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Game of love 8 October 2020: Dadi says this is your next challenge, Anika you will become Billu and Billu will become Anika. Shivaye acts like Anika and falls in Rudra’s arms. Anika acts like Shivaye and poses. Some time before, Anika says I won’t get sleep, I m very hungry. Shivaye holds her. She says Dadi will see.

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He says Dadi would be sleeping, why didn’t you sleep till now. She says I was hungry. He says I made pau bhaji. She says maybe you didn’t taste it. He says your dish was also unbearable. She says leave it, what to do, I m feeling hungry. Anika hears Dadi and asks him to hide fast. He holds her also. Rudra stops Dadi and asks why didn’t you sleep.

Dadi says I have to explain Anika about next challenge. Rudra says Anika has slept, she told me she made food and got tired. Dadi says fine, we will let
her sleep, I will tell Billu. Rudra says Billu is in meeting, conference call, you see me. He takes Dadi. Anika says we got saved. Shivaye says you were hungry, will you have pau bhaji. She says no, I m feeling sleepy. He says not one I made, stall one. She says then we have to go out, if Dadi sees…. He says I will see outside, you come out, we will have stall one, not mine. He goes.

Pinky says this is my house but everyone favors Anika, even my son, since she came here, ….. Shakti shouts enough is enough, stop blaming Anika for your mistakes, I always support right, you are wrong. She says yes, I m wrong, I have seen you calling her daughter. He says she earned her respect, you lost your respect. She asks him to leave her alone on her state. He says its useless talking to you. He goes. Anika looks on. Pinky cries.

Anika and Shivaye come to a stall. Anika says stall in Oberoi mansion. He says I can’t make pau bhaji, but can get it here. She says you did this for me. He says no for Khanna, of course for you. He asks the man to make fresh pau bhaji for madam. She tastes pau bhaji and stumbles. He holds her and asks is it not good, shall I scold him. She says its really good. He says I understood, very nice, I m okay. She feeds him. She asks how is it. He says one shouldn’t talk while eating, its good.

She says I will add lemon in this, then it will be very good. He says I don’t have citric acid at night. She feeds him. He says really nice, I thought to take you to coffee shop, you got happy with this stall. She says I m liking it. She says I have to talk to you, Pinky is upset, no one is talking to her. He says we won’t talk about this. He goes.
Its morning, Anika and Shivaye ask what. Dadi says this is your next challenge, this makes husband and wife relation more strong. Bhavya says Shivaye and Anika know each other well.

Rudra says Shivaye’s sensors are strong and he feels Anika’s presence from 6km. Shivay asks 6km. Dadi says yes, Anika you will become Billu and Billu will become Anika. Shakti says excellent, it will be much fun. Dadi asks are you ready. Shivaye says always Dadi. They all cheer for him. Shivaye talks like Anika and stumbles. He talks to slipper. Shivaye acts like Anika. They all laugh. Anika corrects Shivaye. Dadi says stop it, you can fight later, focus on challenge. Shivaye signs Rudra to come. Rudra stands as Shivaye. Shivaye continues act as Anika and falls in Rudra’s arms. Rudra sings O jaana….plays…. Anika says leave each other, chee, I don’t do this. Shivaye says don’t lie, you do this. Anika says I slip by mistake. Rudra says Shivaye’s personality is such that any girl slips. They all clap.

Shakti says you are brilliant Shivaye. Shivaye concludes the act. Dadi says now its Anika’s act. Bhavya asks Anika to go for it. Anika acts like Shivaye and throws the phone as well. Shivaye holds his face and says excuse me, I don’t break phone for a deal. She says you break phones for everything. She gets in act again and gets his phone. She concludes her act with his signature gesture and line that I will make everything fine. Pinky comes and says you are doing my son’s acting.

Anika says no, I… Pinky says my son says such, I will make everything fine, he does this for everyone, except his mum, he has forgotten me. Anika says but I m sure Shivaye will make everything fine. Pinky cries and goes to Shivaye. She says you used to say you can do anything for this family, I m also part of your family, I m your mum, you are not talking to me, will you give me this result of my tapasya and love, won’t you say, fine, get annoyed, but you will be my son. He says stop it, I told you I m not your son. He goes. Pinky cries and goes.

Anika stops Shivaye and says please. He says don’t take her side, she is not my mum now. She says when mum can forgive child’s many mistakes, can’t child forgive her one mistake. He says I can forgive her for what she did with me, but I can’t forgive her for what she did with you, else it will be injustice with you. She says its because of me. He says no, its because of her, don’t get guilt in mine, your respect is my respect, everyone should know attacking on Anika is attacking on Shivaye, stop it now.

Dadi and everyone come. Dadi says we all need time to forget what Pinky did, I m glad you supported Anika today, when we have everything, its easy to stay happy, but relation’s real Agnipariksha is when we have nothing, this is my third challenge for you two, I want to see how you stay happy when you have nothing.

