Timeless love update Sunday 6 August 2023

Timeless love 6 August 2023: The Episode starts with Vidhi telling Arjun that Dev Sir doesn’t like personal talks in office or official trips. Arjun asks her to tell her feelings jus t after taking Milapni Devi Maa name. She says if he rejects. He says if he accepts and tells that Dev is a wise person. He tells that the ambience will be good, and then you shall tell him. Vidhi asks him to give details of presentation.

He says I am sure that you will win. Vidhi says I will try to tell Dev Sir. Arjun asks her to go to salon and get dressed well. He tells that he has sworn not to drink water or anything until he gets confirmation from her.Vidhi says it is very difficult. He says I will manage. Vidhi comes home and thinks about lens of objectivity. She tells that she shall take the right decision, but she didn’t do or think wrong about Dev Sir. She thinks to fulfill her responsibility honesty. She says I love him very much and my aim is not to get him, I just wants him to be happy. She says if destiny has chosen me for Dev Sir, then nobody can ignore it. She says I have to keep my intentions clear.

Vidhi wakes up and gets call from Abhimanyu. He asks if she is ready? She says. He asks him to fulfill Chitra’s wish and Dev’s home. Vidhi says ok. Abhimanyu prays to God and gives prasad to Dev. Dev wonders why is he praying so much. Abhimanyu says there is something, he shall focus. Dev says ok.

Vidhi gets ready and thinks about Dev. Bimla comes there and asks if something happened between Arjun and you. Vidhi says no and asks if love is big or sacrifice. Bimla says love’s other name is sacrifice. Hariprasad calls her, saying auto came. Dev reaches office and sees Vidhi standing outside. Vidhi says Arjun is unwell, so she is coming along with him. He asks her to come. Vidhi sits in the car and says I have done all preparation for the presentation. Dev thinks shall I tell her everything about my feelings, but between us, there is an age gap. Vidhi thinks of Arjun and Bimla’s words. Driver plays the song. Dev and Vidhi look at each other. Vidhi receives Abhimanyu’s message. She thinks what to talk infront of driver. Dev asks Driver to keep the music loud.

Arjun is in the office and sits on Vidhi’s chair. He tells Milapni Maa that his heart is broken, but don’t break Vidhi’s heart.Dev asks Vidhi what she wanted to tell on demolishing day. Vidhi says Sir…Sangeeta keeps coffee for Arjun. Arjun says I can’t drink even water today. Sangeeta asks if you are fasting today. Arjun messages Vidhi asking her to tell Dev. Golden comes and takes coffee. Vidhi reads Arjun’s message. Dev asks driver to stop at the tea stall. Vidhi says we will get late. Dev says he likes to drink tea. They get down at the tea stall. Song plays……Vidhi says Sir. Dev asks her to say. Vidhi tells Dev that day, you have also come and she was asking that you was thinking about your marriage. Dev thinks I want to know about your feelings. He says it is not necessary that he prays for marriage only, and tells that he just did darshan. Vidhi thinks I want your answer. Driver asks Dev to come, and tells that there is a traffic. Dev asks Driver to go back to Indore and tells that he will drive. Abhimanyu talks to Chitra and says we will get good news soon. Chitra says bye.

Dev is driving his car and asks Vidhi what is in her heart about Arjun’s progress. Vidhi says Arjun does good work and supports me also. She tells that he will done a big favor on me.Dev tells that they will stop at the dhaba and have food. Chitra tells Amba that Dev will agree. Amba asks her not to be hopeful.

Dev and Vidhi coming to the Dhaba to have breakfast. Vdhi asks him to sit. He sits. Dev and Vidhi orders food. Vidhi asks him not to eat outside food much. She shows the food sent by her mother. They start having food. Dev tells Vidhi that Tripathi ji will come back with them on return. Vidhi says lanka is set. Dev says gatte ki sabzi is good. Vidhi says Arjun also likes it. He coughs. She asks Priya and Abhi’s marriage. Dev says it was love cum arranged marriage. They got married 8 years back. Dev asks Vidhi what was important thing which she wants to talk? They finish the food and wash their hands. Dev again asks Vidhi what was important thing which she wants to talk? Vidhi says I was telling that you shall get married. He asks what? She comes back and wipes her hands. Dev asks whom I shall marry? Vidhi rubs her hands angrily and says you shall marry Amba Ma’am. Dev is shocked. He asks do you know what you are saying? Vidhi says everyone is waiting for your approval, Abhi and Chitra. She asks him to marry Amba. He gets angry and asks her to make him wash his hands first.

Vidhi asks him to come. She makes him wash his hands and tells that Amba is perfect for him. Dev says what is marriage, why do you think that two classes match, then they shall marry. He asks why you are counselling me? Vidhi says sorry, you threaten me with your strong tone and showing my eyes. Dev asks what do you think that I will agree. He asks if anyone asks you to tell me this. Vidhi says you didn’t understand anyone’s feelings and made walls around you. Arjun is still restless and thinks if she told or not. He prays to Milapni Mata and asks her to make Vidhi’s love story a success and keep her happy. He asks her to give her Dev. He says keep both of them blessed. Vidhi tells Dev that Abhimanyu tried in business and asks him to agree for marriage. Dev says now I can understand that you can convince me to marry Amba. Vidhi says sometimes third person can make us understand better. Dev says third person, I don’t want to try. Vidhi asks him to marry Amba. Dev asks him to stop it. Vidhi tells that she wants to tell him, but couldn’t tell due to his anger that she loves him. Dev looks at her. Na umar ki seema ho plays…….

Vidhi washes her face and cries. Dev gives her towel as she cries. Vidhi packs the tiffin. Dev goes back to his car. Vidhi says I just wanted to convince you to marry Amba and told my feelings mistakenly. She says I just wanted to make you understand that your family will be happy if you agree. She says they shall go for meeting. Dev calls Tripathi and cancels the meeting. She says your mood is spoiled due to me. Dev says we shall return. They sit in the car again. Abhi thinks if Vidhi has talked to him. He calls Vidhi. Dev puts the brakes and says sorry to Vidhi. Abhi asks if Dev bhai agreed? Vidhi says yes to Dev and Abhi thinks Dev agreed to marry Amba. He calls Chitra and asks her to bring Amba home. Dev asks do you think that I shall marry Amba.


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