s sister
  • Sreejita De as Chudial Dilruba /Sanam Kabra– Mayank’s ex-fiancé; Naman’s wife; Dafli’s mother
  • Aamir S Khan as Naman Kabra– Guru Maa’s son; Piya’s ex-fiancé; Sanam’s husband; Dafli’s father
  • Amardeep Jha as Priestess Jayanti Kabra/ Guru Maa– Naman’s mother
  • Simran Budharup as Saavi Sharma– Divya and Nishant’s daughter; Piya’s sister
  • Malhar Pandya as Angad
  • Stavan Shinde as Dev– Kalashree’s aide
  • Salina Prakash as Ekaayan Pratima/ Pratimaayan– Mohana, Vedashree, Kalashree and Dola’s mother
  • Sana Amin Sheikh as Urvashi/ Bhasmika
  • Sonyaa Ayodhya as Daayan Ruby Rathod– Dola’s daughter; Ansh’s former wife
  • Sumit Bhardwaj as Asuransh Mayank Sachdev– Panna’s adopted son; Tamra and Neelam’s adoptive brother; Tara’s husband
  • Jigyasa Singh as Tara Sachdev– Jaya’s daughter; Koyal’s sister; Mayank’s wife
  • Garima Vikrant Singh as Panna Sachdev– Tamra and Neelam’s mother; Mayank’s adoptive mother
  • Smita Bansal as Divya Sharma– Nishant’s wife; Vedashree’s friend; Piya and Saavi’s mother
  • Isha Sharma as Trishila Sharma– Nishant’s sister
  • Sabina Jat as Tamra Sachdev– Panna’s daughter; Neelam’s sister; Mayank’s adoptive sister; Saavi’s colleague
  • Shalini Arora as Jaya Khanna– Shekhar, Mridul and Avinash’s sister; Tara and Koyal’s mother
  • Gouri Agarwal as Koyal Khanna– Jaya’s daughter, Tara’s sister
  • Narayani Shastri as Devika
  • Sikandar Kharbanda as Military officer Rudra Pratap Singh
  • Vishnu Sharma as Priest Tej Singh– Rathods priest; an acquaintance of Nishant and Guru Maa
  • Kushagre Dua as Snake Survansh
  • Ritu Shivpuri as Shalaka– Shardul’s mother
  • Kingkini Bhattacharya as Daayan Mansi Rathod– Karan’s wife; Mohana’s helper
  • Moni Rai as Abhiraj– Mohana’s victim
  • Ankur Nayyar as Mridul Rathod– Shekhar, Jaya and Avinash’s brother; Mohana’s husband; Ansh, Karan and Kajal’s father
  • Priya Malik as Two-headed Daayan Dola– Pratima’s daughter; Mohana’s sister; Vedashree and Kalashree’s half-sister; Ruby’s mother


  1. ASHT, the evil eye serie is amazing 😉. The actors and actresses were good. It was a good and unique serie

  2. Wow, I love this movie, it interesting.I don not really love watching India movie but this has made me love watching it. the actor and actress really try. thanks so much.


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