Faltu Starlife update Sunday 19 May 2024

Faltu 19 may 2024: The Episode starts with Neil coming to Faltu and showing the jewellery. Faltu lies to Charan about Neil’s friend’s marriage. Charan says okay, focus on cricket and make me proud, I will tell the villagers about your game. She says I will come to meet everyone. She ends call.

Neil says sorry, I didn’t know you are talking to your dad. He asks her to check jewellery. He leaves. Tanu says Ayaan, you will like the trip. She holds his hand. Ayaan makes her hand away. Janardhan asks why is Ayaan’s driver driving so slow, I will call him. Savita says don’t rush, I asked Tanu to chill if she wants to.

Ayaan asks driver to drive faster. Tanu says no, I m not feeling well. He says we will take medicines. She says I have taken medicines. Driver stops the car and says I will check, tyre got punctured.

Ayaan says you are so careless, I will call dad. Tanu says they will worry. She asks driver to go and call the mechanic. Faltu thanks Lord for getting cricket back in her life. She says I couldn’t thank Ayaan, make everything fine between us. The diya is blown off. She says it’s a bad omen, what’s this hint, I m already worried for Ayaan. Tanu says I will stand outside for some time.

Ayaan and Tanu get down the car. She signs the goons. The goons kidnap Ayaan. Faltu lights the diya again and prays for Ayaan. Janardhan says I can’t see their car, I will call them. Driver comes and says there is no mechanic around. Tanu says fine, I will tell Ayaan. She smiles seeing Ayaan missing. She acts and asks where did Ayaan go. He says I don’t know. Janardhan calls her and asks where are you. He says our car tyre got punctured, Ayaan is missing. Janardhan asks what. He asks Govind to take a u-turn. Tanu says Ayaan won’t come to stop Faltu’s marriage. Everyone comes and asks about Ayaan.

Tanu says he is nowhere, his phone is off. She acts. Govind says Ayaan is nowhere, how can he disappear. Janardhan asks did he go to Faltu. Tanu says I will call her and ask her to inform us if he comes there, we should wait or later inform the police. She gets Ayaan’s message. She reads it for them… I will come back when I feel better. Tanu says its good he is safe, I will inform him that we are going home. She replies. The goon smiles seeing Ayaan.

Tanu says we should go home, driver will get the car. Ayaan calls out for help and asks who has tied me here. The goons come. Ayaan asks who are you, why did you do this. The goon says stay here for a few days, we will leave you safely, don’t do anything. Ayaan says Faltu and Neil’s marriage is on Saturday, did Neil do this to make me away from the marriage. Faltu sees the news. She asks Kaka to keep prasad in fridge, she will give it to Ayaan. Neil comes and says you think he will come. She says yes, I will give him the prasad. He says I will come to drop you to the stadium and make him jealous, just relax, your dreams will get fulfilled. He goes. Faltu thinks of Ayaan. She says you will come tomorrow, right. Ayaan thinks of her. He says it’s the biggest moment of your life, I won’t be there with you. Tanu asks goons to take care of Ayaan well. She keeps the phone in the cupboard.

Janardhan says its Faltu’s national match today, Ayaan will come there, we should also go there. Tanu says no, he has messaged that he won’t go. Janardhan reads the message and says its strange, its not his tone. She says we should support him in moving on. Kinshuk and Govind say we should go there and support Faltu. Savita and Tanu get against. Faltu comes to play the match. She looks for Ayaan. She thinks to meet him after the match. She plays well and hits a century. She says its for Ayaan.

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