Radha Mohan update Saturday 5 August 2023

Radha Mohan 5 August 2023: Tulsi mentions Mohan would be really angry with her after this marriage, Radha replies she knows his anger but Tulsi explains she has not witnessed it, he tends to become a different person during that time, he will not let her eat, drink or even sleep and if she tries to leave the house he will stop her, Tulsi informs he will not enjoy himself so Radha will have to stand by his side. Tulsi explains Sita miai had to give a test once but she is going to have to suffer a lot of times, and support Mohan because if in his anger is the fire of the sun then his love has the affection of the moon, Gungun is his love so he is going to do anything but never let her suffer any harm, Tulsi assures that if Radha does this all then must rest assured Mohan would also love her in the future. Tulsi asks Radha if she is ready to do this all and marry Mohan, inquiring is she ready for the frustration of Mohan. Radha replies for the sake of happiness of Gungun and Mohan, she can even bear his anger, so she is ready to marry Mohan. Tulsi gets excited and hugs Radha, mentioning Radha has given her immense happiness, Radha once again asks what they are going to do, Tulsi replies she would have to do it.

Rameshwar comes back to Dadi mentioning that he was not able to find Radha anywhere, Dadi replies that what she worried has already happened, she knows that Radha went back to the Trivedi Mansion.Radha calls Ketki requesting her if she can send her the photos which she took when she was marrying Mohan, Radha mentions it is not alright since Gungun would be searching for her phone, however Tulsi makes her call Kadambari, Radha requests her to once again let her come back to the house since she cannot live with them, Kadambari angrily explains they are getting Mohan and Damini married so she should not come back, Tulsi asks if she recorded the call when Radha hesitantly replies she indeed recorded her. Radha then calls Damini, who gets worried seeing her call when Kaveri advises her to be careful since she might not have met Tulsi, Radha requests Damini to not ruin her life as she has already performed the rituals with Mohan, Damini angrily explains she is the only one who should be with Mohan and has done a lot for him but every time Radha managed to end her desires, however she is the only one suitable to marry Mohan. Radha is glad after the call ends and rejoices with Tulsi, who informs now for the difficult part. Radha dials the contact of Mohan, but he ends the call, and he answers it the second time questioning why is she calling him when he doesn’t want to talk with her, Radha replies she cannot understand why he broke their relation because she just wanted to take care of him the rest of his life, Mohan replies she has done a lot for him but should let it go as he is about to get married with Damini, Radha exclaims he should only have her in his heart and not Damini, Mohan angrily replies it is enough as he does not have any relation with her. Tulsi mentions there is only one way to save Mohan from Damini, she mentions now it is the second part of their plan.

Damini staring at the protection shield exclaims Tulsi would surely try her best to bring Radha bck to the Trivedi Mansion, but she is not going let it happen this time. Kaveri exclaims this is only going to stop Tulsi but what about Radha, Damini demands her mobile, she calls some men explaining she has sent a photo of a girl so he should not let the girl come near the Trivedi Mansion, she even instructs him to light a fire if there is anything strange going on. Damini vows to give them three times the promised amount only if they succeed in the plan but if Radha comes then she is going to have them killed.

Gungun praying in the Mandir exclaims how they say that if all the doors are closed then he opens a one for them so she is praying that he must make Radha her mother.Tulsi shows Radha the dress from her wedding explaining Mohan buried it in the ground, but she explains she has taken it out so is now the Tulsi of Mohan is going to give it to Radha.

Ketki is helping Mohan get ready for his marriage while Tulsi in the forest is helping Radha get ready, she even applies the Mehndi on her hands and helps her wear the jewelry, Radha is smiling witnessing it, she is not able to control her emotions. Tulsi manages to get her ready for the marriage explaining now the mother of Gungun and Bride of Mohan is ready, she mentions now the new life will start with Mohan.

Mohan sitting in front of the dressing table, stares at the place where there was the photo off Tulsi, he exclaims that he had the relation of love with her but when she died it turned into anger so today, he is going to end all the relation, Mohan exclaims it is really strange as he has to leave all the relations behind in order to form a new one with Damini. Mohan stops Ajeet who suggests he would make him wear the Pagri, Mohan replies certain things have the name written on them so if the person is not present then there is no point in doing them. Radha also stops Tulsi mentioning Bihari jee already sent the Chuniri to her, she is only going to wear the one which has the name of Mohan written on it. Damini also after getting ready explains that she will just be married to Mohan.

Radha sitting with Tulsi explains she has a very big heart because she allowed her to marry Mohan and become the mother of Gungun, Tulsi replies she has herself made the relation with both Mohan and Gungun, so she is going to make her own relation with them. Radha explains that now that she has made so many new relations, she will also form a one with her which is of an elder sister, Radha explains she never had a biological sister, Tulsi replies but she does not have anything to give her, Radha replies she has already given her the entire family. Tulsi explains from today Radha is Arjun while she would be her Sarthi, from today she will always stand beside Radha, they both hug each other.

