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Breaking Free tells the story of Sugni who resolves to fight the evil practice in the village Bendi, where girls are paraded for the wealthiest men to acquire. She meets and falls for Vikram but they have to face opposition from all…

Breaking Free Full story.

In a village in India, live the Bednis, a community in which young women and girls dance before rich men (the landlords) who pick up the girls of their choice. Sugni, a girl who does not like this custom, tries everything possible to stop it. She states the importance of belonging to only one man. Because of her bravery, a landlord named Vikram Thakur Singh falls in love with her. They plan to marry even though everyone opposes it, including Gulabi, Sugni’s mother. Gulabi discovers that Riva, Vikram’s wife, is still alive (she was believed to be dead after a car accident a year ago). Gulabi tries to caution Sugni who does not believe her, being blinded by love. Gulabi tells Aditya, Vikram’s nephew, about the fact that Riva was still alive and they manage to expose Vikram to Sugni on their wedding day.

Heartbroken, Sugni decides to return to being a Bedni. When she tries to sell herself, Aditya buys her as a servant in their house. Vikram becomes possessive and tries to divorce Riva so that he can marry Sugni, but fails. Riva then suggests to Sugni that she should marry Aditya so that Vikram would come back to her. Later, Aditya and Sugni decide to get married. At this same time, Vikram’s mother, Maa Thakur, arrives with his sister-in-law, Suman, and her husband. When Maa Thakur discovers that Aditya is going to marry Sugni, she gives her consent. But on their marriage day, Vikram reveals that Sugni is a Bedni. At first, Maa Thakur despises Sugni and tries to disown Aditya for marrying a prostitute, but later agrees to have them isolated in the house. Everyone blames Sugni for breaking the family’s unity.

Even after her marriage to Aditya, Vikram lusts after Sugni and manages to get a night with her after threatening to kill Aditya in a wrestling sport where knives are used. Aditya learns about this and begins to hate Sugni, but takes her back after clearing the misunderstanding. In the meantime, Vikram’s youngest sister, Kuhu, marries Digvijay, the son of Vikram’s enemy, Jwala Thakur Singh. Digvijay doesn’t love Kuhu and instead wants Champa, Sugni’s friend, after raping her. Sugni tries to reveal this fact to the family, but fails.

She later deceives Digvijay into exposing himself. Maa Thakur starts liking Sugni. Vikram, going to the extreme, plots to kill Aditya, and convinces Aditya and Sugni to spend some time at a house. Later, Vikram realises his mistake and tries to save Aditya, but Sugni gets shot instead and falls down a cliff. Overcome with guilt, Vikram wanders away into the unknown.

Six months later, Suman takes over the mansion and makes Digvijay and Jwala Singh owners as well. Vikram walks into a city that is full of courtesans, among whom is a girl named Chulbuli, who looks like Sugni. Vikram meets Chulbuli and tries to convince her that she is Sugni. Chulbuli is dating Divakar. Vikram discovers that the brothel owner and her son, Bunty, are trying to do something to Chulbuli. He wonders why a hooded man keeps on giving them strange medicines. On the other hand, Chulbuli gets strange, faint memories about her past.

Back at the mansion, Riva starts playing mind games with Suman and gets her look-alike, Jamuniya, to pretend to be Suman whenever she is out. Riva manages to transfer the property back to Maa Thakur. Vikram discovers why the brothel owner had been giving Chulbuli the medicines: she wanted to give Chulbuli a new life by using the medicines to make her forget about her past. Vikram discovers how Sugni was rescued from the river she had fallen into by some local fishermen. Vikram then takes Sugni back to the mansion. Riva discovers that Vikram is still in love with Sugni and so divorces him. Aditya comes back and he and Maa Thakur tell Vikram to marry Sugni. Sugni is feeling stressed as her memories are flooding back to her. Vikram and Sugni get married. During the seven rounds around the sacred fire, Sugni remembers doing this before and regains her memory. Sugni is convinced by Aditya that her marriage to him was never meant to be. The wedding of Vikram and Sugni has finally taken place.

Breaking Free Full casts.


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