Game of love update Wednesday 28 October 2020


Game of love 28 October 2020: Shivaye says I just want to be with you forever. The decorative name board falls down. A guy holds it. Shivaye and Anika look on. Some time before, everyone see someone coming in on a bike. Shivaye asks him how dare he come in. The guy says I m Abhay.

Rudra says you are Abhay, Bobby or who is third one. Om says Sunny. Rudra asks what are you doing here. Abhay says maybe you didn’t identify me. He introduces himself. Dadi says you were young when I saw you. She tells everyone that she forgot to say Abhay is coming. She says Abhay looks of Rudra’s age, and I thought he will be of Shivaye and Om’s age. Abhay says I got late entry in the world. Dadi asks him to stay in marriage functions. Abhay congratulates Shivaye and says I heard mehendi didn’t arrive, I got this myself, I hope you like it.

Jhanvi says strange, Shivaye also wanted such mehendi. Dadi asks Abhay to gift mehendi to Anika, its good shagun.

Abhay says I know Anika has two Devars, she can regard me friend. Anika shakes hands and takes mehendi. Dadi asks them to come and start mehendi function. Shivaye says Anika and I want to take some vows before rasam. Sahil asks Anika is she ready. Anika says Shivaye is always ready for things, but I m not. Shivaye asks Anika to say. She asks him to say. He agrees and says its about love. I vow to make everything fine. She says because your family respect is imp, I vow not to do anything that risks this family respect. Shivaye says I vow I will not make a face when you make oily food. She says I vow to make your fav dish. He claps as she spells the dish right. He says I vow that I will throw water on you whenever needed. She says I vow when you fight with me, I will throw water on you or throw you in water. He says I vow when you kick me in night, I will video record it to prove it. She says I vow, I will spoil your hair even if you stop me.

He says I vow I will teach you zeroes in calculations. She says I vow when you sing in bad voice, I will not laugh. Shivaye sings and says just kidding. He says I vow I will be prepared if you name anything. They vows continue. She says I vow I will never fight, but this can’t happen. He says yes, we fight anywhere. She holds Shivaye. She says all vows got over, but I have to tell something, thanks, you have me a loving family, you have completed my life. Shivaye says I have to say something, you are the most beautiful, kind, wonderful girl I know. She cries. O jaana…plays…. He asks her not to cry. He says every moment spent with you is like an adventure, I just want to be with you forever.

The decorative name board falls down. Abhay holds it. Shivaye and Anika look on. Anika gets mehendi applied. Rudra calls Bhavya and says her anger didn’t calm down. He calls commissioner and says even he is not answering, why, how will fight end, how to reach her. Dadi hugs Anika. Anika smiles seeing Shivaye.

Abhay says how will function complete without songs, call for dhol. Everyone dances on punjabiyaan ki battery…..plays….. Abhay dances with them. Shivaye and Anika smile. They have a moment. Her dress gets stuck to his sherwani. He frees it. They have an eyelock. Ishq hai aansun…plays…. A chunri falls on them. Dadi holds chunri between them and says this is also a rasam, groom and bride don’t see each other. She takes their mobiles to stop them from video calling.

Shivaye drinks and says cheers to my last night as a bachelor. Rudra says you are already married. Shivaye says ya right. Om talks of his divorce. Rudra says they didn’t get divorce. He laughs and says we celebrated Shivaye’s bachelors’ night many times, first Mallika, then Tia, Ragini, how many wrong numbers do you dial, cheers. Om says after right number, SSO says hello. They laugh and drink.


Shivaye says she is my life, when its written in destiny, you get the right person. They do Aw. Shivaye says I m fine, seriously, life changes after right person comes in our lives. Rudra gets sad and says by someone’s coming or going, what’s meaning of shallow ageist. Om and Shivaye explain him. Shivaye asks who told you this. Rudra says none, you were talking. Shivaye says life should change, we Oberois will never change. Rudra reminds the bracelets they made last time, our relation can never change, we don’t need it now. They all say one for all, all for one. Abhay comes and asks am I disturbing. Shivaye asks Rudra to give place to Abhay.

They drink. Abhay says its such a good family, your bonding is very rare and special. Anika says all this happened, what would be Shivaye doing now, I can’t call him. Shivaye says I will not get sleep till I see Anika, how to make my message reach her. He gets an idea and plays a song Inteha hogai…. Anika hears it and smiles.

Om thinks of Gauri’s words. He gets angry. Jhanvi asks why are you angry, did Tej say anything, did you had fight with Gauri. Om says its not about Tej, Gauri said she wants a break, she didn’t say where she is going and I didn’t ask. He asks her to call Gauri and find out, then tell me as well. He goes. Shivaye goes somewhere. He hears anklet sound and turns to see. He sees Anika. Music plays….She says its a rasam, we can’t see each other. She shows her mehendi and asks him to find his name. Ishq hai aansun….plays….””

He shows his name and kisses her hand. She asks what are you doing, its a rasam. He says there is no one here. She says you are becoming very filmi, but I like you when you become Tadibaaz. He says fine then and does the act.

Jhanvi talks to Tej about Om’s issue. He asks her to relax, couples have issues. She says Gauri didn’t tell him where she is going. He asks her to call Gauri. She calls and says her number is off. Om tries calling Gauri and says what can be imp for her than Shivaye’s marriage. He recalls Pinky’s words and says she goes without saying, there is something. He gets a wrong number call and says this is not wrong number if he is asking for Gauri, who is he. He turns and sees Tej. Tej says your mom said your personal life has problems. Om says there aren’t, even if there are problems, you don’t need to worry. Om calls their relation a big pain for him. Tej says I know I didn’t do dad’s duty, but I changed. Om says you got late, no use to change now, I learnt living without a father, I will always fight alone, I have no complains, as I have no hope from you. Tej asks won’t you give me a chance. Om reminds his mistakes. Tej says I know I did many mistakes, you don’t do such mistakes, address misunderstandings soon, Jhanvi did your upbringing, like she always stood by me and gave me chance, you also save your and Gauri’s relation, I hope you understand in time. Om says don’t worry, I will not do any mistake to understand now. Tej tells Jhanvi that Om didn’t say anything, Gauri and he has problems. Jhanvi says Gauri’s phone is unreachable, Shivaye can talk to Om, but its his marriage now. Tej says finally, Shivaye and Anika’s life is getting happiness, we should not bother them, Om and Gauri will solve their problems.

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