Timeless Love starlife update Monday 18 December 2023

Timeless Love 18 December 2023: The Episode starts with Bimla stopping Yamini and says you have broken house, then what you will pray. She says I regarded you more than my real sister, but you betrayed me, when you came to know about Dev and Vidhi’s marriage, you had sent Divya and saw the drama. Yamini sprays asthma pump in her mouth. Dev asks are you okay? Priya says he is concerned for his old love. Yamini asks Dev, if he didn’t tell truth to them. She says I will tell, and tells that Dev and I were in the same college, Dev was sweet, well mannered and perfect gentleman, his routine was college to hostel and vice versa.

Timeless Love 17 December 2023

She says he was my crush. She says other friends used to party in night, but Dev used to write diary. Vidhi recalls and says he had written about you and then two pages were empty. He then wrote that he is ashamed. Dev says I told you already that I don’t remember. He tells Yamini that when they have met, they had decided. Yamini says don’t say anything. She says I will tell the truth. Bimla asks her to swear on Milapni Devi’s diya and swear on Divya. Yamini says I will tell only the truth. She tells Dev that they had gone to a friend’s house for house warming party, and you wanted to tell me something.

Dev says I am sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you. Yamini says your Dev was a honest man and always said truth to me and even today he is saying truth. She says whatever you told me that day, was for my betterment, don’t be sorry. She says you was not fake like others, I was immature not to think. She says that day nothing happened as you all are thinking. She says I was fully broken, when someone came in my life, who ruined my life, I couldn’t understand that he was a monster,

and tells that don’t know where he went, but he left Divya with me. Vidhi asks if Divya is not Dev’s daughter. Yamini says no, Divya is not Dev’s daughter. Everyone is happy to hear this. Urmila says new twist in the story, and asks then whose daughter she is. She asks where is your husband? Yamini says when I got married, I was pregnant and that’s why my husband left me. She says I don’t have any regrets, I just want Divya to forgive me and return with me. Divya comes there and tells that I know that you are lying, so that Dev Raichand and Vidhi’s marriage don’t break, but what will happen to me.

Yamini says I said this thinking about you, and says this is truth. Divya says I have the truth now, DNA reports, and I will trust only this.Amba says Dev is trapped fully, just one step is remaining to destroy them. She thinks DNA report shall come as she wants. Yamini asks Divya to read the DNA report. Divya reads and says that I am not the daughter of Dev Raichand, he is not my father. Everyone gets happy again. Yogesh comes there and tells Amba that her plan has failed, and says DNA report is negative using which you wanted to break Raichand family. He shows the report. Amba cries. He asks her not to cry and says your dreams to get Dev and marry him.

He says you just do dramas, you heard Dev’s friends gossiping about him in Chitra’s marriage and started cooking the plan. Amba says you should have changed the report, before Divya could get it. She scolds yogesh.She says she is a crocodile and tells that Divya’s DNA report came negative, but your DNA might go from your body. Yamini tells Bimla that she always said truth, Dev is like Devta, he is a pure gold. She tells Satyavati, when Dev couldn’t break a stranger girl’s trust, then how he can break his mother and wife’s truth. She tells Vidhi that Dev has crossed the age barrier for her, and he can’t break her trust. Satyavati thanks Yamini for uniting her family, by revealing the truth. She says I will not forget your favors. Vidhi runs to her and hugs her. Divya hugs Yamini and cries. Satyavati and Vidhi hug Dev. Abhi hugs them.

Yogesh says I am not the pawn, but the Minister, and says if I go, then the game will be over. Amba says rather than blaming each other, we shall think what we shall do. She says this is not decided yet, who has lost and who has won. She says Raichand’s destruction is destined. Yamini says sorry to everyone. Dev asks Hariprasad to get the shagun kept back in the house again. Hariprasad and Bimla apologize to Dev and is ashamed of their doings. Hariprasad asks Dev not to break his marriage with Vidhi, due to their mistake, don’t punish her.

Dev says I have noticed two things, the one thing which you said, and tells that you said that you are not the parent who forgives his son in law’s mistakes, so that his daughter stays happy. He says there is a big learning in this. He says second thing is my mother’s trust, which was never broken, which gave me much courage. He says they shall thank God. Bimla asks Dev to do aarti. Dev asks Vidhi to do aarti with him, as he had prayed yesterday. They do the aarti together. Vidhi thinks your heart is very big, but my crime is not small. She thinks you have forgiven everyone, but I can’t forgive myself that I didn’t trust him.

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