Ring of Fire Zee World full story, plot summary, casts, teasers

Ring of fire Zee World is an amazing tale of one eligible bachelor, two possible suitors and 3 families caught in a tug-of-war. What happens when an unexpected love triangle turns into a wild burning blaze?

Note: Ring of fire is back on Zee world but the series will start from the beginning.

Ring of fire full story:

Anurag Singh is an MBA graduate who has returned to his native town in Bihar after completing his studies from London. Anurag’s family arranges his wedding to law student Srishti who is a soft-spoken traditional girl. However Loud-mouthed and bold, Ragini Singh has grown up spoilt and takes a liking to Anurag. On Anurag and Srishti’s wedding day, Ragini’s father forces Anurag to marry Ragini to fulfil her wishes. To save her and Anurag’s family from humiliation, Srishti instead marries Anurag’s younger brother Vishu who is mentally challenged.

Anurag’s mother, Revati, disapproves of Ragini’s goonish behavior and plans to separate Ragini and Anurag. Meanwhile, Vishu and Srishti strike a friendship.

A hitman tries to kill Srishti on several occasions. On their honeymoon, Vishu confronts the killer and dies after falling off a cliff. His body is never recovered. Ragini finally leaves for her father’s home, dejected by her loveless marriage with Anurag.

Vikraal, Ragini’s father, decides to get Ragini married to someone else, but a changed Anurag decides to win her over. They unite and Ragini becomes pregnant. Tensions rise between the couple when Ragini joins her father’s political work. When she has a fall and loses the baby, the couple reconcile and decide to understand each other better and start afresh.

Baiju (Ayaz Ahmed), a goon, whom Srishti had slapped for his misbehaviour, starts chasing her and creates circumstances in which she is forced to marry him. He tortures her and sells her to a brothel till his mother tells him about Srishti saving her life. Baiju has a change of heart and develops feelings for Srishti who also gradually comes to see him as a friend.

Srishti then meets Vishu’s lookalike, DJ Shanky, who she discovers is in fact Vishu who has lost his memory. She brings him back to the Singh family where Revati wants Vishu and Srishti to reunite. Revati tries to emotionally manipulate a jealous Baiju into letting Srishti go but Srishti figures out the truth and declares her love for Baiju upsetting Vishu.

After a series of events, Baiju is implicated in a drugs case and Ragini leaves to try and prove his innocence. However, Baiju is killed and Ragini is sent to prison for his murder. The Singh family don’t believe her and when she delivers a daughter in jail, she asks the jailor to tell her daughter that her mother was innocent and to tell the Singhs that the baby was born dead. Ragini writes a letter to Srishti explaining her innocence and Baiju’s death and an angered Srishti confronts the real murderer, Vishu and kills him. She dies delivering her daughter who is taken to the Singh family.

20 Years later (season 2) 

The show now follows the stories of Agni, Ragini and Anurag’s daughter and Sakshi, Srishti and Baiju’s daughter. While Sakshi grows up in the loving Singh family and becomes a doctor, Agni has been brought up in a foster home and becomes a police inspector.

Later they found out that sakshi is not a Doctor after all. Agni falls in love with kishan and to take revenge from agni, sakshi marries kishan . Later fall in love with him. Sakshi changes towards her sister agni and became friends. Agni and kishan were going to get married when agni found out that her sister sakshi actually falls in love with kishan and agni marries sameer brother of kishan and lives in the same house to let sakshi lives with kishan.

More information on Ring of fire Zee World

  • Name: Ring of fire zee world
  • Start date: December 2020
  • network: Zee World Africa
  • Seasons: 2
  • Episodes: 482
  • Time slot: 8pm WAT
  • Indian title: Agniphera


Full casts of Ring of fire 

  • Yukti Kapoor as RaginiA very boisterous and radical girl who takes a liking to Anurag backed up by her father’s money. She would rather weild a gun than tie a Saree anyday. Will the feeling of love turn her into a feminine version of herself?
  • Simraan Kaur as SrishtiAn intending lawyer who takes a liking to Anurag since they were children. Her dreams of marrying him comes to an end when Ragini and her father kidnaps him on their wedding day. A soft spoken and calmer girl. She finally makes the ultimate sacrifice for her family.
  • Ankit Gera as Anurag Vidvaan Singh, Ragini’s husband

The eligible bachelor who is caught up between two brides as soon as he returns from London. Forced to marry Ragini, he has to learn to look past her goonish Behavior and make a wife out of her.

  • Mohak Khurana as Vishesh “Vishu” Vidvaan Singh/DJ Shanky, Anurag’s brother and Srishti’s first husband

The mentally unstable man that Shruti is forced to marry in other to save their families reputation. Will Shruti learn to love this man?

  • Ayaz Ahmed as Baiju Kanpuria, Srishti’s second husband

  • Samridh Bawa as Advocate Sameer Thakur, Agni’s love interest

Shekhar is the lawyer supposed to provide support and succour for Shruti, instead he has his own personal motive of turning her into his bride.

