Twist of fate update Tuesday 3 January 2023

Twist of fate 3 January 2023:  Ranbir is driving the car and looking at Prachi. He asks Shahana who is sitting next to the driver’s seat. Shahana says Pra…Ranbir says life taker, Yamraj’s younger sister.

Shahana asks him not to involve her in his fights. Prachi says you have problem with me always, in my looks, talk, walk, behavior, etc. She says I don’t know anything, as only your Rhea knows everything, as she has swag, intelligence, attitude and beauty. She asks him to make her sit on his head. She says your comment was different, you said I am looking bad. Shahana asks Ranbir to relax. Ranbir stops the car. Prachi says now you will ask me to get down the car. She says she has self respect and gets down the car. Ranbir goes behind her. Shahana thinks they will fight on road.

Ranbir asks Prachi to listen to him and asks who has praised her? Prachi says everyone said on engagement day that she was looking good. Ranbir says everyone lied. Prachi says you couldn’t lie and asks him not to talk to her. Ranbir says you was looking very beautiful, like a princess and asks her to ask Aryan. He says your saree was ok, but when it came on you, it looked good. He says your necklace became million dollar one, when you worn it. He says if you are thinking me wrong then you don’t understand me. Prachi asks why you didn’t say it. Ranbir says few things shall be felt and not to be said, says you are not feeling it, it is your mistake. Something goes in his eyes due to the heavy wind.

Prachi starts walking. Ranbir sits in the car and drives it. He tells Shahana that his sister is always angry. He stops the car and asks Prachi to sit. Prachi refuses. Ranbir says I can’t drive so slow and asks her to sit, calls her yaar. Prachi says don’t call me yaar. Ranbir gets down from the car and is walking with Prachi. Prachi says I don’t want to walk with you. Ranbir lifts her and says I am taking your doli for your marriage. He makes Prachi sit in the car. Prachi says she will complain against him. Ranbir says he has put child lock for child like her. Shahana says you did right.

Dida asks Priya if she needs her help. Priya says he is the same guy who tried to loot them. Dida says whatever he had done, is for you and fought with us. Ranbir, Prachi and Shahana come home. Ranbir tells Dida that Prachi showed tantrums, but he made her sit in his car and now she is angry. Dida asks Priya to see the love. Prachi says there is no love. Dida tells Prachi that she is handing Priya’s love story. She asks Priya to see that Prachi got angry on Ranbir. Prachi says he has put child lock. Dida is happy and tells Priya that this is love, and tells that Prachi is behaving like her. She says your boyfriend did that for your self respect and whatever Ranbir did is for Prachi’s safety. Priya says I couldn’t understand and had decided to separate from Rahul. She says I didn’t see his intention, but his actions. She thanks Dida for guiding her. Shahana appreciates Dida for saving Priya’s love story.

Prachi is going to her room. Ranbir says let her go. Prachi asks what he wants. He asks her not to get irritate. Prachi says she has to stay away from him for that. Priya informs her that Pallavi is calling her. Prachi goes to her room. Pallavi is already there and asks her to sit.

She says this dress is for you. Prachi says when to wear it? Pallavi says tomorrow is your mehendi ceremony, you will wear it tomorrow, then there is Diwali and your marriage immediately after that. Prachi gets sad. Ranbir overhears and gets sad too.

He comes to room and sees Aryan. Aryan tells that first Rhea got down, and then Sid, so he turned his car as chopper and came home. He asks what happened? Ranbir says if I say then you will call Prachi as your sister? Aryan asks him. Ranbir says marriage is happening. He says just as I said that marriage shall happen, everyone is behind Sid’s marriage. He says once Prachi gets Sid’s mehendi, then what will happen with me. Aryan whispers an idea in his ear. Ranbir says I can’t do this? He then says that he will do it.

Prachi comes to the room and tells Shahana that Pallavi is serious about marriage. She says what will happen if she comes to know that I don’t want to marry Sid. Shahana says she will be happy that you still love her son and is carrying his baby. Prachi says they shall find proofs against Rhea. Rhea goes inside the spa to get the massage done. Prachi and Shahana come there and ask about Rhea.

The receptionist says she is there. Rhea is going there. Prachi and Shahana see Rhea going. Prachi says no doubt now. Rhea goes inside. She turns and sees someone. Prachi and Shahana come inside and see Aaliya there. Aaliya asks them why Prachi came for massage in pregnancy. Shahana says she has come for massage and goes from there. Aaliya gives the money to the lady. Rhea comes out from the hideout and thanks Aaliya. Aaliya asks her to get the massage done fast. She thinks Rhea was about to get trapped in a big problem, Prachi is doubting her. Rhea lies down for the massage. Prachi recalls seeing Rhea and then Aaliya taking her place.

Rhea serves wine in her glass and says I deserve this. Aaliya says you are very lucky. Rhea says you saved me twice since yesterday. Aaliya says she heard Prachi saying that she will catch her red handed and then she ran from back door to reach there. Rhea says first I got confused and then it made sense, you took my place so that Prachi thinks that you had booked massage for yourself. She says you are getting sharp like old wine. She says Prachi and Shahana might be confused now. Aaliya says we are drinking here and their heads might be shaken up there. They laugh.

