Game of love Update Monday 5 October 2020


Game of love 5 October 2020: Shivaye says marriage will be grand, right Anika. Dadi asks him to stay 2 feet away. Dadi asks Shivaye to move back. Om makes a line and says till marriage, Shivaye will be this side and Anika that side. Some time before, Shivaye and Anika feed cake to each other.

Gaurifeeds cake to to Shakti and takes cake to feed to Om. She stops. Everyone looks on. She feeds Rudra. Shivaye says marriage will be grand, right Anika. Dadi says stay away, you both are not married. Shivaye says but we are married. Dadi asks why are you marrying again then. She asks him to stay 2 feet away. Omru joke. Shivaye says Dadi is joking. Dadi says no, I m serious. Shivaye says what’s the need. Dadi says you both troubled us a lot, and now we will trouble you. Shivaye says that’s not fair. Pinky comes and says you have come. Shivaye asks Anika to come and takes her. Everyone leaves.

Shakti says I told you, Anika got her husband, you lost your son. Pinky cries and says I did this for our Shivaye. He says no, you did this for your adamancy, any way maybe you will not understand, its too late now. He goes. She cries. Om comes to Shivaye and asks why did you call me here at this time. Shivaye says I had to talk to you, you remember you told me once, the day I fall in love, I will come crying to you Om recalls his words. Shivaye says I never believed this can happen with me. Om says but it happened, you should have come early. Shivaye says you know me, it takes time, I never knew this will happen, love… I didn’t believe in it.

Om says I always told you, remember my shayari. They say the lines that love is believed after love happens. Shivaye says Dadi and you told right, when love makes a place in heart, you never know, every relation was a deal for me, but then Anika came in my life. Om says then your life changed. Shivaye says even I changed, you told me once, breath stops and all that, its happening with me today, when I see her, breath stops, its just…… Om says you know how happy I m, my brother has become Ishqbaaz from tadibaaz. Shivaye says I have just realized and came to tell you. Om asks are you crazy, you realized you are in love and telling me, go and tell her, the one you love. Shivaye says I m waiting for the right moment. Om says I think we both need a hug, come here man. Shivaye says I think so too. They hug. Om says you have no idea how happy I m seeing my brother happy.

Its morning, Shivaye fries pakodas. Anika comes and says you are frying pakodas, it should be breaking news, why is there no smell of Sarson/mustard oil. He says I made this in olive oil, Sarson oil has that….. She asks what. He says that sticky thing. She says michmichi. He says yes. She says you are very cute. He holds her and says enough of cute cute, I don’t like these words. She asks what shall I call you, Chantomayin. He says I don’t even like that. She asks what shall I call then, if you don’t like this. He gets close and says you can call me….. She reacts ho….. He says Anika….. Dadi calls out Billu. Shivaye says yes Dadi. Dadi calls him again. Shivaye sees Dadi and gets away. Dadi says I asked you to stay two feet away, if you don’t listen, I will shift Anika to my room. Shivaye says don’t torture this way, I will be 2.5 feet away. She says if I see you close to her, then see. She goes. Shivaye holds Anika. She runs. Shivaye says don’t tell Dadi, 2 feet…. and smiles.

Om and Gauri come downstairs and collide. Om holds and leaves her. They say sorry to each other and go. Shivaye says did you see they get so uncomfortable, they don’t look husband and wife. Anika says yes, none will say they are husband and wife. He says you remember, when Gauri had to feed cake, how they behaved. She says when they did a lot to unite us, we have to unite them, when my and Vikram’s marriage was happening, it was Gauri’s strange ideas to make us back out. He says oh, reverse psychology, but we were still fighting. She says but we got together now, it means we have to make Om and Gauri fight. He says they will fight like us. She says it will be so much fun. He says seeing them fight. She says seeing them fight like us, someone has to fill our place when we are not fighting. He says you are saying this fighting this is matter of pride. She says it is for me. He says for me too. She laughs. He asks shall we start, mission Om Gauri ka Milan/union. They go.

