You have my life on starlife upcoming Spoilers

So far on starlife, the story is still in its early stages with the two characters still getting to know each other and falling in love. Wil Doctor Surjyo eventually get his heart desire towards Deepa or will or their background relationships cut their joy.

Anyways here’s a quick spoiler…According to the story, protagonists Surjyo and Deepa, who parted ways because of a misunderstanding, faced many storms on their way. But now, things are slowly changing. The couple, who has twin daughters Sona and Rupa, slowly comes closer.

The quest to find out their biological daughter and other family issues bring them a step closer. But fans have been longing to see the duo getting reunited. Keeping them in mind, the makers have a new twist in the tale. Pretty soon, Deepa, who had left her husband’s house because of a crooked conspiracy, will come back.

Labanya and Prabir (played by Rupanjana Mitra and Debdut Ghosh) mediate and convince Deepa to come back. The members of Sengupta household are elated to welcome their bahu yet again. But the million dollar question is, will everything be fine in Surjyo-Deepa’s paradise especially when antagonists Urmi and Mishika are also present! And the upcoming track will shade a light on this

Viewers On starlife will have to wait a while to get to these parts in the series. Fi gets crossed…


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