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Mehek zee world is a story of Mehek Sharma, a talented cook who decides to pursue her passion by entering a cooking competition. However, her life takes a turn after she meets Shaurya, an arrogant judge of the competition.

In a new development, Zee world will be showing the series alongside a new cast assemble – The Gabellas. Episodes from their own journey will run alongside the over 500 original episodes of Mehek.

Mehek season 2 Full story: (Reincarnation track) 

Shaurya and Mehek are reborn. Mehek is born to a poor household where her father resents her for being a girl. On the other hand, Shaurya is born into a rich family. Mehek grows to become a tomboy and again meets Shaurya. Mehek is a bold and fearless personality who easily picks up fights. Shaurya is practicing to become a boxer as his father hopes his son will one day win the gold medal.

Both Shaurya and Mehek are haunted by visions of their previous life. Later Mehek and Shaurya are brought to the same college both with the passion of boxing or so it seems. Shaurya actually has cooking as his passion but his father Yuvraaj wants him to be a boxer.

Sometime later, Mehek tricks Shaurya into missing a very crucial boxing match causing him to be disqualified. From that day Shaurya and his father set out to take revenge on her. But inbetween all the commotion of that, Shaurya and Mehek fall in love again.

Then comes Svetlana. Her son Arush wants to marry Shaurya sister Sweeti. However she’s suffering from a kidney failure and while Arush tries to find a donor for her, she crosses path with Shaurya and Mehek. Again she tries to separate them by killing them with the help of a superstitious baba.

In one of her attempts on their life, Svetlana kills Mehek’s sister named Swati who was trying to save Mehek. Mehek recalls her past life but Svetlana fires two bullets at her. Mehek survives but pretends to be a ghost in front of Svetlana to make her fearful. She then meets Shaurya. It is then revealed that it was Shaurya and Mehek’s plan to frighten Svetlana to such a level that she confesses her crimes. In the climax, Svetlana is killed by Devi Durga’s Trishula, Mehek & Shaurya get married and they get their happy ending…

This november 2019 on Mehek:

Yuvraj sends thug to burn up Mehek house for misleading his son, but Shaurya and Mehek fight them off. Later he confronts his father. it is later revealed that both father and son are conniving against Mehek. Khuranna and Mehek nearly see each other at Mehek’s old house.

The coach warns Mehek about Shaurya’s evil intentions but she is adamant. Shaurya has began his cooking business and continues to cheer Mehek towards victory. He offers to help her with her studies after yuvraj comes up with another plot to disqualify her but it is all a ruse as they have something sinister planned.

Yuvraj accuses Mehek of stealing exam papers but Shaurya save her and his father is kicked off the sports committee. Swati rescues aunt Kanta from an accident Later Shaurya offers to give her blood after which he feigns fainting so he can stay with Mehek for the night, what is he up to? Kanta continues to call out to Mehek.

Shaurya begins his plan of making Mehek fall for him in other to take his revenge. Also they keep having flashbacks of their past. He sneaks her out for a party, some thugs attack Mehek at the club and Shaurya saves her. Later Shaurya feels regret. Is he beginning to fall in love with her real?

In school, mehek continues to daydream about Shaurya, seems she’s hopeless in love with him. Later at home she prepares to cook for the first time, everyone is surprised. At Shaurya’s home, Sweeti is being harassed by Yuvraaj on her marriage choice. Shaurya offers to help but she berates him.

It’s Shaurya’s birthday and Yuvraaj has something bad in-store for Mehek, Shaurya is reluctant but can he disobey his father. Mehek wears girly clothes to college for the first time and everyone is amazed. Yuvraaj finally accepts Sweeti choice, thanks to Shaurya.

Yuvraaj is still determined to destroy Mehek. He sends Karan to drug and take nasty photos of her. Shaurya becomes aware, will he be able to save her on-time?

Yuvraj fights with everyone at home when he discovers that his plan has failed. Shaurya takes a drunk mehek home and in her drunken state she continues to confess her love for him. Later Shaurya openly confronts his father for what he did to Mehek.

Coach has managed to catch Shaurya and Yuvraaj dialogues in camera, he aims to expose them but Yuvraaj makes him have an accident. Later he goes to the hospital and attempts to pull his life support but Shaurya arrives just in time. Meanwhile Arush begins his marriage proposal with Sweeti. Coach comes around and tells Mehek who made an attempt on his life.

The marriage ceremony is interrupted when Mehek harasses Yuvraaj for his crime, he is arrested. Shaurya does not believe Mehek accusations and a rift is created between them.

Coach needs money for operation and Mehek agrees to donate her kidney in other to save her coach. Arush wants the kidney for his mother. Shaurya finds and kidnaps mehek during preparations for the kidney harvest. he locks her in a cage and compels her to withdraw the case against his father. Mehek is adamant. It is later revealed that Swetlana is Arush mother.

