Category: Starlife Written Update


Kulfi the singing star update Monday 18 November 2019

  Kulfi goes to sikanders room and starts looking for him, she finds nimrats hanky gifted to Sikander and recognises it , Kulfi sees Chandan has polished his shoes with that hanky and says...


Kulfi the singing star update Friday 15 November 2019

Sikandar make faces and stares at himself in mirror, Lovely sees him and finds it weird, and remembers kulfi say don’t you find him strange. Sikander says lovely I know you are behind me,...


Kulfi the singing star update Tuesday 12 November 2019

  Kulfi says I’m tried fighting alone,amyra please take back your promise, amyra says okay, Kulfi says for first time I will see my father as his daughter he will know I’m his daughter,...