Timeless Love starlife update Saturday 16 December 2023

Timeless Love 16 December 2023: The Episode starts with Bimla saying that Yamini’s husband left her as Divya is Dev and Yamini’s daughter. Dev asks her to believe him and says he has not done anything wrong. Bimla asks him not to take advantage of their innocence. Urmila asks what I am hearing, that this Divya is Dev’s daughter. She tells that if she had not got this letter then they would have hide this. Satyavati asks Dev to swear on her and say. Priya says if he wanted to tell then would have told you already. She says after coming to senses, everyone recollects whatever had happened.

Timeless Love 15 December 2023

She says you have forgotten after impregnating Yamini. Amba says he has betrayed Yamini, me and Vidhi. Priya says Bhai Saheb humiliated me, and now his real character came infront of everyone. Abhi asks Dev to close everyone’s mouth. Dev says I don’t know what happened in those 2 days. He says I came to know that Yamini has feelings for me, but I wanted to tell her that he has no feelings for her. He asks Vidhi to trust him and says he is not that kind of person who betrays. Bimla asks Vidhi to come.

Dev asks Vidhi to trust him. Vidhi says I trusted you completely, but you betrayed and lied to me. Dev says I am saying truth, and I….Bimla takes Vidhi from there. Hariprasad and Urmila also go from there. Divya also leaves.Amba recalls her threat and goes. Satyavati breaks down. Chitra says everything will be fine. Dev tells Satyavati that he always tried to become a good person, and asks if you trust me or not. Satyavati says I trust you fully, but if this thing is truth, then what will happen with Vidhi.

Dev thinks to find out the truth through Yamini.Seema thanks Milapni Mata as Vidhi is found. Vidhi says she will not go anywhere. Hariprasad asks Seema to set her bed. Dev recalls Amba’s cheap words and Divya claiming to be his daughter. Satyavati, Abhi, Priya and Chitra come home. Mausi ji asks what has happened, if anything is found about runaway Vidhi. She asks Priya. priya asks her to ask Satyavati.

Mausi ji says surely something must have happened due to Vidhi. Chitra says everything will be fine and cries. Mausi ji says she will ask the Majnu Dev.Dev comes to Hariprasad’s house. Hariprasad asks if you didn’t feel shame to come here. Dev says I know that your anger is justified, I would have reacted this way if it was chitra’s matter. Hariprasad asks him to go and says Vidhi’s condition is not good. Dev says that’s why I have come to proof that….Hariprasad says Vidhi trusted you and wanted to spend life with you.

He says we agreed for this alliance, thinking she will be happy. He asks him to go. Vidhi says let him talk to me for 2 mins. Dev comes near Vidhi.Satyavati prays to God and syas I know you are taking our test. She says only Dev can handle us, as he knows the truth. She prays to God to take care of Vidhi and Dev’s relation.Yamini is shocked to know from Divya what she has done. She says you have brought the storm.

Divya asks what about the storm which he brought in my life. yamini gets upset.Dev tells Vidhi that he didn’t know about those 2 days. He says we have crossed age barrier. Vidhi says she doesn’t care if he has daughter, but what matters to her is that he hid this fact from her. Dev says I really don’t know if she is my daughter or not. Vidhi asks if you would have believed me, if I was on your place. She says you have betrayed me and broken my heart.

She says I don’t want to talk to you. She says when you get sure about those two days, then come, we will talk then? Dev says only Yamini can tell the truth. He says he got Yamini’s number from his college group. He says only a mother can tell who is the father of her child. He calls yamini, but she doesn’t pick the call. Divya says the perks and luxury which we shall get, is given to someone else. She says once the DNA report comes. Yamini gets Asthma attack hearing this. Divya searches for inhaler. Dev asks Vidhi to give him sometime and says she will tell us truth,

I am ready to face the punishment if I am wrong, then don’t look back at me again. Vidhi says I know you will convince me, and that’s why please go from here. She says she don’t have strength to bear anything now. He goes to room and closes the door. Dev looks on worried.

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