Aparajita zeeworld update Sunday 6 August 2023

Aparajita 6 August 2023: Ritika is scared and says how will I face that monster? Aparajita says he should be scared, you will be scared of a man till you want you, you have to become strong and face him like Durga. Its time to expose him and make him accept his crimes.Veer brings his baraat to marry Chhavi. Dadi says he is here early? Mohini thinks he wants to marry Chhavi before Aparajita can do anything.

Aparajita tells Ritika that Veer is here, are you ready? don’t worry and just sit in Chhavi’s place. I won’t let anything happen to you. He will be exposed. Ritika says I am scared. Aparajita says you are a brave girl and I am with you. Aparajita calls Disha and says Veer has already arrived?

Veer dances with his family, Akshay and Mohini welcome them. Mohini tries to do his aarti but Akshay says only bride’s mother should do it. He calls Aparajita and gives her the plate. Aparajita does Veer’s aarti and glares at him. He smirks and thinks she is helpless in front of me. Aparajita gives the plate to Mohini who is angry, she tries to leave but Veer asks her to bless him at least. He makes her put her hand on his head. Aparajita says may God protect you. Veer tries to go inside but Aparajita says we have a ritual to pull the groom’s nose. She pulls his nose and says lets go inside. She smirks at him. All leave. Akshay says you pulled his nose with good force.. that Ritika is ready right? she says Ritika is scared but I have calmed her down. Akshay says Chhavi will be here soon. Aparajita says I will make sure this guy is exposed today.

Aparajita tells Dadi that everything will be find today. Mohini goes to Veer and says she is very calm so she must have a plan today. Veer says she has lost so many times to me that she must have accepted her defeat. Dadi tells Aparajita that you are very brave.. what if Veer tries to hurt Chhavi? Aparajita gets worried. She calls out to Akshay. They both go to talk. Mohini tries to go behind them. Asha sees that.

Scene 2
Aparajita talks to Akshay and says Veer is a crazy man, he might try to hurt Chhavi. Akshay says don’t worry, I will control him and I have already prepared the police. I have called police officers as waiters.. as soon as he accepts his crime then he will be arrested. We are both together in this. Aparajita sadly smiles and says I don’t like that we are going to hurt Chhavi. Akshay says we have to do it for her betterment. We do mistakes as humans but the question is if we can be forgiven? Aparajita stares at him and says its too late.. I mean lets go. Asha comes there and says Disha took Chhavi to our house. Aparajita says lets go. She goes from there and Mohini follows her.

Niya and Disha bring Chhavi to Aparajita’s house for pooja. Chhavi says this was a good idea. Aparajita comes there and locks the door. Chhavi says what’s going on? Aparajita calls Ritika there. Chhavi says what is going on? Mohini comes there and tries to enter the house but Akshay says what are you doing here? Mohini says I came to see how Chhavi is looking. Akshay says she will come to the wedding soon so lets go. I need your help in mingling with the guests, he takes her from there. Aparajita calls out to Ritika but she is not coming. Chhavi says what is going on? she says I will tell you. Chhavi says what’s going on in your mind? Aparajita says I want Ritika to sit in the mandap with Veer so he will be exposed. Chhavi says what? Aparajita says when you hear Veer accepting his crimes only then you will accept it. She goes to her room but finds Ritika gone from there. All are shocked. She finds her note which says I am sorry but I got scared seeing Veer today.. I can’t go against him as he is very dangerous. I am very sorry. Chhavi says what are you doing? how can you think of making someone else sit in the mandap? I don’t want to hear anything from you. I am going to the mandap. Aparajita stops her and locks her in the room. She says no.. I can’t let you destroy your life. She asks Niya to help her.

Veer is in the mandap and waits for Chhavi. He says where is everyone? Dadi thinks Aparajita is going to take a big step, may God help her. Veer is stressed and asks Mohini where is Chhavi? She says she came back from the parlour and will be here soon, don’t worry. Veer says I will go and bring her. Asha stops him and asks him to sit down, she makes him eat sweets. He spits it and says what is this? its so bitter. Asha laughs. She makes him eat it again. Veer tries to leave but Aparajita and Disha bring a bride there in a veil. Veer smiles and says my bride is here. Mohini smirks. Veer says why are you hiding your beautiful face from me? only I have a right on you. Aparajita glares at him. He is about to take off her veil.

Aparajita tells Veer that he can’t take off Chhavi’s veil as Usha said so. Usha says its bad omen to see her face before the marriage, you can’t take it off now. Veer says if my wife doesn’t mind then I will take it off. He is about to take off her veil but Usha says she is not your wife for now so stop it. Sunil takes him from there. Akshay asks Aparajita if everything is going as per the plan? Mohini comes there and says lets start the ceremony. The priest says this marriage can’t happen, we have to wait for an hour as then the good time will start. Aparajita says I will take the bride away then, she takes Chhavi from there.

Aparajita brings the bride to a room and locks the door. She says dont’ take off your veil.. thank you for doing this for me, I will stay around, she leaves from there.

Asha comes to Veer and stops him from going to Chhavi. He says I am going to the washroom so Asha sends a cousin with him. Disha comes there and tells Akshay that you can’t even control Veer? he was about to leave but you couldn’t even stop me.. Asha and I are prankstars. Akshay says you don’t know but I was a master of pranks in my younger years. Disha says how would I know as you were not with us. Akshay says we do mistakes but now you will see what I can do. He leaves from there. Akshay meets the priest and gives him money, he asks him to do his work. He says the groom is not good so we have to do this.

Veer tells Mohini that once I marry Chhavi then I will not bear this Aparajita. Mohini says this Aparajita is not letting anyone near Chhavi, I will go and talk to the priest. Mohini comes to the priest and says lets talk about the marriage. The priest tells everyone that he checked their kundlis again and I have found out that this marriage can’t happen, he says the guy’s kundli is not good for the girl.. if he marries her then it won’t be good for Chhavi. Mohini asks Veer what if this is Aparajita’s plan? Veer asks the priest to tell them a solution. The priest says there is a solution but I don’t think you can do it. Veer says I will do anything you want. We have one hour so we can do any pooja you want. Akshay says he is a young man so don’t let him do all that. Veer says no.. I will do anything you want. He takes the priest from there. Akshay tells Disha that Aparajita should have been here to see all this. He asks where is Niya? Asha says I don’t know, she must have gone to touch up her makeup.

The priest tells Veer to wash feet of the workers. Veer agrees to do it but Sunil says this is crazy, he won’t do this. Veer says I will. He starts washing their feet and feels disgusted. Akshay asks him to do it with passion as he is doing this for his love. Veer nods and washes their feet. He takes the water and drinks it which he used to wash their feet. Disha records him and laughs. Asha tells Disha that Akshay and Aparajita are a good team. Disha says I can’t forget what he did with us. Asha says but he is doing all this for us. Mohini asks Veer to wash her feet for love too. He washes it and drinks the water. Mohini feels icky for him. The priest says we have to do one last thing. Akshay calls Aparajita there, he says Veer has to wash your feet too. He asks Veer to do it as she is Chhavi’s mother. Veer thinks I will make Chhavi pay for this insult once I marry her. Aparajita asks Veer to wash his mother’s feet and apologize to her if he ever did wrong with her. Usha says he doesn’t need to. Aparajita says why not? he should repent if he has done any sins. Akshay says after all making a mother happy should be our priority. Dadi smiles at him. Veer washes Usha’s feet in anger and thinks I will do anything to get this wedding done. He drinks the water. Akshay tells Aparajita that only 20 minutes are left for the wedding. Aparajita says that’s enough to expose him and then nobody will try to hurt our daughter.


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