Prachi telling Shahana that she is not understanding, and says first she thought that the appointment is booked for Rhea, then she heard Aaliya thanking Rhea for booking the appointment. She says if the appointment was booked for Aaliya, but it should be on her name. Shahana says there is something wrong. Prachi says first I thought that Rhea don’t want this baby, and now…She says we shall check her pregnancy report. Shahana asks if you are doubtful on her and asks why she will do this? Prachi says we have to find out everything.

Pallavi is walking in the hall. Dida asks what happened, if everything is fine. Pallavi says she had called Pandit ji and that’s why waiting for him. Dida asks why you have called him. Pandit ji comes and greets Pallavi. Pallavi asks did you make list? Pandit ji gives her list. Dida asks if they have puja at home. Pallavi says this puja is necessary for Sid and Prachi’s future. Dida asks what you are going to do? Pallavi says we want the kids’ happiness. She says whenever marriage happened, it was at the wrong mahurat. She says when Ranbir had married Prachi, it was mahurat for Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage. She says when Rhea attempted suicide, we got her married to Ranbir in a hurry.

She says time and situation was wrong, and the marriage haven’t happened at the right mahurat. She says now the marriage will happen with the right rituals and mahurat. She says she doesn’t like Prachi, but will not be careless for her baby’s happiness and future, and tells that the baby is of their family. Ranbir and Aryan hear them. Ranbir asks what happened to Mummy? Aryan says she just want marriage to happen at the right mahurat. Pandit ji asks Pallavi to bring mehendi for Prachi. Pallavi gives him mehendi.

Pandit ji goes. Ranbir and Aryan hide from Pallavi’s sight. Aryan asks why are we hiding? Ranbir says if Mummy sees us, then will ask many questions. He says I have to think that if we can do what you said yesterday. Dida asks Pallavi where is she going? Pallavi says I thought Ranbir is there. Dida says why will he hide? Pallavi says yes and goes to sleep. Dida calls Ranbir and Aryan and asks them to come out. Ranbir says if she saw us. Dida says I know that their (Ranbir and Prachi’s) ego is not letting them unite and the fear of separate will bring them together. Ranbir says tomorrow is challenging for us. Aryan says this wouldn’t have happened, if you haven’t asked Prachi to marry Sid.

In the morning, Shahana tells Prachi that they shall take Pallavi in confidence so that she gets saved. Prachi asks her not to get excited, and says Rhea hates me and wants to snatch Ranbir from me. She says but Rhea is pregnant also. She says even Ranbir wants me to marry Sid, what about that? Shahana says he doesn’t want that, he loves you. Prachi says she doesn’t want such love, and says we had married to stay together, and reminisces the times when they had stayed together in rented house.

She says either she wants everything or nothing. She says I will make him jealous that he will tell that he can’t live without me. She says then she will see who will win. Shahana says I like it and hugs her. Prachi says I like it too and smiles.

Rhea comes to Sid’s room after knocking on the door. She asks him not to think her manners as her weakness. Sid says you will never take out hatred from my heart for you. Rhea says you can grow hatred for me in your heart, but can’t hate me. Sid says I hate you. Rhea says there is no hatred in your eyes, and says you might taunt me, but I don’t feel any pain as I don’t care about you. Sid insists to meet Mihika. He says he wanted to meet Mihika, but Aaliya threw him out of the car. Pallavi hears and asks if Aaliya threw you out.

Sid says she threw my luggage out. Pallavi says may be I heard wrong and asks him to come home on time, for mehendi. She says marriage is happening in hurry, but all the rituals will happen on time. She asks him to make sure that he comes on time. Rhea goes near him and asks him to do everything happily, and not to do any stupidity. Pallavi asks Rhea to start getting ready from now.

Rhea comes to the function, and thinks just few days more and then she don’t have to attend any party which she don’t want to attend. She sees Wendy and goes to her. She asks wendy not to say that she is looking beautiful, and says you are liar, you praise me, but admire Prachi. Wendy says small mind, big misunderstanding. Rhea says you have stared at me. Wendy taunts her and says nobody likes you here, but you are still here shamelessly. Rhea goes to answer Wendy, but Pallavi stops Rhea.

Dida hugs wendy and gets happy. Wendy says what you thought that I will go from here, hearing your bahu. She says sometimes bahu can scold the saas. They laugh. Rhea tells Pallavi that they are laughing at her. Pallavi says don’t pay any attention to them, I will talk to them tomorrow. Rhea takes water and drinks.

Prachi comes there with Shahana. Vikram compliments her beauty and wishes that she stays happy always. Prachi thanks him. Rhea hears them. Ranbir asks Aryan why girls take so much time to get ready. He waits for Prachi. Aryan says they want perfection. Ranbir looks at Prachi and says she is looking beautiful. Aryan tells that Sid is also looking at Prachi as if he is seeing his sister, it seems he is about to cry.

Ranbir says let him see Prachi as his sister. He takes the mehendi designs. Shahana says it is mehendi designs. Ranbir asks Prachi to try the design. Prachi says it is very bad and goes.

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