My desire update Sunday 19 May 2024

My desire 19 may 2024: Arjun kisses on Kashvi’s forehead and hugs her. He gets a call and goes. Kashvi thinks Arjun was so close to me, and thinks when I made cup cakes for him, he said that she shall not have such feelings for him.

She thinks may be he cares for her, but don’t love her. She thinks it is so confusing, and thinks to say bye to Mahima and then leave. She tells Arjun that she is going to office. Arjun tries to stop her, but Kashvi leaves. Kashvi tells Mahima that she is going out to office and asks her to call her if she feels uneasy.

Mahima says she is feeling better now and asks her to go. She hugs her. Kashvi goes. Mahima gets blackmailer’s message asking her to meet her in the same house where she had gone yesterday. Mahima thinks who is the blackmailer and it means that he/she knows about whatever happened yesterday. She replies she is coming and comes to that house. A masked person comes there wearing black jacket with a hoodie. Mahima asks the person to show her/his face.

Nitya is the blackmailer and tells that she has heard her plan yesterday. She says Mohit and you are fooling us with this rape drama. Mahima asks why you didn’t tell anything yesterday. Nitya says I acted like you used to act as Kashvi would come at anytime. She asks her to tell the truth now, and don’t forget that she can expose her and knows her big secret now. Mahima says you always ask me what is my plan to woo Arjun? She says this was my plan, I was never going to marry Mohit, it was decided always that Mohit will attempt fake rape on me, so that Arjun comes and save me. She says I wanted to do this to this extent as I want to attract Arjun.

She says Arjun loves Kashvi so much and was not looking at me. She says my plans were failing and dadi was after me to marry, so I thought to brought someone who wins their hearts and then breaks it. She says Mohit tried to rape me, but Arjun came to save me. She says now Arjun and Kashvi’s marriage will break now. She says I have thought to act to be helpless girl rather than boldly flirting with him. She says everything is happening as I want. Nitya says that is fine, but you opted for rape drama to get what you want. She says do you even know that Rape is sensitive and dangerous crime. She says the rape victims take years to come out of Rape trauma, and tells Mahima that because of girls like her, the justice is not given to actual rape victims. She says if Police comes to know about this, then you will get arrested and Arjun will not forgive you. She says you shouldn’t have done this.

Mahima says what is the big deal, if I use rape matter to get Arjun. She tells that we shall shake hands with each other and shall make Kashvi move from our way. Nitya says I can move Kashvi go away from my way myself, why to shake hands with you. Mahima says I know your secret, you have killed Dada ji and you know my secret. She says you shall shake hands with me. Nitya shakes hand with her and tells Mahima that Arjun loves Kashvi still. Mahima tells that that’s why she needs her help and tells that she has wooed many boys since her childhood, but her charm is not working on Arjun due to Kashvi. Mahima asks Nitya to keep kashvi busy so that she don’t have time for Arjun. Nitya asks how you will spend time with Arjun as he has many work and is busy with the project. Mahima says she has a plan and shares with her. She then shakes hand with her.

Arjun comes home and is angry, telling that Manager left the job just as the project is going to start. Jagdish asks why? Arjun says on personal grounds. Jagdish asks him to relax and says he will drop message in his groups that you need a manager. Arjun says you are the best and hugs him. Jagdish says you are the best.

Later everyone is having food. Kashvi tells that Renu messaged and invited them for the party. Arjun says they will go and asks her to agree. Kashvi says she has already said yes. He says if I had not agreed then? Kashvi says then I would have convinced you. She tells Nitya that they will be going for dinner tomorrow. Nitya says they have heard.

Arjun takes the interview for Manager’s post. Mahima comes there and says she has come to give interview. She recalls Nitya listening to Jagdish and thinks Manager left the job, as I got her another better job for her/him. fb ends. Arjun tells Mahima that she has done fashion designing course and says we want manager for biogas project. Mahima tells that she had done Management course in Mumbai and has worked and handled many projects of R N J company. A fb is shown, Mahima comes to Nitya and asks if she got the fake papers ready. Nitya gives her papers. Mahima checks and asks if Arjun found that it is fake. Nitya says I have source there, if Arjun calls to confirm then that guy will lie that you have worked there. She says this plan is full proof, you have to be smart. Mahima says I am already smart, just see what I will do. Fb ends. She aims her eyes on him.

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