She is Vishu and Anurag mother who never seems to be satisfied with the wives they pick. She only wants her choice and wishes for them to prevail.

  • Sunil Singh as Vidvaan Singh, Anurag and Vishu’s father

Anurag and Vishu father, he tries all he can to bring peace to his family, but his wife has selfish intentions that thwart his efforts.

  • Shalu Shreya as Divya Vidvaan Singh 

She is Anurag and Vishu sister.

  • Ibrar Yakub as Brijbhan Singh 
  • Shakti Singh as Purushottam Singh
  • Aamir Salim Khan as Parag
  • Prakash Pandit as Narad
  • Anuradha Singh as Dulaari, the Singh family’s maid
  • Amit Koushik as Vikraal Singh, Ragini’s father and a powerful local politician 
  • Deepali Kamath as Mrs. Purushottam Singh
  • Ankit Bhetiwal as Mac 
  • Rutpanna Aishwarya
  • Rehaan Roy as Abhimanyu
  • Jyotsna Chandola as Rajjo


  1. Married Again 2 has a very happy ending. I fell in love with Sarita and Vikrant, love how their relationship transformed from bitterness to love. I also love their son Arbi, with the pranks he played by making his parents fall in love. I pray they don’t bring season 3.

  2. All the Indian producers and writers are very stupid intact if I can get a direct call to the writers and producers of this series #Ring of fire.i would curse the shit outta of them.
    Everything they’re portraying doesn’t happen in real life. They’re so so stupid!!

    • I want to get across to the writers and producers
      myself because almost all the shows are very unrealistic, they defy common sense. I just started watching, can’t continue it’s driving me crazy urgghhh

    • Yes my dear you are right Ring of fire and the heir mehek was also my favorites but remove gangaa just replace it with king of heart and the girls are the most beautiful woman in zee world preet and ragini are my favorite actress and they are also the most beautiful

  3. Indian series? Hummm! They start off interesting and then become boring because of unrealistic and unnecessary twists and plots are added when the series could have ended with an ovation it becomes stupid. Its like when someone talks too much!

  4. This serie Ring of fire at first it was interesting but when i later found out about the tragic ending i got so so so discouraged in watching the gad damn serie why must all the series i mean out of 100% 99% end d same way why i don’t jst get it its jst like wen u start talking at first its interesting but as time goes on it becomes boring and everything u say or do becomes rubbish dis same thing that happens in almost all d series is becoming way too much dat even we d viewers can’t comprehend


  5. Idian series eee dey start off interesting and then become boring. I wonder what happened to new Zara when the old one came back.I hope that this new twist of fate will end well.

  6. Mehek, married again, The heir, are interesting but have a little bit of stupid twist.
    Twist of fate is interesting too but i don’t get why Kiara had to die and why do dey have to stupid twist everytime

    • Please help me beg zee world to bring ring of fire back they did not even show the place that Sameer and Agni got married and the place that Agni start having feelings for Sameer

  7. Let the story have a good ending. Dont over prolong scenes. It becomes. Boring. Like when they got drunk, the whole one hour was wasted on being drunk.
    And same scenes, memory loss is a part these guys love tooo much. And same family who hates the daughter in law, prolonged too much suffering,

    Just stop talking tooo much.

    Too much of everything is not good

  8. Married Again 2 is my favourite. Sarita suffered in her 1st marriage but ended up marrying Vickrant. The marriage was loveless at the beginning but it was transformed. Became a happy ending

  9. Gangsta season 3 is my worst. Gangsta ended up marrying a village head. She lost her daughter Krishna, lost her husband Sagar and her father in law, Sagar’s father. The story didn’t make sense. They rescued her as s child widow. Educated her to be a lawyer and all these people who played positive role in her life, died. Useless and sad ending

  10. All the anticlimax of Zee World stories turned me off. I am presently watching Jodha/Akbar and Twist of Fate. I love Ahbi and Pragya. If they don’t end well, I will not watch Zee World again

  11. Zee world to me is just a waste of time, i mean can’t most of the series be normal, if all of the main character does does not die its how a woman would have to sacrifice for an outsider i mean c’mon shit is getting old, i dont know wat the writer or director is doing coz the same story line everytime i mean be creative.same shit over and over again.

  12. You people are still complaining about ring of fire twist of fate season 3 can get the hell out of you,the serie is annoying and you feel like entering inside the movie.The producer is fake everything about twist of fate is unrealistic.Wasting our subscriptions watching nonsense nothing interesting,ranbir fighting with Prachi all the time then they waste time,abbey unable to meet with pragya, the worst part,pragya has Mr mehras number and abhi has anurhadas number,but they still call on the same phone s abhi and pragya despite being same people they are not able to realise that this is the same person absolute nonsense.playing with our intelligence.


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