My desire update Monday 20 May 2024

My desire 20 may 2024: Arjun tells Mahima that she has surprised him, he can’t think that she is so talented. He says you have handled big projects and asks why did you leave the job? Mahima tells that she wanted to be with her family and that’s why she left the job, and nobody took her seriously here.

She says when she heard about the job, she came here to give interview. She says she wants to earn money herself and don’t want to depend on any guy. Arjun says the work won’t be easy here, you will not sit under AC and has to go on site in any weather. Mahima says I did work there, the same way and asks him to give her a chance. He asks her to call him Arjun and not Sir. Mahima asks for a chance to prove herself. Arjun says he can make her project manager for temporary basis and then he will hire her for permanent basis. He says he is going to site and asks her to come. Mahima thinks you have ended Kashvi and your relation, it is a start.

Nitya tells Chandra that she wants Kashvi to assist her for some project. Chandra says ok. He asks Kashvi to work with Nitya for the project. Kashvi says she will be happy to work with Maam. Nitya asks peon to keep the files and asks Kashvi to make the presentation ready as she has meeting with Ministry tomorrow. Kashvi tells that today ….Nitya says you have dinner planned with friends, but what to do, work is work. Kashvi says I will do the work today itself.

Arjun takes Mahima to project site and says here biogas project will start. Mahima asks when it will be ready. Arjun says it shall be done today, as someone from Ministry will come here to inspect. He asks the workers to have lunch and then dig the land. The workers go from there. Arjun gets Kashvi’s call and picks it. She asks him to go for dinner early as she will be late. Arjun says even he is busy, but will go. She sends him address. Mahima thinks she will not let him go for dinner and thinks when the work is not completed then Arjun can’t go for dinner date. She goes to side and cute the machine wire. Arjun turns to her and says Kashvi called about our dinner. The workers and team come back after lunch. The worker tries to start the work and tells that the machine is not working.

The worker tells that the machine needs to be repaired. Arjun asks someone to bring another machine. The worker says it will take 7-8 hours for the machine to come here. Mahima thinks now Arjun can’t do. She thinks it is time to prove that he has done right to give her job. She starts digging the land and tells Arjun that they shall dig it manually, so that the work completes by tomorrow, even if they have to work all night. Arjun says it is good idea and asks workers to dig the land manually.

He also starts digging the land. Kashvi reaches the dinner and meets her friends. She says sorry for being late and asks if Arjun didn’t come. The friend says no.

Kashvi says I will ask Arjun. Arjun tells that he will go to washroom and come. He goes. Mahima stops working and goes to sit. She sees Kashvi’s call on Arjun’s mobile and rejects the call, and then switches off his phone. She says Arjun will not get her calls and then she will not take him far from me. Kashvi thinks where is he? Mahima keeps back the phone and goes back to work, before Arjun returns. Arjun comes back and starts working. Mahima thinks papads has to be rolled to become rich for free. She thinks to get close to Arjun and gives him tissue to wipe mud from his face. Arjun asks her to wipe it. Mahima acts to hesitate and asks someone to wipe mud from his face. The worker wipes his face. Arjun says you could have done it. Mahima says I don’t want you to think that I am making excuse to get closer to you.

She says she don’t want to come between Kashvi and him, and don’t want to spoil their professional relation. Arjun thinks Mahima is changed for better. Mahima thinks Arjun is thinking that she has changed, and thinks she is going right.

The friends call Kashvi. Kashvi says she was checking Arjun’s message and says he told that he is busy, but he will come. A guy says Arjun and busy, and he taunts Arjun to be feeling insecure and hesitant to come here. He says you are Assistant collector and he is zero. Kashvi tells that Arjun is a hero and has challenged himself and is heading bio gas project. She says he is a real topper and has so much money which we all toppers can’t earn all life. She says when his biogas project will success, he will be very successful.

The friend tells that Arjun lied that he has passed. Kashvi says I told him and that’s why he said that he has passed. The friend asks from where Arjun got the money. Kashvi says his Dada ji had left money for him and Arjun is working on the biogas project. She says she was calling him here unnecessarily and gets up to leave, saying she will not stay where her husband is not respected.

Arjun tells workers that the digging process is done, now they shall keep the pipes. The workers tell that they are damn tired. Mahima says they can’t back off and asks them to do the work.

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