Anupama starlife update Sunday 17 December 2023

Anupama 17 December 2023: Anupama makes a paper plane and recalls Hasmukh and his mother encouraging her to pursue her American dreams. She thinks last time she gave up, but this time nobody can stop her from flying. Toshu warns Samar to control Dimpy when Dimpy insults him and reminds how he betrayed her family by marrying twice without informing them. Dimpy says if he means eloping and marrying, Toshu and Pakhi did same. Pakhi says their family is with them, but Dimpy’s family disowned her. Dimpy says they talk about family, but don’t stand by it at all.

Anupama 16 December 2023

She taunts Toshu again that he is jobless and Kinjal has to do both office work, house work, and even take care of Pari. Leela taunts Dimpy that she forcefully snatched academy and ruined it. Dimpy says she will sit at home and let Samar take care of academy then. Leela says her grandson can manage anything. Pakhi calls Dimpy as astin ka sanp/backstabber who backstabbed Anupama forgetting her favors and got her out of her own house befriending Barkha.

Dimpy says Anupama is herself responsible for her situation and they all want to become like Anupama, but she doesn’t want to.Kinjal asks them to stop fighting and exaggerating the issue. Dimpy says he is not, she is not an 18th century DIL who will tolerate MIL’s taunts, Leela has become an old hag who just knows taunting. Vanraj gets angry and warns Samar to stop his wife right now and says this house still belongs to him, his parents are still elders of this house, and he will not tolerate elder’s insult; neither Anupama nor he tolerate elder’s insult;

they consider their DILs as their daughters and warns Dimpy to be a daughter and dare not act as a mother. Dimpy stands aside and messages someone. Leela asks whom she is briefing about the drama after setting their house on fire. Dimpy says its a work-related message.Anupama gets Kinjal’s message that if she can come home as its urgent. Anuj message sorry. Gurumaa messes that she has to work a lot in 6 days, Nakul will send her a list. Anupama messages okay. She flies her paper plane and feels happy. Sapno Se Bhare Naina.. song plays in the background.

She continues walking on street and finds Anuj waiting for her. Anuj says sorry, and Anupama simultaneously asks if Maaya is fine. Anuj says he gave her doctor’s prescribed injection and she is sleeping. Anupama asks how is Little Anu. Anuj says she is upset with the recent incidents, but fine. Anupama says if Maaya behaves similarly often, he shouldn’t have come here; they can’t change whatever happened and he should concentrate on Maaya now. Anuj asks if he doesn’t get angry with the events happened. Anupama says its of no use and says he made a choice and should take care of Maaya.

Anuj says he took a wrong decision of taking Maaya’s responsibility, he did a mistake of attending Anupama’s coronation event and let Maaya create drama there, Maaya gets violent often, Little Anu is in fear seeing her biological mother’s condition, he is very sorry for the troubles she faced, etc. Anupama says looking at Maaya’s condition, she doesn’t need a mental assylum but Anuj. Anuj looks at her in surprise. Anupama says Maaya needs love and care which she searches in Anuj; he would have handled the situation in a different way the, but its of no use now as Maaya is habituated to him now and dependent on him mentally and emotionally and its wrong if he backs off at this time.

Anuj asks why is she bothered about Maaya so much. Anupama says because she is Little Anu’s mother who will be in pain if Maaya is in pain; no medicine or treatment will work on Maaya if is not with her; he took a decision for Little Anu or for any reason, but now he has to be with Maaya.Shahs watch Maaya’s psychotic behavior on screen and get angry. Leela says Dimpy’s adopted mother is ruining Anupama’s life. Dimpy says Maaya is mentally ill.

Leela says then Maaya should be sent to a mental assylum. Kinjal says Maaya should stay away from Anupama. Pakhi says she feels Maaya is just acting. Dimpy says as if she is a doctor. Dimpy say she is a doctor who can teach a lesson to a liar, greedy, and conspiring women like Dimpy and Maaya. Vanraj stops her. Leela says god knows what Maaya will do next. Anupama tells Anuj that she is not blaming him, sometimes they have to take unwanted decisions. Anuj asks her to apologize Malti Devi on his behalf.

Anupama asks him not to bother about it. Anuj says he will return to his jail and wants Anupama to fly high like a free bird after 6 days away from him. They both feel emotional. Anupama walks. Anuj stops her and says she will go forever in 6 days and should meet her Anuj at least for a second once. Anupama gets a call and walks away from there controlling her emotions.

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