Imlie Starlife update Sunday 19 May 2024

Imlie 19 May 2024: Navya stops Avinash and Shivani’s engagement. Annapurna asks what happened. Navya shows Shivani’s intimate pic with her ex-boyfriend and asks what what is all this. Shivani stumbles seeing that. Navya takes Vishwa and Avinash to leave this place.

Annapurna pleads her to punish Shivani for her mistake, but not break alliance. Navya gets adamant. Annapurna pleads her with folded hands. Imlie stops her and says she need not plead as Shivani didn’t do anything wrong. She tells Navya that she forgot that she is also a daughter and a woman and gives a long speech on how Shivani has got good sanskars and will keep her family happy.

Navya questions Govind and Rajni’s upbringing. Imlie says Shivani told Avinish was having 4 girlfriends in college, and in that sense, Navya should question her own upbringing. Navya angrily tries to slap her. Agastya and Vishwa hold her hand. Navya frees her hand and walks away telling her sons that she will wait for them in their car.

Vishwa walks behind Navya and tries to stop her. Navya says they can’t be linked with such a characterless family.

Vishwa says she is diverting away from her mission for which they worked hard to reach till here, she should focus on her goal. He says she didn’t have problem with Avinash having girlfriends and is having problems with Shivani having a boyfriend, she should change her old thinking and let this wedding happen to complete their goal. Annapurna tongue lashes Imlie for interfering and angering Navya while she was trying to convince Navya. Imlie says she can’t see Annapurna pleading without her mistake. Annapurna continues to humiliate Imlie. Agastya supports Imlie.

Navya returns and apologizes Annapurna for her wrong thinking and requests her to let the engagement complete. Shivani apologizes Navya. Her and Avinash’s engagement ritual completes. She then thanks Imlie for supporting her when everyone went against her and praises Agastya for marrying Imlie. Govind sings Ay Meri Zohra Jabeen.. song for Rajni. Rajni feels shy. All youngsters dance around her. Jugnu calls Chandu. Chandu gains consciousness and gets out of ground, recalling a mysterious man trying to kill and bury him underground. He walks towards home and knocks the door. Jugnu hears the knock and opens the door. Mysterious man drags Chandu away by then.

Agastya starts humiliating Imlie again and tongue lashes her for all the deeds she did including taking money to return home. Daadi hears that and questions Imlie.

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