Timeless love update Friday 4 August 2023

Timeless love 4 August 2023: The Episode starts with Dev asking Vidhi to come to his cabin. Vidhi thanks Milapni Devi for the chance and asks her to bless her so that she can tell Dev sir about her feelings. Arjun comes there and asks Vidhi to come to have coffee with him. Vidhi says she has some work now and goes to Dev’s cabin. Dev recalls Yogesh’s words and says I want to talk something important with you. Vidhi takes the notepad to write. Dev says not this, and says I want to tell you about friendship. He says we shall do the friendship carefully and says guys don’t respect the girls and they just want to go to drink coffee with girls. Vidhi says I have just one friend Arjun and he asked me to have coffee with him. Dev asks her not to go out with Arjun and asks her to refuse. Vidhi says I don’t understand.

Dev says a big distraction happens and asks her to think. Vidhi says ok. She says when you talked something personal, shall I say something. He asks her to say. Vidhi takes heavy breaths and tells that she wants to do confession, so for confidence….She says she wants to tell him that…She gets a call and rejects it. She gets call again. Dev asks her to pick the call. Vidhi says call is not important and says I was telling. Dev asks her to pick the call, may be it is something important. Vidhi goes to talk to Bimla. She picks the call. Bimla asks her to come home as some govt officers come to house with the notice. She says I asked your Papa to come. Vidhi says I will come there. She thinks to talk to Dev, and then stops thinking about Hariprasad’s words that he has the right to save the house’s respect. She thinks Papa doesn’t want us to depend on Dev Sir for every problem and leaves from the office. Anaya tries to talk to her and asks Arjun where did she go? Arjun says her stuff is on the table. She asks Golden. Golden nods no.

The officers take the photos of the house and says they shall seal the place and put danger sign board. Bimla asks them to listen. The officer asks his men to take out all the stuff out. Urmila and her husband come there. Urmila says this is ancestral house, we are half owners. Hariprasad comes there. The officer asks him to back off and says if you stay here, then many people will die with you. He asks them to vacate the house. Bimla cries. Dev waits for Vidhi and comes out. He asks Anaya where is she? Anaya says she went in a hurry. Dev says she had got a call from home. Arjun and Dev think that they are in problem. Arjun says I will go and see. Dev stops him and says you searches for excuses to go out.

He says if there is some problem then Vidhi will call me. The officer and his men break the things in the house. Vidhi reaches there and gets angry. She asks who is incharge, I want to talk to him. Incharge officer asks what she wants to say.Vidhi says this is our heritage property, our memories are related to it. She asks how can you do this, a family stay here, and asks did you send notice here, then how can you enter here and break the things in our house. She says we have Milapni Devi temple at home since many years, how can you destroy the things. The officer shows her legal orders and asks his men to seal the house. Vidhi reads it and says notice is notice, when it is given before hand. He says if you have sent it before then we would have got stay order.

The officer says if she tries to create hurdles, then will be arrested. He asks them to vacate the haveli fast and they will demolish it. He asks his men to make arrangements to demolish it. he asks them to start breaking the house from outside. He says we have to shift the idol to some other place, we can’t risk people’s lives. All the neighboring ladies look on shocked.The men is about to take the idol. Vidhi says nobody shall move the idol. They ask her to move. Vidhi asks them to kill her before touching Milapni Devi temple. The officer asks the men to take the idol. Hariprasad, Bimla, Urmila, her husband and others stand making a line to protect the idol. Hariprasad asks them to go. Bimla says Milapni Mata ji Jai.

The officer tells that they are saying for their betterment, the building is old. Hariprasad says it is 250 years old temple. The officer argues. Vidhi says this is our house, it needs repair, but not like you are saying. She says we are taking care of Milapni Mata since 6 generations. The officer gives them 8 hours time to vacate the house and goes with his men. Hariprasad and Bimla hug Vidhi.

Dev telling that nobody shall go out of office to have coffee during office hours, as unlimited coffee is available in the office itself. He says this is the rule. Rishabh says what is this rule? Anaya says I don’t understand this logic. Arjun gets thinking. Dev hopes everything is fine in Vidhi’s house and thinks to call her, then keeps back his phone. Vidhi prays to Milapni Maa and says we are worshipping you since many years, and has grown up in your shelter. She says if you get upset with us, then we can’t set home again without you. She asks Milapni Devi to show them some way. Urmila’s husband tells that they shall take them to their house. Urmila refuses and tells her husband that they shall ask for their shares. The ladies come to Bimla and try to pacify her. Bimla says where to go. The lady asks her to talk to Dev. Bimla says Hariprasad will not agree. Hariprasad checks the house papers and asks which papers are useful. Kalumal says he will talk to Dixit. Hariprasad prays to God. Arjun is in Amba’s house. Amba thanks him for coming there. She says last formality is over, I don’t have any relation with Raichand group. She asks him to be unbaised and say truly. Arjun says I like it personally, but professionally Dev was right. Amba asks him to stay for coffee.

She asks if anything has happened. She says I can do anything for Vidhi and you. Arjun says Golden called and said that they got notice to vacate the house. Amba says demolish. She says I can help and asks him to meet Ramakant. Arjun thanks her. Amba says even I am Milapni Devi’s Bhakt. Arjun goes. Amba thinks Vidhi is lucky to get lovers. She says you will not get Dev and you don’t deserve my sympathy, I am giving you exchange offer to get rid of you. Dev confesses to himself that he feels for Vidhi. He reminisces their Khao gali meet. He says you are really good, I didn’t see such simple and easy girl in my girl, you brings myself closer to you. He thinks if I shall tell my feelings to Vidhi. He thinks I never loved Amba and can’t marry her for Chitra.

Amba calls Ramakant and asks him to give stay order to them, but not easily. She asks him to show attitude first. Dev thinks if I tell my feelings to her, but what about the age gap. He says she will be 60, when he turns 80. He thinks if society will accept, thinks age is the problem. She thinks Arjun is right for her, as he is of same age, same generation and will not have compatibility issues. He thinks Vidhi will be well accepted by Kanika’s family. He thinks Milapni Devi can show me the right way. Hariprasad and others are standing in the temple. Vidhi says we will see how they touch the temple. They hear the sound of bulldozer and come out to see it. Hariprasad asks the officer to stop it. The officer says we told already that we will be strict. He asks them to vacate the house. Vidhi asks him to stop the bulldozer. Hariprasad says you have to kill us first. The officer says we got order that we have to break it today itself. They begin the demolishing process. Vidhi and others pray to Milapni Devi. The officer asks the guy to break the wall first.

The bulldozer stops just before it could break the wall. Arjun comes there with Amba and says you can’t touch it. He shows the stay order and says you can’t touch this heritage property. He says you can repair it if you want, and tells that threatening the residents are illegal. Hariprasad asks if our house will not break. Amba assures him. Everyone gets happy and says Milapni Mata ki Jai. Amba goes inside with Vidhi’s family. Hariprasad and others thank Milapni Devi. He thanks Amba. Amba says Arjun has done this, I gave him a small contact, Arjun went and convinced that person. Vidhi thanks Arjun. She says statue and thanks him. Amba praises Arjun and tells that only a son does this, or …Bimla asks what? Arjun holds Vidhi’s hand and asks her not to thank him. Hariprasad and Bimla look at Vidhi and Arjun.

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