Shivaye sees Anika. Dadi says you have to understand from where your life partner came, how was her life. Shivaye says I know she stayed in chawl. Dadi says you don’t know that life, Anika stayed here and knows your life, you didn’t know her situation, so I want you to live Anika’s life for one day, which she lived in her house in chawl.


Shivaye asks are you sure, one day will pass like this. Dadi says you have to stay in situation like Anika. Shakti says you have live like a common man, not Shivaye. Shivaye says don’t worry dad, I will do it. Rudra jokes. Shivaye says there is nothing i can’t do. Anika says we will see. Dadi asks Rudra to give money to Billu.
Rudra gives money and says its less. Dadi takes money and says what will be challenge if you give so much, how much did you spend per day Anika.

Anika calculates. Shivaye says be careful of zeroes. Anika says 200 rs for expenses per day. Dadi gives 200 rs. Rudra says even pizza doesn’t come in 200 rs, what will Shivaye eat, order veg burger. Shivaye says I will manage. Dadi says you will hide your identity and go there. Shivaye says don’t worry, come will know, Khanna get the car. They laugh. Shivaye says I have habit, fine. Rudra asks will you go in these clothes. Shivaye goes to change.

Shivaye wears simple clothes. Anika says you became Simple Singh Oberoi. He says I m doing this for you, without car, in this rain, by walk. She says we will take rickshaw. He says we will go on your Champa. She says no, either of rickshaw or bus. He says no bus. She hires an auto. He sits. She asks him to sit well. He asks driver to drive carefully.

She says you have sat in auto for first time. He asks where is seat belt. She asks what. He asks is there no seat belt, yes I sat for the first time. She says you don’t know there is no seat belt. He says how, it should be there. She says see how buckets of air come inside auto. He says my hairstyle will spoil, can’t you cover here. Song plays….. He says music also plays here, we are trying to talk, low down.

Anika says you can’t ask driver to low volume, you look very cute now. He says you stop calling me cute, I m….. They get jerk. He gets hurt on head. She says this is problem in rickshaws. She cares for him. He says this is best thing. He asks don’t you have romantic songs. They smile. She says its good song.
Tej puts chit under dosa and asks Jhanvi to have it. He signs her. Jhanvi picks dosa. Shwetlana comes and stops her. She asks him not to force Jhanvi, I will eat it. Om and Gauri come to haveli. She asks did your Dada ji stay here. He says yes, for some time. She asks is idol here. He says yes, it was placed here. Servant comes and asks how was your journey, Shivaye told me you are coming, idol is here, get fresh, I will get food. Om asks him to show idol, what happened to light.

Servant says light went, it will come in morning, you can leave in morning, stay here at night. Om agrees.
Tej argues with some men. Shwetlana asks what are you doing. Tej holds the man and acts drunk. He sings. She says sorry. The man asks her to apologize to police. She says no. Tej says call police, I m not scared of anyone.

Om and Gauri come to the room. She coughs. He gives her napkin and says you are allergic to dust. Servant says idol is here and opens the box. He says where did it go, it was here. Om gets shocked. Gauri says there is nothing here, where did idol go. Tej is in lockup. He thinks when police comes, I will tell them about my real identity. An inspector comes.

Tej thinks this is the chance. Inspector asks his name. Tej is about to tell him and hears another inspector telling about Naren’s murder, and Tej and Jhanvi are suspects. Tej worries. Inspector asks his name. Tej says I m Peter. Shwetlana comes and asks inspector to leave Peter, she got bail paper. Inspector says I m just leaving you this time.

Servant tells about Kaka, who passed away. Om says maybe Dadi got idol shifted. Gauri says no, why would Dadi send us here. She notices servant wearing much gold. Servant gets a call and says I will call later. He says I will ask other servant and goes. Om says we should tell Dadi that idol is not here. She says not now, something is wrong, did you see servant’s costly phone and clothes, he is a fraud. He says you mean he has stolen the idol, how to find out. She says yes, he will tell us himself. Shwetlana scolds Tej for his plan. He says how dare you think of doing this. She says you don’t forget what I can do, I can send you two to police station. Tej says we didn’t murder Naren. She asks who will agree, none, I smartly planned this. He says enough of your drama, I will tell everything to Jhanvi, I don’t care. He goes. She gives him a shock and makes him faint.

Om says I don’t want to involve police, tell me where is the idol. Servant says don’t call police, I don’t know anything about idol. Gauri says I m enough for him. She wears her glasses and shows her Dabbang style. She throws candy at the wall and eats it. Tej wakes up. Shwetlana gets food for him and asks him to have his fav dosa. He asks her to have it too. He eats dosa and asks for water. She goes. He gets something to add. She gets water. Tej adds the liquid. He asks her to have sambar, and he will have chutney. He confuses her. She eats sambar. She starts getting dizzy. Tej smiles. She falls on the bed. He says before she gets conscious, I must inform Jhanvi. He calls Jhanvi and asks her to meet him immediately. He leaves.

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