Timeless Love starlife update Sunday 17 December 2023

Timeless Love 17 December 2023: The Episode starts with Divya telling Yamini that she won’t let him lie. She says just as the DNA report comes. Yamini’s condition deteriorates and Divya searches for the inhaler. Yamini faints and falls down. Divya calls ambulance. Dev tells Mata Rani that his mother used to say that when all doors are closed, then one door is open.

Timeless Love 16 December 2023

He says nobody is believing me, everyone’s trust is gone, please help me Maa and says nobody knows other than you that I am not lying. He says you have made us meet and I know that I must not have done such a thing in my life, that I feel ashamed. He says those 2 days truth shall come out, so that Vidhi comes to know about my innocence, else I will bear the punishment.

Hariprasad asks Vidhi what is she doing? Vidhi says until Dev ji goes, nobody shall open the door and windows.Dev calls Yamini. Divya picks the call and says how dare you call her. She says my Mom is in the City hospital and says I will not leave you if anything happens to my mother. Dev knocks on the door and asks Vidhi to talk to him. He says Yamini is in the hospital and that’s why he wants to go there with her and want to ask her. Hariprasad says Vidhi will not go. Vidhi says she wants to know this truth. They leave. They reach the City hospital and come to the ward.

Dev says yamini. Yamini opens her eyes. The machine starts beeping as her condition deteriorates. Divya says Mom. She asks yamini to calm down. Doctor asks everyone to go out. Divya asks them to come with her.Satyavati gets Hariprasad’s call. He asks her if they can come to Milapni Devi temple tomorrow. Satyavati says surely we will come. Amba hurts her feet and tells that the place was not cleaned so one piece was remaining. Yogesh asks what? Dev asks Divya to tell him when Yamini gains consciousness. Divya says you have hidden the truth from me as I am your illegitimate daughter, but hid from Vidhi too, she has to accept the truth.

Amba tells Yogesh that she can’t wait for DNA report to come, and asks him to make sure that DNA report shall come positive, and asks him to bribe whoever he wants, but her attack shall not go waste.Dev and his family come to Hariprasad’s house. Hariprasad tells them that he can’t welcome them. He asks them to take the shagun, they had given in the marriage. He tells that they shall end this marriage. Dev requests him to talk to Yamini before taking this decision. He says Vidhi and my relation is build with much difficulty, please give me some time. Hariprasad says do you value time and relations, and says I can’t let my daughter’s time wasted.

Satyavati says you are doing wrong. Hariprasad says I did wrong to give my daughter’s hand in his hand, but now I can’t see this happening. He says I can’t sacrifice my daughter for my happiness, and says I can’t let my daughter be someone’s wife whose past has illegitimate relation and daughter. Satyavati says you are forgotten his goodness and tells that it is not proved yet. She says I didn’t give him birth, but I am sure that he can’t do anything wrong. She says Dev,

Yamini haven’t told anything and tells that even DNA reports haven’t come. Hariprasad says it is better that this relation shall end here. Dev asks Vidhi to make her Papa understand. Vidhi says you remember even the smallest thing, then how can you forget about 2 days. She asks him to keep himself on her place and think what he would have done. She says if I had done wrong with you, then my Maa and Papa would have done this thing only.

Dev says why you are believing that this is truth. He says we shall wait for Yamini. Bimla says there is nothing left now to talk.Yamini comes there and says everyone made their own stories, but I will tell the truth. Dev says Yamini. Yamini says Dev. She prays to Milapni Devi and is about to ring the temple bell. Bimla says you have broken home, then you will pray for what?

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