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These Streets on Zeeworld is the complicated love story of Shaantanu and Puchki, separated while still children, their love remains strong and brings them together but fate will not allow their love story blossom.

These streets July teasers 2021

These Streets Zee world full story.

Shaantanu and Puchki were first seen as childhood friends who were separated by time. When Shaan comes face to face with Puchki as Asmita after many years, he fails to recognise her. Their friendship truly becomes a romance only after Shaan realises the woman that he thinks is Asmita is actually his childhood friend Puchki.

Until this episode aired, Asmita always felt Shaan loved her because she was his childhood best friend and not for the women she has become today. When Shaan proposes to Asmita he says that Puchki is only his friend but Asmita is the woman he loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with.

The main casts

Fate had other plans for Shaan and Asmita as misunderstandings keep them apart. Asmita gets engaged to Hridoy and Shaan is married to Nandini. However, Shaan goes to Asmita’s house one night and tells her how much he still loves her. Shaan and Asmita get caught in sudden rain which makes the scene a romantic classic.

Asmita’s hesitation to tell Shaan that she loves him while being engaged to someone else is very real. When Shaan is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, Asmita goes from being a cop to becoming a lawyer to save Shaan. When all of this fails, Shaan and Asmita run from the authorities. While spending a night alone in a small hut, Shaan and Asmita consummate their relationship. But Asmita refuses to raise the child with Shaan because he is still married to Nandini.

Fate brings Shaan and Asmita together once again. Asmita is raising her daughter, Krishi, with another man Mr. Shekhawat. Shaan also has a daughter with his wife Nandini. Shaan and Asmita still have feelings for each other but now they both hesitate to act on it. Krishi takes it upon herself and comes up with unique ways to bring her real parents together.

Mr. Shekhawat wants to test Shaan’s love for Asmita and prove that their love is not true. He hires Asmita’s lookalike to confuse Shaan. However, Shaan holds both Devika and Asmita’s hands and immediately realises who the real Asmita is. In a bid to make Asmita stay with him, Mr. Shekhawat kidnaps Krishi. He tries to blackmail Asmita into being with him, but Shaan and Asmita both join forces to save their daughter.

Shekhawat shoots Shaan and Asmita when they try to rescue Krishi. Shaan is shot in his knee but Asmita is badly wounded with the gunshot and dies in Shaan’arms and ask him to hide her death from Krishi, Shaan hires Devika to take her place. Shaan refuses to let Devika get close to him and keeps telling her ways to make people believe that she is Asmita. Eventually, Devika also falls in love with Shaan, but he refuses to accept her as his wife.


More information on the series

  • Name: ‘These Streets’
  • Channel: Zee world
  • Replacing: Ring of fire
  • Indian title: Yeh Teri Galiyan
  • Episodes: 411
  • Seasons: 1
  • Start date: 3rd June 2021

These Streets Zee world full casts.

  • Vrushika Mehta as Asmita “Puchki” Shantanu Mazumdar – Arpita and Shubhu’s daughter; Shan’s wife / Devika Ghosh – Asmita’s look-alike

  • Avinash Mishra as Shantanu “Shan” Mazumdar – Arindham and Chanda’s son; Asmita’s husband

  • Raymon Singh as Nivedita Mazumdar – Arindham’s wife; Shantanu’s stepmother; Hridoy’s mother
  • Lavin Gothi as Hridoy Mazumdar – Arindham and Nivedita’s biological son; Shantanu’s step-brother
  • Rajvir Chauhan as Ashish – Krishi’s Foster Father; Puchki’s Opponent
  • Akansha Sareen as Arpita – Shubhu’s wife; Puchki’s biological mother
  • Sharhaan Singh as Shubhu – Arpita’s husband; Puchki’s biological father and Nandini’s adoptive father
  • Anandi Tripathi as Chanda– Arindham’s lover; Shantanu’s biological mother
  • Kiran Janjani as Arindham Mazumdar – Ravindra’s son; Nilambar and Moushmi’s brother; Chanda’s lover; Nivedita’s husband; Shantanu and Hridoy’s biological father
  • Govind Pandey as Ravindra Mazumdar – Arindham, Neelambar and Moushmi’s father; Shantanu and Hridoy’s grandfather
  • Harsh Mittal as Nilambar Mazumdar – Ravindra’s son; Arindham and Moushmi’s brother; Beauty’s husband
  • Renee Dhyani as Beauty – Thaku Maa’s daughter; Nilamber’s wife; Paromita’s step mother
  • Shaynam Ladakhi as Murli -Beauty’s assistant
  • Lopamudra Das as Moushmi – Ravindra’s daughter; Arindham and Neelambar’s sister; Bijoy’s wife
  • Bharat Kamuvani as Bijoy – Moushmi’s husband
  • Shubhangi Latkar as Thaku Maa– Beauty’s mother
  • Kinjal Pandya as Paromita – Beauty’s stepdaughter shaan ex former wife Mohit ‘s girlfriend
  • Ruchi Mahajan as Young Puchki – Arpita and Shubhu’s daughter; Shantanu’s best friend / Krishi Shantanu Mazumdar – Asmita and Shantanu’s biological daughters
  • Ayaan Zubair Rahmani as Young Shantanu Mazumdar – Arindham and Chanda’s son; Puchki’s best friend
  • Sejal as Dadi Bua– Ravindra’s sister
  • Pari Mistry as Chahat Shantanu Mazumdar – Shantanu and Nandini’s biological daughter
  • Piyush Sahdev as Vikram Shekhawat – Asmita’s second husband
  • Sonal Vengurlekar as Nandini Mazumdar – Shubhu’s adoptive daughter; Asmita’s adoptive sister