Dadi asks Bhavya to keep her marriage bowl, it will be needed in Anika and Billu’s marriage. Bhavya takes it and walks downstairs. Rudra makes her slip and then catches the bowl and Bhavya in either hands. Music plays……. Bhavya says if I fell then. He says I would have saved you, I have habit to save you. She makes him slip and holds his hand. She pulls him and says public doesn’t save police, police saves public, next time before showing attitude, see with whom are you dealing. He looks at her. They have an eyelock. She drops the bowl. He catches it. He holds her and says next time before showing attitude, think you are dealing with Rudra Singh Oberoi. He hands over the bowl and goes. She smiles.

Shivaye says this is for you. Gauri says you should have told me, I would have made it. He says its fine, I like cooking, have it, you did a lot to unite me and Anika. She says so what, I can do this for you and Anika. Om asks knowing you and Shivaye are made for each other, how could we see you getting separated. Anika says even then, thanks, I forgot to talk, I have to say something. Shivaye says I regret that we couldn’t do anything to unite you and Om, maybe its Lord’s wish. Gauri asks what do you mean. Shivaye says leave it, eat food. She asks him to say. He says you are my sister, and Om is my brother, don’t know why I feel, everything is not fine between you two, there is much distance. Anika says distance can be between humans, but its shouldn’t be between hearts, maybe you both are different and the distance couldn’t end. Om says its not like that, you and Shivaye are so different and still happily together. Gauri says you mean to say Om and I are different. Shivaye says yes, you do a lot for Om and us, Om just gives attitude, his ego is hurt to say thanks, I know I shouldn’t say this for my brother, but I don’t like when he behaves such with you, I think he never complimented you. She says I didn’t ask till now.

He says I mean he never appreciated you. Anika says she does a lot for you and this house, you never appreciated, you regret and asked her to stay here, but she is thinking you have something for her in heart, but its not there. Om says its not like that. She says if it was, you would have told her, but you didn’t tell her. He says I tried many times. She says leave your tries, did you ever praise her, leave it now, its too late. He asks what do you mean. She says Gauri doesn’t care, she has moved on now. He asks move on. She says wait, its right, how long can she wait, she has tolerated with hope that you will say something but you didn’t say. He says you mean Gauri doesn’t like me anymore. She says sorry Om, I feel so, but you can find out is this true or not, she likes you or not. He asks how. She says do one thing, you behave well with her, just praise her, see how she reacts, did you understand, you have to value her.


Gauri says its Om’s wish to value me or not, what can I do. Shivaye says you can do, if he gives attitude, give double attitude, if he comes, turn away, now turn here, listen, he should know how it feels when someone doesn’t value you, you run after him, so he also runs from you, you don’t run after him, you run away, then he will run after you, that one slap sticking to wall, I mean he will know your value. Anika says behave well with Gauri. Shivaye says no need to behave well with Om, don’t be nice to him. Gauri and Om get thinking. Saathiya….plays…..

Shivaye and Anika say done and hold hands. He says its going as per plan, Gauri will run away from Om. She says and Om will run after Gauri. He says and we…… and gets close. Music plays…… Dadi looks on and does ummhmm….you won’t change. Shivaye sees her and asks is your attention on us. Dadi says it was not before, now seeing your focus, my focus will be on you, go back, two feet back. Shivaye asks Anika to go back and realizes she is close to pillar. He moves back measuring 2 feet. Dadi says if its one feet now, I won’t let you meet even after marriage. She goes. He says okay…..

Om comes to Gauri and recalls Anika’s words. He says Gauri, I have to talk to you. Gauri recalls Shivaye’s words and says what do you want now. She gets away. He says actually, nothing I just had to know are you fine. She says if you cared for me, this would have not happened. He asks why are you angry. She says you didn’t care before, now when its over, you came to talk. He says nothing ended, we can try. She says no use now, let me go. She goes. He asks her to listen. She looks on and signs Shivaye. Om looks at her and says now what’s this thing. Shivaye calls Anika and says Gauri did what I told her, mission Om Gauri union’s first step successful. Om says so this is the plan Shivaye, my brother, games…. I will show now.

