Zee world upcoming series for 2019 and Current Series Replacement


It is no news that most of the currently running Zee World series will be reaching their season finale this December. For that reason most viewers are wondering what shows will be replacing their favorite series. But not to worry, this post reveals the answer…

1. The Promise will be replaced by Married Again

Married again is the story of Yash and Aarti. Yash is a widower with two daughters, Payal and Palak while Aarti is a divorcée with a son, Ansh. The two unite for the sake of their children and will overcome all conflict that comes along their way. This series is running for the second time on Zee World, and is back by porpular demand. 

2. Iron Lady will be replaced by Silver Lining. 

Silver lining is a story about the lives of two orphan girls, Isha & Ira who do not give up despite facing many hardships in life. Like the name suggests, there is always a silver lining at the end of every storm. Silver Lining is also showing for the second time. 

3. My Golden Home will be replaced by This is Fate. 

This is fate centers on the life of Pragya sisters Shruti and Preeta as they relate with the Luthra brothers and family. This is the first time this series will be showing on Zee World Africa.

This is fate / Twist of fate lead casts

Other New series coming to Zee World in 2019 include:

4. Amma

5. Essence of Life

Essence of Life This is a story of Mehek Sharma who is a talented cook who decides to pursue her passion by entering a cooking competition. However, her life takes a turn after she meets Shaurya, an arrogant judge of the competition.

6. ‘7 Bridges to Cross’

The show centers around Aarushi, who intends to marry her sweetheart Vihaan, a man raised by not one, but seven very strong and independent mothers.

Aarushi’s journey begins with her trying to deftly manage the expectations of her seven mothers-in-law to be. Not only must she meet their expectations but she must start a loving relationship with each of them to ensure all seven provide the consent needed to marry the man of her dreams

8. My Golden Home -Returns March 2019

My Golden Home will be coming back in March 2019. It is however not confirmed what time slot it will air or which Series it will replace. So keep anticipating…

We will keep this page updated as soon as new series get announced in the new year 2019.

But you can tell us how much you anticipate the start of these new shows in the comment box below 👇


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2 Responses

  1. Nes says:

    This zee world is not.interesting anymore..how long will they keep.repeating their.series..its boring …dont they have new series to broadcast💁💁

  2. Tamara Williams says:

    I will love to see a repeat of East meets West, Lumita (truly Indian) is really lovely. There could be a reason 4 Repeats, as some of us didn’t make it in ur own time and buying the CDs sometimes is not easy, so u should know by now, Nes.

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