Timeless love update Saturday 5 August 2023

Timeless love 5 August 2023: The Episode starts with Hariprasad asking Amba to come inside and have tea. Amba says some other time. Arjun thanks Amba. Amba leaves. Arjun says I have to set the house again. He keeps the things back with Vidhi. Urmila praises Arjun and asks if he is the only son. Bimla says yes, but he is heavy on 100 sons. Vidhi brings water and gives to Arjun. He says I feel that I have done something big. Vidhi says yes. He asks her to come and have coffee with him. Vidhi looks at Hariprasad. Arjun says else I will take Bims with me on coffee date. Hariprasad signs her to go. Vidhi says ok. Hariprasad gives money to Vidhi. Arjun asks Bimla to rest and says we will bring food from outside for everyome. Golden goes behind Arjun and Vidhi.

Vidhi and Arjun are in the cafeteria. He says thank god, Golden told me. Vidhi thanks him for saving her house. Arjun smiles and says I want to tell you something important. He asks her to say. She says first I will tell and holds his hand. Arjun smiles.Hariprasad and Bimla pray to Milapni devi. Dev comes there. Hariprasad says you are here. Dev asks what happened here? Hariprasad tells everything.Vidhi tells Arjun that if she couldn’t say it today, then she can’t tell him later. She says you are my close friend, if I don’t tell you then can’t tell others. She says if I don’t tell you that the thing will blast in me. She says it is top secret.

Dev says you would have called me once. Hariprasad says it doesn’t look nice to disturb you again and again. Bimla praises Arjun. Dev asks about Vidhi. Bimla says Vidhi took him to have coffee. Dev asks can I do darshan of Milapni Mata? He prays to Mata to show her the right way. Vidhi says I…Arjun waits anxiously. Dev says it is wrong to hide feelings from Vidhi and asks Goddess to give him sign. Arjun asks you love….? Vidhi says I love Dev Sir. Golden hears sitting there. Arjun is shocked and teary eyes. He leaves her hand. Dev touches Milapni Devi’s idol and she showers lily on his hand. Dev smiles and takes the lily. He says thank you, I will tell my feelings to Vidhi surely.Vidhi is smiling and doesn’t notice tears in his eyes. She laughs and asks how I can tell this? She asks him to say. Arjun gets up and asks if love can ever be wrong. Vidhi asks what is it, seeing tears in his eyes, asks if he is upset. He laughs and says Arjun can never be upset. Arjun asks her not to doubt her love and says I am really proud ofv you. Vidhi smiles and holds his hand and thanks him.

She says you are my best friend, I am happy to share this thing with you. She says it is very difficult to tell dev sir and says how he will react? She then asks him to tell his story? Arjun says I forgot my story, there was nothing. Vidhi pays the bill and says lets go. Arjun says I will go to washroom and come, and asks her to wait. He is going to washroom when he sees Golden. He thinks she is gossip queen. Golden says hi. Arjun says you heard us, but shall not tell anyone about it, if you regard me as your friend, then this thing shall be between us and gives swear of their friendship. Golden promises him. She thinks I can do anything for you, as I love you. Arjun comes out and sees Vidhi. He thinks if you had loved me, then the matter would be different. He says no problem, you shall be happy with him, this is all I want. Vidhi asks him to come. Arjun says lets go.

Vidhi tells Arjun that she is feeling good and light, by sharing this thing with him. Arjun asks Vidhi to share her feelings with dev, else waiting is too late. Vidhi recalls Amba’s words. Arjun asks her to say. Vidhi says if he get angry? She says there are many limitations, age, status etc. Arjun says there is one qualification needed, the opposite person shall have same feelings like you. Vidhi says I shared with you as I know that you will never give me wrong advice.

Golden returning home. Urmila asks where did she go? Golden thinks she has to lie for handsome hunk and makes an excuse. Vidhi tells Arjun that she shared this thing with him, as she trusts him fully and knows that he will never give her wrong suggestion. Arjun says we shall give the food first. Dev asks Hariprasad if they had given notice before coming here for demolishing. Hariprasad says he didn’t get any notice. He says it is good that Arjun brought stay order fast. Arjun says he had gone to Amba’s house to take her signs on some papers, when he talked to her. He says she had some contract with govt official who helped to get the stay order.
Dev thinks what is Amba’s role here. Kanika asks Amba why they are celebrating. Amba syas your son has done a big work. Kanika says Arjun is very helpful and Vidhi is his good friend. Amba says they can be more than good friends if wants, they look cute together, didn’t you see poster. Kanika says even I want this, but they shall be compatible with each other. Amba says you shall hurry up else her family might get her married to someone else. Kanika says they are not in a hurry and gave me hint that they are thinking about Arjun. Amba gets happy.

Dev have food with everyone and tells that he will leave. Bimla asks him to have kheer. Dev says some other time. Arjun asks Vidhi to tell Dev soon, and goes. Bimla asks how was coffee? Vidhi says good. Bimla tells that Dev had prayed to Milapni mata, it seems she has made jodi for him.

Vidhi comes to office and gives prasad to Dev. Dev thinks shall I tell her about my feelings. He asks her to sit and asks what she was telling yesterday. He says yes, you had rushed to save your home, you would have told me, though Arjun has handled everything.Vidhi says I am sorry Sir. Dev tells that he was thinking that she shall get loan from office for repairing the house. He says if you don’t take loan then they will trouble you again and again. Vidhi thinks to tell him about her feelings. She says Sir, I love you. Dev gets up and says how can you say this. He says I am really disappointed and don’t hope this from you. It is her imagination. Dev asks what happened, what she was telling? Abhimanyu comes there and asks if he disturbed their conversation. They say no. Dev says he was asking Vidhi to take loan from office, it will be deducted from her salary. Vidhi says how can I take, it is not needed. Abhimanyu asks her to better take loan.

Vidhi thanks Dev and tells that she is the first girl to work, and her Papa doesn’t use her salary. She says my Papa is having self esteem and he will not take my help. He says I want to help him, but not by hurting his self respect. Dev says I respect that and says sorry, for pressurizing her. Abhimanyu tells Vidhi that she has shaken up the mountain and folds his hand. Dev says I am not stubborn and get convinced if understood properly. He asks Abhi, why he came. Abhimanyu tells that tomorrow he is going to Ujjain so need to discuss the trip details. Vidhi goes out. Chitra comes to office and hugs Abhi. Chitra says sh don’t want car. Abhimanyu says your wish to get Amba and Dev married can be fulfilled. He says he has a plan and goes to Vidhi. Vidhi asks what? Abhimanyu asks her to convince Dev for small thing. Vidhi asks how can I do this? Abhimanyu says you said that day. Vidhi says I said just like that. He asks if she will convince Dev for his betterment. Vidhi says I can try. Abhimanyu says you have to convince Dev to marry Amba. Vidhi is shocked and says how I can do this. Abhimanyu says all our family is waiting, they will have a family and their class, and age matches. He says we have accepted her as our bhabhi, but dev bhai is not listening. He asks her to convince Dev and goes.

Vidhi goes back to her desk and sits. Arjun comes there and says you didn’t go. Vidhi says no. Arjun asks her if she is going on a date tomorrow. He tells her that Abhimanyu said that we both will pretend to be unwell, so Dev will go on Abhi’s place and you will go on my place. He says you both can talk during trip to Ujjain. Vidhi says Dev sir doesn’t like to talk any personal thing. Arjun asks her to gather her courage and say. Vidhi says if he rejects me.

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