Coach’s life hang on the balance yet Mehek is still in captivity. Swetlana berates her son for losing her kidney donor. The police come to Shaurya house in search of Mehek. Later Mehek finds a way to escape but lands in further trouble when Arush and his goons kidnap her.

Shaurya is desperately looking for Mehek. Meanwhile Dadi tricks coach into signing Yuvraaj bail papers. Svetlana comes in the operation room and is shocked to see mehek, she says this is Mahek? she thinks its not possible, Mahek died infront of me. Svetlana gets jittery and faints. But Shaurya manages to save Mehek from them.

Swetlana makes enquiries about Mehek. Her quest leads her to Sweeti’s house and she also meets Shaurya, she is shocked and leaves the engagement ceremony. Mehek vows to get Shaurya arrested for kidnapping her despite her parents pleas him. Swetlana goes back to Chandi Chowk in search for answers. She vows to kill Mehek once again.

Mehek resumes college despite her family’s protest. Yuvraaj brings Swetlana to the principal, she makes an attempt on Mehek’slife but fails. Shaurya keeps having flashes of his past life. Mehek comes across a woman and calls her PD, she doesn’t understand why.

Swetlana enlist the help of Baba – a witch doctor in other to finish off mehek and Shaurya. Meanwhile both of them at loggerheads with each other after the kidnap saga. At school, Shaurya and his friend bully Mehek once again. Shaurya provokes Mehek to a fight but he gets the beating of his life, she is rusticated from college.

Backed up by Baba’s mantras, Swetlana sends her goons to kill Mehek but they fail as Shaurya helps her fight them off. Mehek thinks Shaurya had sent the goons, she insults. Swetlana go back to baba and berates him for the failure but he has a scary revelation for her. She becomes more alert. Shaurya gets drunk and goes to ask Mehek for forgiveness.

Next morning, a sober Shaurya resents himself for all his act the previous night. Swetlana has put a hidden camera in Mehek’s house and Shaurya’s drunk confessions gets her scared the more as baba had said once they fall in love, she will be ruined. Shaurya and Mehek continue to deny their feelings for each other while Arush continues his marriage preparations with Sweeti.

Sajita is humiliated at the engagement ceremony by Yuvraaj after she tells him of Shaurya deed at her house the previous night, Mehek beats Yuvraaj mercilessly for humiliating her mother. Later Yuvraaj takes police to arrest her. Surprisingly Swetlana jumps in her defense and offers to sponsor her at the Asian games, what game is she playing?

As part of Swetlana demands, Shaurya and Mehek fight in a boxing ring. She defeats him once again, earning a visit to the CEO. However Shaurya overhears the CEO wanting to take advantage of Mehek. At the party, Shaurya warns Mehek but she is adamant. Swetlana continues to urge her on. Meanwhile Sajita is worried.

The CEO reveals his sexual intentions to Mehek and tries to force her but he gets beaten severely. Mehek also secretly makes a recording of him and threatens to expose him. Shaurya and Sajita believe that Mehek slept with the CEO for the sponsorship, he confronts her.

Mehek is humiliated by the neighborhood women for sleeping with a man. She believes it was Shaurya’s handwork, their relationship suffer more rift. Swetlana shows her support and get Mehek to trust her. She offers to make Mehek meet with the company main president. Sajita doesn’t trust Swetlana and asks Shaurya to follow them, however Mehek overpowers him and escapes with Swetlana.

Yuvraj calls off Sweeti marriage with Arush. He is set to get her married to someone else. Shaurya finds Mehek and tries to drag her home but Mehek is adamant. She calls Swetlana and gives her their location. Swetlana and her goons locate the place and aims to shoot both of them but they mix up in the crowd and escape. Shaurya finds every opportunity to get closer to Mehek. Later they pitch a ride with a truck driver who works with Swetlana.

Sweeti elopes with Arush unaware of his sinister plan for her. Mehek and Shaurya escape the truck driver. they are lost in the forest with Mehek wondering why they are targets. Later Shaurya is shot and wounded and soon exposed to the thugs. However police arrive just in time to save them. Mehek wonders who the woman on veil is that tried to kill them. Meanwhile Yuvraaj arrive just in time to halt Sweeti’s marriage to Arush.

Mehek and Shaurya make it back to Mehek’s home safely. Swetlana is angry that her mission failed but vows not to give up. Later Shaurya ask for Mehek’s hand in marriage. Later Shaurya runs back home to face all the trouble caused by his father. Yuvraj kidnaps his own daughter but timely intervention of the police halts his sinister plan. Shaurya calls Swetlana and pleads for his sister. She accepts their proposal again but more happy she can carry out her plans.