Jhanvi asks Peter to eat the cake. Peter eats the pineapple cake and says I m not Tej, I m Peter, now leave. Jhanvi says don’t know why you are doing this, but you are my Tej. Kaveri scolds her. Anika likes a design. Shivaye holds her hand and says its very nice. She says I m saying about design. He says I m also talking about it, it will be good if you liked it. She asks him to leave her hand. He says I didn’t hold hand to leave. She asks how will I see with one hand. He says you have to see by eyes. She says I have to turn paper. He helps her. Dadi says its limit Billu. Shivaye leaves Anika’s hand and picks magazine. Dadi scolds him. He says you are misunderstanding, we were just seeing designs. Dadi says I was seeing you two. Om says right, you asked Shivaye to be 2 feet away, why is he not agreeing. Shivaye says I was away.

Om says two feet, not two cms. Dadi says I gave him warning, even then he didn’t change. Shivaye sings jahan mai jata hun…. He asks what shall I do. Om says I think he is taking you for granted. Dadi says I feel the same. Rudra and others come. Om says Dadi caught Shivaye red handed. Rudra asks is this time to play holi. Shivaye says we were just seeing designs. Om says I have a solution, wait. Shivaye asks what are you doing. Om says I m helping Dadi. Shivaye says don’t worry, I will convince Dadi. Om tells Dadi what Shivaye said. Dadi says Billu…… Om asks Shivaye to have patience and goes.

Kaveri asks did you believe he is my husband, not yours, tell me if there is any other test. Jhanvi says okay, Tej’s foot has six toes, show me your right foot. Peter removes the shows and shows his feet. Kaveri says its five toes. Jhanvi gets shocked.

Om pours some flour powder and draws a line. Shivaye asks what’s this Om. Om says this is Shivaye’s LOC, till marriage Shivaye is on this side and Anika that side. Shakti says interesting, it means girl and guy’s teams on either sides. Rudra says now we will get that marriage feel. Gauri says who will say who is from girls and guy’s team. Rudra says we will throw chits. Om says we will just decide. Rudra says how to decide, I will be on Shivaye and Anika’s sides. Shivaye says I m on Anika’s side. Rudra pulls him back. Shakti asks them to decide teams. Omru join Anika. Shivaye asks did they forget brother. Bhavya, Gauri and Dadi join Shivaye. Shakti says I m on my daughter’s side. Rudra says it means men are on girl’s side and girls are on guy’s side. Dadi says all functions will happen such. Pinky looks on and cries. Dadi sees her. Pinky goes.

Jhanvi walks on road and recalls everything. Dandi comes there and parks his bike. Jhanvi runs away. Dandi holds her and asks why did you run, I m Dandi, Gauri’s namesake brother, I came your home that day. He says so the matter is fishy. She says my heart says he is Tej, why is he acting to be Peter. He says I will help you in finding truth, you are my sister’s Saas, so you are like my mum, where are you staying. She says I m staying in a hotel. He says there is a good lodge near Manali bakery. She recalls. He says its very famous. She says strange, Manali bakery is so famous and Peter doesn’t know anything about it. Dandi takes south indian avatar and comes to Kaveri. He says Akka, I m Muttu swami, your cute little brother, I got away in childhood, how will you identify, I have become handsome now. She hugs him and says my brother.

Peter says I haven’t seen him before. She says he went missing in childhood. Dandi asks for food. She goes to get dosa. Dandi thinks this madam is big drama queen, did her brother really go missing. She feeds him dosa. Dandi says its very yummy. She asks how did you know about me and this dhaba. He says your hotel news got printed in my city newspaper. He shows paper. She shows the article to Peter and says its very good, our dhaba got so famous, I will not let you go anywhere. Dandi tells Jhanvi that Kaveri got emotional and hugged him, maybe she really lost her younger brother. Jhanvi says it means they are saying true, how do their faces match Tej and Shwetlana. He says I showed them newspaper and she said its Tamil, she didn’t know her language. She says it means my doubt was right, they are Tej and Shwetlana, we have to keep an eye on them. She thinks to find out why is Tej doing this drama, what are they hiding.

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