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My golden home, with Indian name as Yahan main Ghar Kheli, is a series centered on the lives of the families that live in Swarn Bhawan (translates as ‘The Golden Home’). Its theme is centered on family rivalry, deceit, greed, selfishness and how love and goodness is able to conquer all.

In essence it follows the life of Abha and Karan, who are the youngest children of the rival families (Jagmohan Pasad and Thakur) constantly at war with eachother. They meet and fall in love despite their families hostility and face different conflicts along the way to their happy ending.

Karan and Abha in my golden home

How it all began?

The golden mansion called Swarn Bhawan is situated in Ujjain and originally owned by the Thakur family, however they lose its ownership to the Jagmohan family through a reversal of fortune.

The enmity between the family was caused by the Thakur’s grandfather after he had scorned Jagmohan and his family during a Puja festival held in Swarn Bhawan years back. Jagmohan had wanted to see the golden statue in the mansion but had met with stiff opposition. The disgrace was to scare both families for year to come.

And so, after the Thakur family lost their home, they went to live with Ragav Pandit who was their maternal uncle. He was kind and accommodating unlike his wife Sheetal who constantly taunted and mocked the family. This was part of the reason why Abha Thakur the youngest daughter, left to go work for the Jagmohan as a maid in disguise, she named herself Tasveer.

But as fate would have it, Karan Jagmohan the youngest son in the family falls in love with her, she too falls in love with him. And even after her true identity is revealed, Karan insists on marrying her to the vehement refusal of both families.

But finally, due to the intercession of Saraswati Devi (Karan’s aunt) and Chandra Prabha (Abha’s mother), their relationship is accepted and they get married. And then begins their long and tortuous journey towards finding a happy ending.

Manipulations, deceit, revenge missions, family conflict and segregation, selfish and greedy individuals who are household enemies, agents from the past and family secrets continuously try to tear them apart.

Suhasi Dhami As Abha Thakur

Highlights of the conflicts to come as the series progresses:

☑ Sanskar (betrothed to Abha earlier) is still madly in love with Abha and wants her, decides to kill Karan in other to get her back

☑ Along the line, Karan divorces Abha and accuses her of doing a deed actually perpetuated by Sanskar. But after he learns the truth, he pleads with Abha for forgiveness and remarries her. Sanskar then becomes good.

☑ As the series progress, we learn that when Karan was young, his maternal uncle, Ranjit had forced his mother Pratibha to get her husband to fight a false case. But when she refuses, he tries to kill Karan but ends up killing his son. So he decides to use his sister Yashodhra to ruin Jagmohan’s family. Yashodhra becomes the greatest villain in the series.

Karan Vipin Grover As Karan Jagmohan

☑ In order to possess Swarn Bhawan, Yashodhara attempts to kill Karan after revealing her true intentions and forces him to sign transfer papers; Karan is presumed dead

☑ Abha meets Karan’s twin called Sidharth, an actor and screenwriter whose actual name is Ranchod. He agrees to help disguise as his brother and stop Yashodhra from owning the mansion. Ranchod will Later become a regular in the series since Karan is already presumed dead. He would fool the family until later on.

☑ Along the line, Ranchod happens to meet Karan in the hospital, and seeing his bad shape, thinking Karan was about to die, promises him that he will protect Abha and rest of family from Yashodhara.

☑ Abha discovers she is pregnant with Karan’s baby

☑ Yashodhara and Dushyant attempt to kill the entire Prasad and Thakur family but fail, and their evil plan is exposed to the family, through Abha and Ranchod.

☑ Ranchod true identity is revealed in a holi festival. He then tells the family that he is only fulfilling Karan’s last wish.

Suhasi Dhami as Abha

☑ Later it is found out that Karan is alive and is saved by Dr. Arundhati, who decides to take him home and treat him, she names him Neel.

☑ Abha later marries Ranchod after family pressure since Karan is already presumed dead.

☑ Abha is still sad over Karan’s disappearance, she trips down the stairs and loses her baby as a result of Shaili and Dushyant’s actions.

A two year leap Occurs. 

☑ Karan returns to Ujjain after complete recovery. He brings rose flowers to his wife Abha.

☑ Ranchod finds out that it was Dushyant who caused Abha’s miscarriage, and in rage severely injures Dushyant, he dies. Ranchod is framed for murdering him and is arrested.

☑ on the day of Ranchod trial, Sheila reveals that his wife Abha is married to his twin. And he believes she has moved on and love him more

☑ he however promises to help prove Ranchod’s innocence after which he would leave.

☑ Abha, with the help from Karan, finds evidence to help prove that Ranchod is innocent. In the end, the killer turns out to be Dushyant’s wife, who was unhappy with their relationship.

☑ Ranchod helps to reunite Abha with Karan before he leaves them for good.

The conflict takes on a new angle with the introduction of new characters and enemy of the family. Yashandra is out to revenge the death of her son, Pyriyanka is a new daughter in law in the family who hates Abha and Karan. Different enemies from the past spring up to manipulate their way into owning Swarn Bhawan (The Golden Home).

It’s all happy ending for everyone in the end, and Abha and Karan lives happily in the golden home.

The series has a total of 697 episode, so it going be a long ride filled with family drama.

Karan Grover as Abha Jagmohan credit: indya101


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  1. Weyinmi says:

    I don’t quite understand ur India characters pls the stupidity in the characters are getting unbearable, 1st in golden home at the beginning had a nice story and now the sankar and abah blackmail is so fake that it annoying to watch please and 2ndly twist of fate is getting boring too how can u guys be telling us same story again season one, pls we need something different and unique please. ur writers need to see us viewer as intelligent mind not children please

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