It’s a double engagement ceremony for Shaurya and Sweeti however an accident interrupts. Swetlana is almost set on fire and Mehek gets close enough to see a mark on her neck that she had given the veiled woman who attacked them. She is suspicious of Swetlana. Swetlana tries every trick to stop their engagement from happening fearing that Baba’s prophecy will come true, she succeeds as the engagement is called off.

Shaurya goes to Mehek’s home later that day and proposes to her, both of them have flashes of their previous life. Mehek is still suspicious of Swetlana and they both follow her to Baba’s place. But baba is aware of their presence. Later Swetlana try to speed up their marriage, what is she up to? Yuvraj comes back from prison and reveal the scary horoscope of Mehek and Shaurya and their past life, but Shaurya disagrees.

Mehek plot and full story

Mehek is the story of a young girl from Delhi, India whose love for cooking is closely tied to her mother’s memories. Mehek’s life takes a new turn however when she meets Shaurya, a rich and arrogant, restaurateur.

Meanwhile Eddie Gabela a successful businessman from Africa moves to Delhi with his wife Leleti, daughter Norah and son Dennis. Dennis has been implicated in a serious crime and whilst the family knows he’s innocent they are helpless to save him from these false accusations and decide to leave Africa for his safety.

Norah’s love life however takes an interesting turn when she meets and falls in love with Karan in India. Their relationship is a colourful imbalance of love and betrayal as the couple forges a life together in India Amidst constant conflict with Sanjana.



Mehek and Shaurya story….

Shaurya Khanna is a rich and wealthy restaurant owner in Delhi while Mehek Sharma is a low confidence middle class girl. Cooking is her hobby and passion which she has inherited from her deceased mother.

Through her cooking, Mehek attains attention and importance that greatly pleases her would to-be husband Ajay and his materialistic family.

Meanwhile, Shaurya, the judge has a dislike for middle class girls and so insults her throughout the shooting of the show leading to a point where Mehek is publicly humiliated and she slaps Shaurya. Shaurya realises his mistake and apologises to her which she finally accepts.

In another development, Mehek’s cousin Nehal has a secret affair with Ajay. Ajay rejects Nehal and proposes to Mehek after her successful show run, he threatens her with revealing intimate pictures of them, forcing her to attempt suicide but she is saved by Shaurya. Shaurya then tricks Ajay into revealing the affair himself thus leading to his wedding with Mehek being called off.

Along the line Shaurya and Mehek develop feelings for each other. Shaurya’s mother Karuna fixes their marriage discussion which was ruined by Swetlana, Shaurya’s aunt.

As a fall out to this, Shaurya must first prove himself to Mehek and her family that he truly loves their daughter despite their differences. He does this wholeheartedly and manages to convince Mehek of his genuine love for her.

However, on their wedding day, Mehek is shocked to discover Shaurya has gone abroad to promote his new restaurant and has taken her mother’s recipes with him. It is then revealed that Shaurya was planning his revenge on Mehek all this while as he had not truly forgiven her for giving him a tough time despite his prestige status.

Mehek decides to live in the Khanna household to make Shaurya realise his love for her but this doesn’t prove so easy.

Sometimes later, Shaurya helps Mehek’s best friend Sonal elope with Mehek’s brother Mohit. This causes Mohit’s father to suffer a heart attack and the Sharmas blame Shaurya.

In a fit of rage, Mehek’s father vandalises Shaurya’s restaurant and in retaliation Shaurya gets their shops bulldozed. This leads Mehek to finally give up and leave Shaurya for good, as that proved to her that her love was not reciprocated.

Sometime later Mehek’s ex-fiance Ajay and Sonal’s ex-fiance Rohit abduct Mehek and try to rape her. Shaurya saves her in the nick of time but Mehek suffers serious injuries. Her family blames Shaurya and take Mehek away. Shaurya then has to prove all over again that he has fallen in love with Mehek, and eventually, the Sharmas accept Shaurya.

Before their wedding day, Shaurya organises security for Mehek but the chief officer has a connection to a dark secret from Shaurya’s past. Just before their wedding, he reveals to Shaurya that 12 years ago, as a child, Shaurya caused a car accident and the couple killed were Mehek’s parents.

A shocked Shaurya tries to come clean to Mehek but the ceremony continues and they are married. Unfortunately, Mehek finds out the truth and believes Shaurya deceived her. She is enraged but pretends to be happily married for the sake of her family.

When the Sharmas finally find out, they decide to reopen the case and Karuna is arrested. but eventually all misunderstandings between the families are cleared up.


Mehek and Shaurya Property recovery track

Sometimes later, Sheetal who is Sonal’s mother creeps her way into the family with a mission to tear it apart. She has come with the intention of getting revenge for the way her daughter was ‘stolen’ from her. She finds a way to pit Mohit against his family and so string up situations that creates a rift between them.

