Faltu Starlife update Monday 20 May 2024

Faltu 20 May 2024: The Episode starts with Faltu playing well. Ayaan comes and hugs her. He says you have become Anmol now, you can go to your village and tell them that you have got successful. She imagines Ayaan. Ayaan is captive.

He says I hope you performed well in the match today, if Neil did this, then I have to stop him. Reporters stop Faltu and asks her where is Ayaan, did their relation end. They ask Neil how is he feeling, his would be wife has made the country proud. He says I m proud of her, I m happy that her dream got fulfilled, she will play well in every match. She thinks he knows I love Ayaan, why is he saying this to media.

The reporter asks who will you dedicate this trophy, Ayaan or Neil. Faltu says Ayaan, he taught me everything. Neil sends the media. She asks why did you do this drama. He says our plan

will get exposed, we will go home and talk. She says I will go to Ayaan and show this trophy. She goes. Neil gets a call. The man says Ayaan has gone out on a trip, I learnt he will come back on Sunday. Neil says it means he will come after our marriage. Everyone sees Faltu’s interview. Kinshuk says Faltu gave the credit to Ayaan, Neil is also standing there, I don’t think she loves Neil. Savita says she is fooling us. He says we have to end their misunderstanding.

Amar comes and calls them to come out. They rush and see Faltu’s trophy. Faltu hides. Janardhan asks her to come out. Govind reads Faltu’s thank you letter for Ayaan. Savita says she is acting great. Janardhan says stop it Savita. She says send the trophy back, Ayaan doesn’t need it. Tanu says its good Ayaan isn’t here, he would have got angry. Janardhan says this trophy and letter will go to Ayaan. Faltu says where is Ayaan, is he at home or not. Ayaan says I don’t want food, show me the match score once, Faltu’s score. The goon shows the video. Ayaan sees the video and cries hearing Faltu’s words. He says Faltu thanked me, it means she has forgiven me, she might still love me, I have to stop Faltu and Neil’s marriage, I have to fond some way to leave from here. He tries to bribe the goons. The goons refuse and leave.

Ayaan says if Neil did this, then I have to stop Faltu and Neil’s marriage. He tries to get free.

Neil comes home and sees the decorations. Kaka says Faltu played well, Dada ji is so happy and asked me to do her aarti, why aren’t you happy, what happened. Faltu comes. Kaka says Dada ji’s friend isn’t well, he went to see him, he asked me to do your aarti, you got the best player award. Neil asks where is your trophy, did you give it to Ayaan. She says I left it at home, but Ayaan wasn’t there. He thinks how to tell her that Ayaan went somewhere and won’t come in our marriage. Kaka does her aarti. She goes to her room. Neil thinks am I being selfish and coming between two lovers. Faltu cries. Neil asks why are you crying. She says I m worried for Ayaan, the day was imp for us, it means he won’t come in marriage, I love Ayaan, you know what love means, I can’t love anyone else. He says don’t cry, I will get Ayaan for you. He goes. Faltu gets a call.

Charan says congrats, you have done it. She thanks him. He says the villagers have watched your match, everyone is happy. They have a talk. She thinks to go to office and meet Ayaan. Ayaan says someone can hurt Faltu. Tanu looks on and hides. He shouts for help. She says just 2 days, you will get free forever after the marriage. The goon asks her not to worry.

He says Ayaan thinks Neil has done this. She threatens him. The goon calls her mad. Faltu calls home and says Amar ji, answer the call, and tell me about Ayaan.

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