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Game of love update 11 October 2019 Friday

  Anika says sorry I didn’t recognize you. Shivaye says Nani, thank God you have come. Shivaye greets his Nani. Anika asks is she your Nani. Nani asks who’s this girl. Anika says I...


Game of love update 4 October 2019 Friday

  Bhavya says Shivaye did this right. Anika says it was an accident, he was sleeping and… Bhavya says after serving jail term, some people suffer from PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, Prev: Thursday...


Game of love update 3 October 2019 Thursday

  Anika asks Shivaye to get ready, he has to give a speech. He says I told you, I won’t do it. She says I m not like those wives who trouble husbands. He...