Also because of the illness that had befallen Karona during the conflict between the Sharmas and Khannas over the death of Mehek parents, Shaurya abandons his restaurant White chillies and it becomes bankrupt.

A competition becomes the lifeline of the company but unfortunately Mehek has promised to help Mohit instead of Shaurya.

In a fit of anger and revenge, Shaurya brings in Nikita to help win the competition and spite Mehek but along the line, Nikita conspires with Ajay to steal the Khanna’s property. She is miffed that Shaurya had left her for Mehek.

It is up to Shaurya and Mehek to find a way to get back the property from them even if it means them divorcing. But eventually they are able to get the property back and return to their homes.

Mehek and Shaurya Honeymoon sub plot.. .

After the property conflicts had been resolved, Shaurya and Mehek finally go on their honeymoon. On their honeymoon in Rishikesh, Mehek witnesses a murder committed by Archie. Archie attacks Mehek tonciver her tracks and she is presumed dead in a drowning accident. A year later Shaurya returns to Rishikesh and runs into Vandana who looks exactly like Mehek but doesn’t remember him. He is able to bring her memory back and Archie is killed. Mehek and Shaurya adopt young Neev and return home.

Terrorist Attack Track

Nehal is pregnant with Shaurya’s brother Vicky’s child so the families decide to get them married. During a visit to the mall, there is a terrorist attack and Shaurya is abducted. The terrorist pretends to be Shaurya and enters the Khanna House.

Neev discovers this but his throat is slit leaving him unable to speak. Mehek saves the day but her family is being blackmailed to plant a bomb but they defeat the terrorists. Later Mehek meets Saurabh who has been loving her since six years betraying Tanuja, his wife.

Anjali’s entrance track

Karuna’s illegitimate daughter Anjali (Aanchal Khurana) enters their lives and creates misunderstandings between Mehek and Karuna. She gets Karuna to throw Mehek and Shaurya out of the house. Karuna names Anjali as the sole heir to her property but when Mehek announces her pregnancy, Karuna welcomes them back to the family. Eventually, Anjali’s truth is revealed and she is sent to jail where she meets Shaurya’s aunt Svetlana. They decide to break out of prison but Anjali is killed and Svetlana pretends that she was preventing Anjali’s escape. She is set free and returns home pretending to be blind.

In a series of events, Svetlana’s revenge materializes as she sets off a bomb at the Khanna house killing almost all the Khannas and Sharmas. In the end, she shoots Mehek and Shaurya who vow to return to complete their story before dying. The reincarnation begins the season 2 of Mehek

Full Casts of Mehek Zee World 

  • Samiksha Jaiswal as Mehek Shaurya Khanna (Season 1)/Mehek Singh Mann (Season 2), Female Lead Protagonist

  • Karan Vohra as Shaurya Harish Khanna (Season 1)/Shaurya Singh Ahlawat (Season 2), Male Lead Protagonist

  • Shonisani Masutha as Norah


  • Ndaba ka Ngwane as Eddie


  • Bhuvan Kaila as Karan

  • Kamogelo Mogale as Dennis


Recurring (Indian casts) 

  • Radha Bhatt as Shwetlana Sanjay Agarwal, Lead Antagonist

  • Kailash Chakravarthy as Digvijay Khurana
  • Kirandeep Sharma as Kanta Sharma
  • Hareesh Chhabra as Jeevan Sharma
  • Babla Kochhar as Ravi Sharma
  • Vijay Meenu as Mansi Sharma
  • Siddarth Sipani as Vicky Sanjay Agarwal
  • Shiny Dixit as Nehal Vicky Agarwal
  • Rajshree Seem as Karuna Harish Khanna
  • Tripta Lakhanpal as PD
  • Dinesh Verma as Balwant Sharma
  • Sunny Sachdeva as Mandaar
  • Orvana Ghai as Archie

  • Vidushi Kaul as Sonal Mohit Sharma
  • Anubhav Jain as Mohit Sharma
  • Aarif Sharma as Neev
  • Aanchal Khurana as Anjali, Shaurya’s step-sister

Anjali in Mehek

  • Vishal Gupta as Sameer Agarwal
  • Kiara Rana as Shruti Agarwal
  • Harsh Chhaya as Sanjay Agarwal, Shaurya’s uncle
  • Ashoo Kohli as KD (Kewal Damaani)
  • Mihir Mishra as Harish Khanna
  • Maddy as Ajay Parmar, Mehek’s ex-fiance
  • Aarun Gossai as Rajeev Kapoor
  • Monica Kohli as Pammi

  • Title: Mehek
  • Indian title: Zindagi ki mehek
  • Channel: Zee World
  • Start Date: 6th April 2019
  • Season(s): 2
  • Episodes: still running

Credit: Wikipedia


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