8 Morals lessons You shouldn’t pick up from Zee World

We love Zee world shows no doubt, but it is better to take the good parts and discard the not so great part prevalent in series. If you don’t know what they are, then let this article teach you…

1. Zee world seem to make being a woman a crime. 

As long as you have the female physical and sexual characteristic, then there is a written destiny of servitude automatically placed on your head. As a daughter your goal is to serve your family and keep the home’s financial situation afloat while your brothers lazy about. Indira sharma from Iron lady can explain better.

There’s no rest for you at your in-laws either, as a good daughter-in-law, your sole responsibility is keeping your in-laws and husband happy unless you will be termed evil. Umri in lies of the heart, pragya in Twist of fate and Laali can very well testify to this.

2. There’s always someone in the family who hates you intensely.

While you’re trying to be the best you can be, someone in the family will hate for no tangible reason. They will make your life miserable and finally suceed in eliminating you or turning the whole family against you. But don’t worry, you can actually do nothing about it… It is there in the script.

3. There’s a look alike of you somewhere in the world.

Just wait for it, it will surely come. Blood relation is not a necessity here as the creative god of Bollywood will magically manifest someone who looks exactly like you. You only need to pray that your lookalike don’t also join your in-laws in antagonising you. Because that will surely become a double hell for you!

4. Evil always win 95 percent of the time.

Like noted before, you cannot possibly win in this fight against evil not when you’ve  been scripted to lose. But If you have the least sense, you would break off their shackles, wise up and defend yourself like Pronita in The promise and Umri in Lies of the heart.

Or better still remain calm and generous till they trample you flat upon their feet like our dearly beloved Pragya. In most Zee world shows, Life is a circle of evil and torments for good people with no respite or personal victories.

The good ones rarely come out of it alive, the evil ones prevail, and when they are captured, they break out of jail and run into their freedom or they can simply turn a new leaf and all is well again.

There’s simply no justice for all your goody-goody suffering.

5. Zee World Men are allowed to be fickle in their love and affection

Now it doesn’t matter how much they tell you that you’re the light of their earth, or how much dance moves they display while singing the love tune to you; when push comes to shove, baby girl you are leaving his house for good!

Do you doubt? Then check Jai Walia from The Promise. He blows hot and cold at everything and remains a puppet that can be tuned against his ever loving and sacrificial wife, Bani. There’s simply nothing like absolute love in Zee World, you can take it from or leave it.

6. Mother-in-laws are your day one nemesis.

It will be great if you kept that at the back of your mind as you step your red footprints into your matrimonial home. If they appeared good and receptive at the early stage, then give it some time and they will turn all evil on you.

7. You stay forever young on set.

That at least is a good thing right? It doesn’t matter the number of leaps in years the show takes, you remain young and beautiful, steady taking all the insults, the plots, the kidnaps, the amnesia bouts, the rejections, the failed attempts on your life and so on. You literally have more than nine lives to keep you going…

8. Husbands leave their family to cling to the wife’s and not the other way round.

This is to be expected especially if your brother or father is rich. Your husband can come live with your family and maybe this time around be on the receiving end of family insults.

Or better still he can have a personal agenda of his own to strip you and your family off their wealth and leave you all penniless. Guess what, he may just succeed… After all, all bad people win right?

Eitherways, it’s a lose-lose for you at the end. Your life as a female should center around marriage, pleasing your in-laws and rarely getting the happy ending you deserve. Such is the apt and hard-hitting moral summary that you can glean from Zee World series.

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  1. This is stupid unless you really watch zee world with your hearts and not your eyes you will never unless the story line.

  2. I really wish I could give you an award. Don’t get me wrong I love Indian series but i can’t deny that all this is true. You always have evil ones amongst your family members and daughter in laws have to stand at the forefront of the battle/war. Beware of any new character introduced to the series especially if they are nice because 95% of the time, they are just villains out for revenge etc. All in all, I enjoyed your article. Thanks.

  3. You’re absolutely right. There’s still one more evil prevalent in Zee World series — Loss of memory!.
    They use loss of memory to hide falsehood from being exposed, or supress the truth from coming to light

  4. And when the bad people, change the never get arrested even if they had killed or put people in harm’s way, but it’s not hard for they family to send an innocent person to jail on the insistence of the main culprit…

  5. When it comes to Indian film they always do whatever it takes to make their film number one I dispose Indian film nowadays


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