Meet in Love Zeeworld update Monday 18 December 2023

Meet in Love 15 December 2023: Kanika starts the car, preparing to leave Sarkar Mahal, when Meet enters through the gate.Meet quickly grabs Kanika and rushes towards the car. However, her anger intensifies upon seeing Chiku inside, and she demands to know what Manmeet has done with Chiku.Manmeet hesitantly responds that Chiku is just sleeping. Meet becomes breathless and forcefully pulls Kanika out of the car. She angrily pushes Kanika against a pole, gripping her neck tightly,

Meet in Love 15 December 2023

and declares that she won’t let her leave. The sudden display of Meet’s behavior shocks everyone, and they rush to intervene. Meet warns Kanika, accusing her of killing Mohan and tormenting other children at the orphanage. However, Meet is taken aback when Jasodha tearfully requests her to stop, revealing that Sumeet has been kidnapped.

Seizing the opportunity, Kanika swiftly rushes towards the gate, warning Meet that no one can save Sumeet now. At that moment, Meet becomes frightened as Gunwanti adds fuel to the fire, suggesting that Kanika’s intentions towards Sumeet may be dangerous. Overwhelmed, Meet loses her balance and starts feeling dizzy. Manmeet supports her, urging her not to give up, and they hurry after Kanika.

Meanwhile, Sumeet’s captors are engrossed in playing cards when Sumeet devises a plan to escape.Sumeet tricks the goons by sowing seeds of distrust between them, claiming that one of them has cheated the other. She offers to demonstrate the deception if they untie her hands. Back at Sarkar Mahal, Sarkar becomes furious with Meet for her audacity and endangering Sumeet’s life.

Jasodha, on the other hand, prays to God while shedding tears. However, Jasodha becomes upset and scolds Gunwanti when she suspects that Meet will lose Sumeet, just as she lost her first child, due to her recklessness. Meanwhile, one of the goons unties Sumeet, and she successfully demonstrates how one player cheated the other, inciting a fight between them. Seizing the opportunity, Sumeet escapes while the goons realize that they have lost her upon receiving a call from Kanika.

Kanika becomes furious with the goons and orders them to find Sumeet at any cost. Additionally, she informs the minister about the situation, and he instructs her to follow his orders. Meanwhile, Manmeet assures Meet that he will find Sumeet no matter what. However, Meet angrily challenges Manmeet to meet the minister, questioning if his influence can take a daughter away from her mother. On the other side, Kanika’s goons spot Sumeet running away, prompting them to give chase.

Meanwhile, the minister is engaged in an election campaign, distributing food to the local community, when Manmeet and Meet arrive.The minister is shocked to see them approaching him, but before he can react, Meet grabs him by the collar and warns him to return Sumeet. Otherwise, she threatens to expose him to the public. Furious, Manmeet warns the minister not to harm Sumeet, threatening to bring down the entire ministry.

Taking charge, Manmeet snatches the minister’s cell phone and commands him to call Kanika and order her to safely return Sumeet.Kanika discovers Sumeet’s presence while Meet gathers people to intimidate Sumeet. Suddenly, the minister receives a call from Kanika, notifying him that they have found Sumeet. The minister releases Manmeet from his grasp and puts the call on speaker mode, allowing Sumeet to contact Manmeet and Meet for help. Overwhelmed with emotion, Meet and Manmeet become emotional upon hearing Sumeet’s voice on the call.

The minister, seizing the opportunity, threatens them, demanding Chiku in exchange for Sumeet, before leaving the scene. However, Meet informs Manmeet that she heard the sound of temple bells in the background of the phone call, indicating that Sumeet is nearby. They rush to search for her.Meanwhile, Kanika and her goons have placed Sumeet in the car and are about to leave when they spot Meet and Manmeet walking on the street, searching for Sumeet.

In an attempt to prevent Sumeet from alerting them, one of the goons covers her mouth while Kanika conceals her face with a saree. Sumeet manages to throw her shoes onto the street and spills an oil bottle, attempting to resist. Unfortunately, the car passes by the street.Surprisingly, Meet notices Sumeet’s shoes on the roadside and walks towards them.