Tulsi mentions from today Radha is Arjun while she would be her Sarthi, after today she is always going to stand by Radha. Radha immediately hugs Tulsi.Damini explains after she starts her new life, she will surely throw all of her enemies out of this house and the first one would be Gungun while then Ketki because she tends to stand beside Radha because once she is on the roads, then how would she do anything, Damini is also furious with Ajeet blaming him for not having the mind to run a stall, Kaveri asks what about Kadambari, Damini angrily explains that she has been working by her to only marry Mohan so once she gets married, she would send her to the old age home, Kaveri prays that the plan of Damini succeed but she is worried if Tulsi and Radha ruin her plan.

Damini gets a call from her men who inform her that they have found Radha, Damini orders them to kill her.Tulsi asks Radha to hurry when the men of Damini come out of the bushes, Tulsi assures Radha that nothing wrong would happen to her as she is going to be by her side, they are shocked hen Tulsi starts beating them, he remembers that Damini advised him to light a fire if anything suspicious happens to them, he mentions this is not such a simple task because they are getting paid a lot of money, he mentions he knows what to do so lights a fire. Tulsi falls from the fire, seeing which Radha is stunned.

Mohan is walking with Kadambari while Kaveri is bringing Damini towards the Mandap, the drum beaters are playing the music, Mohan smiles seeing Damini, however Ketki and Gungun are furious, Mohan once again looks at the door, thinking he himself threw her out but is looking for her to return, Mohan thinks when Radha accepted that she loves Mohan with her heart and soul, he is not able to think of anyone else.

Radha is worried seeing Tulsi, who explains Damini has informed them about her weakness but she explains she is also not going to back out, she manages to throw them away but one of their partner comes with a wooden stick which is on fire, Tulsi once again manages to hit him with a rock before pushing him away, however they all bring wooden sticks lit with fire, Tulsi is in tremendous pain, she warns Radha to run away revealing she ahs to cover the rest of the distance by herself, Tulsi meanwhile manages to keep the goons at bay.
Kadambari stops the drum beaters asking if they should start the rituals, Kaveri agrees but as they are about to walk to the Mandap, Gungun once again requests him to not go ahead with this marriage, Mohan requests her to not ask of something which he cannot give her, Kadambari assures she is with Gungun so he should go to the Mandap.

Tulsi is trying her best to stop the goons, she doesn’t even let them stand.Pandit jee asks both Mohan and Damini to stand for the Varmala, Damini and Mohan both take it, Mohan does not even look at Damini, she asks if he still has any doubt, Mohan after hesitating explains there is no doubt. Gungun meanwhile is holding the photo of Tulsi and Radha.

Mohan is about to make Damini wear the Varmala, when they hear Dadi calling Radha’s name, Rameshwar and Dadi both enter the house, Mohan asks what are they doing here, Dadi apologizes for coming here but asks where is Radha, Damini questions why are they asking such a stupid question as she went with them, Rameshwar explains the tire of the auto got punctured on the way, and they were not able to find Radha after that, Mohan inquiries if they searched when Rameshwar explains they searched everywhere but were not able to find her, he replies he thought that she came back here.

Gungun requests Mohan to come as they have to search for her, Kaveri stops them mentioning Mohan is getting married and they cannot leave from here like this, Gungun explains Radha is in trouble so they have to find her, Damini questions if he is going to leave her like this once again, she explains Radha is fine and she even called her some time ago, Kadambari replies even she called her, Damini says Radha tried to come back to this house btu when her plan failed, she sent her family with a new plan. Damini blames them for making this plan, Kaveri agrees with her however Mohan questions what she is talking about, he insists on going to search for her but Damini threatens if he takes even a step from the Mandir, she is going to give her life in this Hawan kun. Mohan questions if she has lost her mind, Damini replies she cannot live like this unwedded wife, Kadambari mentions it is necessary otherwise they would lose Gungun, Damini replies he would even lose her. Kadambari mentions Mohan it is time for the rituals, she agrees with Damini informing Radha is fine otherwise how would have she called them, she mentions it is time to start the rituals of the wedding. Mohan hesitantly turns back, Kadambari asks Pandit jee to start the Mantar, while she instructs Mohan to perform the ritual of Varmala.

Rameshwar and Dadi turn to leave but Mr Trivedi stops them explaining he knows Radha is not so unreliable to leave them like this and they should wait for some time, she will surely come back here. Mohan while performing the ritual wonders where Radha is.

Radha is running on the road while the men of Damini are following her in the jeep, Radha hits her head against the stone and falls unconscious, when they plan to check her but fear the ghost, they exclaim it was their duty to keep her away from the Trivedi Mansion, they leave Radha on the side of the road. Tulsi immediately requests Radha to wake up, she even wipes of the injury. Tulsi thinks she has to take Radha back home quickly but how would she do it, Tulsi hears the voice of a horse.

Pandit jee asks both Mohan and Damini to take their position on the mandap, he starts the ritual when Rameshwar and Dadi turn to leave once again but Mr Trivedi stops them once again.Tulsi places Radha in the cart mentioning she promised she would always remain by her side in this war. Pandit jee is performing the ritual when Gungun wonders where Radha is, Mohan also prays that Radha should remain safe wherever she is.

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