  1. This is so dumb. Why would Asmita died and the two lovers didn’t even reunited. And why sex before marriages. Hmmmm. Is it what you people are teaching children after the suffer that her mother suffer so she din become a harlot. So bad… I will never watched this feem again. Zee world you disappointed. God helping you to bring beta movie to our screem. All I can said is hmm. What a word.

    • You said someone’s English is bad..And u feel urs is better? Bros check what you typed and re-read again..if u ain’t cool with the comment,u either keep shut or pass ur corrections maturedly..English isn’t a yardstick for success..

  2. This is so disappointing am really disappointed why will she die and they were suppose to get married 😪and face a lot that’s still better

  3. I love this movie.
    One of the reasons that really draws me into watching this fantastic drama is the fact that it is similar to my favorite Indian drama, Gangaa.

    Though, the love story of Shan and Pushki (the movie) is quite interesting, but, there are some things I did not expect to happen in that movie.
    You know, many zeeworld viewers may really get attached or even addicted to zeeworld movies, and it is always a sad fact, if the movies don’t end as expected. Let me specify it, If love stories don’t have happy ending, the viewers are always sad or disappointed, because, they are really touched by those movies to the point they feel as if the dramas is all happening real.
    Bad luck or fate is what makes love stories interesting, but the way it ends emotionally matters a lot.
    Like Gangaa, These Streets don’t also have happy ending, didn’t you watch Silver Linnning? 😊. I hope, Twist Of Fate will not also end like that 😁.

  4. Lol if they don’t die
    They would hv lost memories
    If they don’t hv lost memories
    They will re give birth to them and get lost in different cities
    When will zeeworld movies start giving us happy ending with the lovers from the beginning to the end

    • Exactly. Apparently. It’s a trend in their country or culture. Goin round one and the same concept n none is smart enough to drift from it.

  5. This is both heart breaking and disappointing at the same time
    For f**k sake, why would she die 😫😫😫
    Only on zee world I’ve seen a villian win

  6. Zee world, why do most of you script writers movies be so stupid, silly n worthless. What are you people really teaching your viewers? That people who truly love each I te her never end up together and either both end up dying or one does? Foolish soap was my first episode for the series. Then said I should read the plot summary and read this very same boring madness

  7. Zeeworld why now did u people came from a sadist world Cox I don’t know why all what u show us is sadness it doesn’t worth watching at all ,if this is going on in ur country then I pity una o
    What a fate

  8. They are just showing us impossible things, how on earth will someone be beside you and you will telling us that you did not see such person

  9. This is not good I thought this one is going to be different from others well it no diffrent
    From others. zee word and star life I don’t even know what they are showing this days the most annoying series currently showing on zee world is twist of fate and in starlife it,s unusuale tale it,s just like these street no happy ending😤💔👇😟😭

  10. These streets seems to be an interesting series but when actors in the play dies it’s no longer interesting n people tend to lost focus and hate the series. As for “Twist of fate” it’s the worse series I have ever had the chance to view bc they keep turning on the same spot for no good reason please the writers of these telenovelas should try to compy from Philippines they have good stories to air on TV their stories always end well and are also interesting

  11. Every comment here made sense like why in the world would the story end badly after watching them suffer from the first episode to the last there was never one episode where chan and asmita was happy like wat the hell if the drama is going to be tragic pls tell us right from time after expecting so much and then they die it’s not suspenseful it’s just straight up annoying and y’all have to do something about it if not ull really lose veiwers

  12. I personally don’t like Indian drama series…I find the episodes annoying, dumb and unrealistic.I have also noticed that the bad people in their dramas don’t get punished to my satisfaction.Indian drama sucks,their movies are way more better.

  13. This movie didn’t produce something which one can learn from it. If fate doesn’t bring the two lovers together at the end, then l don’t see it’s meaning. However this movie had shown the victory of the enemy of which it doesn’t make sense. Please Zee World improve on your movies because the ending of These Streets is dissapointing

  14. Like seriously
    Is it necessary for her to die
    Y must all the zeeworld series end the d same you guys should try and change the pattern of you film
    You are making viewers loose interest
    At least nandini is dead already
    Who will take care of the kids if asamita dies


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