Manmeet and Meet looking for Sumeet. Meet finds her shoe on street, she calls Manmeet and shows her the shoe. Manmeet says this means she is somewhere near. Manmeet finds oul trail on road, he smells is says this is fresh oil. Meet says I think Sumeet left evidence for us to track her we will surely find her.Sumeet finds herself trapped inside a room. Goons looks at her nad breaks the bottle hanging above her filled with acid and poisonous gases.

Manmeet and Meet reach a location. Manmeet says there is no oil trail further. Meet says this means Sumeet is somewhere near and both start looking for her. Sumeet sees Meet standing outside window she try to call her. Meet start walking and hear goons breaking the glass bottle, she gets inside the building and try to catch Sumeet. Goons stop her. Kanika traps her from behind and says because of you my plan flopped and I’ll take revenge from your daughter. Manmeet walks inside and grabs the goons.

Police walks inside and arrest everyone. Meet flush acid with water and hugs Sumeet. Sumeet asks them how is Chiku. Sumeet says he is fine your mom saved him. Sumeet says you are super mom how can you fight everyone. Meet says in life you have two choices in bad condition either fight or flight and you should choose first option. Manmeet says let’s leave now and they walks out.Chiku praying for Sumeet. Manmeet, Meet and Sumeet walks in Mahal. Sumeet calls Chiku. He rush to her and hugs her. Jasodha walks in and hugs Sumeet.

Gunwanti says to Mahendra they brought Sumeet back I’m worried if Kanika is with police she might yake our name too. Mahendra says don’t worry Bapu Sarkar is also involved in this. Gunwanti says because of them we won’t be getting license now. Jasodha says to Sumeet come let’s say thanks to God. Jasodha do her aarti. Meet walks to Jasodha with Chiku and do Aarti of Chiku. Gunwanti says he is an outsider so why are you doing his aarti. Meet says God’s blessings are for everyone and continues her aarti. Sumeet says to Meet now Chiku can live with us because Kanika is in jail.

Jasodha says to Sumeet Chiku is our guest and he will go back to his parents. Sumeet says I won’t let him leave. Inspector walks in and says to everyone this case is been handed over to crime branch because it’s a serious matter, Kanika, Minister and other police officer are under arrest. The staff of orphanage is also replaced and he is the new manager there that’s why we are here to take him back to orphanage. Manager says according to rules you cannot keep him here. Jasodha asks Sumeet to let them take Chiku. Sumeet says they can’t take. Meet says is it possible to keep him here.

Manmeet says to Sumeet he has to leave because that’s his home. Sumeet says to Manmeet that’s not his home and asks him to keep Chiku home. Chiku crying. Jasodha also gets emotional. Manager holds Chiku’s hand and leave with him. Chiku crying shouts Mumma and rushes to Meet. Meet hugs him, Sumeet also joins them. Meet says to Chiku I promise you to visit you every week.

Mahendra drinking alcohol. Jasodha walks to him and asks what wrong why are you drinking so much. Mahendra says I’m hurt because of your Manmeet and Meet my dream got shattered, my life is ruined and he is earning in crores because if his medicine factory, he shows her an article in newspaper, a foreign company wants to invest new medicine with them. Jasodha says what do you think whatever they are having is for free, didn’t you see how much work they did to establish that factory and he is your younger brother you should be happy on his success.

Mahendra losses his calm and says you never understood my feelings and never will and please leave before is say something else. Jasodha asks Gunwanti to talk to her husband or else she knows how to straighten things.Sumeet insist Manmeet to take her to Chiku. Manmeet says to Sumeet tell me how did you ran away from goons. Sumeet tells her story and starts insisting to go and meet Chiku. Meet says we will soon go to meet Chiku and we will bring him back. Manmeet says now he won’t come back let him settle now. Meet thinks I don’t know why Manmeet doesn’t want Chiku be here.

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