Game of love update Wednesday 7 October 2020

Game of love 7 October 2020: Dadi asks Shivaye and Anika to taste each other’s dish and say which is better. Shivaye and Anika taste the dishes. Aa dekhe zara….plays…. Shivaye coughs. Anika looks at him. Some time before, Anika says I have never seen this type of cabbage.

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Rudra says you were a ruling king in catering world. She says yes, but I never cooked food, I just know making Aloo puri, you would know cooking what Shivaye said. He says I just know making protein shake, I got an idea, what we don’t know, internet knows. She says I didn’t think of this. He types how to make…. what was that Rata…. She says ratatouille…. He says its there. She asks what is this girl saying. He says she is so hot, I mean she is making hot dish. She says I don’t understand. He says she is saying French, I took

French classes in college, I will tell you. She asks him to say. He says she is saying, oh no…. she is saying tough French, I m trying to understand, she is boiling, boil everything.Shivaye says Pau bhaji, she could have demanded five course meal, but she asked for this. Bhavya says simple looking things are tough. He says nothing is tough for me, there is nothing I can’t do. She asks how is this pau bhaji, you might have eaten it. He says no. She says you would have seen it getting cooked. He says no. She says then what’s your plan, I just have raw eggs. He says I have solution for everything, I have just called Khanna, chill. Khanna comes. Shivaye asks did you eat Chowpatty pay bhaji. Khanna says yes, its really good. Shivaye asks how to make it, speciality…. Khanna says its made in open, some dirt, sweat, hardwork, it doubles its taste. Shivaye says yuck… Shivaye starts cooking. Anika says I made as you said, but this is different than video, it was not green in video.

Rudra says I know why, camera was not good, there was lighting issue. She says fine, color difference right, taste this. He says I won’t take this risk. She says you mean its made bad. He says no, I don’t eat veg on thursday. Shivaye says the bhaji is ready, there you go Bhavya, taste it and tell me how is it. She gets bad smell and sneezes. She says I have cold, I think allergy by tadka.

He asks Khanna to taste it. Khanna tastes and says its perfect. Shivaye says I knew it, who made it, go and see what they are doing, taste once again. Khanna says no, I m done, I don’t eat on duty like people don’t drink on duty. She says I have cold, I will stay away.

Khanna comes to Anika. Rudra says don’t talk to him, he is Shivaye’s spy. Khanna says no, I came to say Shivaye made great dish. Rudra says even we made great, go and tell him we will win. Khanna says did you make this, color looks strange. Rudra says desi man, this is French dish. Anika says its good in taste, don’t go on colors. Khanna says maybe, Shivaye’s dish was good and taste was bad. Rudra sends him. Bhavya asks shall I give you idea, we will add spices in bhaji, we are making this for Anika, she likes spices. He says no. She says please wait, let me mix, we made indian dish more indian. Khanna comes. Shivaye asks how is the dish. Khanna says don’t know, they looked confident and said they will win. Shivaye says Anika doesn’t know C of cooking, I will win. He asks Bhavya to taste dish. She says I have cold. He says Khanna can’t say bad about my dish, I want a honest opinion, I can’t wait, do it. She tastes it. He says you loved it right. She spits and coughs. She asks for water. He asks is it not good. She says what are you saying, its horrible, sorry. Shivaye asks what will we do, we will lose. She says not at all, I m ACP Bhavya, I will not let you lose, leave it to me.

Anika asks what did you say, it should be green, its red. Rudra asks the dish why is it changing color like a chameleon. She says we have lost this challenge. He says I swear on that hot french girl, I won’t let you lose this challenge. She asks what will you do now. He says leave it to me.

Bhavya goes out and says I have to make Shivaye win the challenge, there is just one way. Rudra comes out and says if I have to make Anika win, I have to spoil Shivaye’s dish. They collide and say you…. He asks did you think Brad Pitt will come in Oberoi mansion. She says yes, he can come, what are you doing here. He asks what do you want to know. She says interrogation, I have habit, I m an ACP. He asks why did you get tensed, were you going to spoil Anika’s dish. She laughs and says sometimes you are so funny, I don’t get such cheap ideas, did you get this idea, did you come to spoil Shivaye’s dish, I caught you.

He asks done, I have other work, I was guarding Anika’s dish, so that none puts water on it. She says I was also guarding Shivaye’s dish, Anika has a naughty kid in her team. He says I m much naughty, but I m not a kid. She says whatever and goes to kitchen via window. Rudra also comes in kitchen. Aa dekhe zara….. plays….. Bhavya wears gloves and adds an egg. Rudra has sugar packers in his jacket and adds sugar in the bhaji. They smile. Bhavya thinks now Shivaye will win this challenge. Rudra thinks after so much sugar, Anika’s win will get more sweet.

Dadi says its time, where are they. Rudra and Anika come dressed as chefs and get their dish. Shivaye and Bhavya come with their dish in Chowpatty style. Shivaye sees Anika and gets mesmerized. O jaana….plays…. Dadi says let’s see who wins first challenge, if you two like each other’s dish or not. Shivaye smiles seeing Anika. Rudra and Bhavya give a stare to each other. Dadi asks Shivaye and Anika to taste each other’s dish and say which is better. Shivaye and Anika see each other. Dadi sees them and says Billu, where is your focus, what did you make Anika. Anika tries to name dish. Shivaye tells the name. He says I made pau bhaji in Chowpatty style. Shakti says let’s see what you guys made.

Rudra shows the dish made by Anika. They all see it. Bhavya says I will also present pau bhaji for Anika from Shivaye’s stall. They see the pau bhaji dish. Rudra signs Anika not to worry. Dadi says Hayo rabba….. Shakti says both dishes are…… Rudra thinks they don’t know I spoiled their dish, I will get fun after they lose challenge. Bhavya thinks stupid, they don’t know we have already won. Anika and Shivaye say their dishes looks good. They ask Dadi is eating it necessary. Dadi says how will you know how its made. Shivaye and Anika go to taste the dishes.

Gauri sprays pepper in Om’s eyes by mistake and says I didn’t do intentionally. Om says I m not a ghost. She says sorry. He asks her to be quiet. She sees four men and says ghost, four ghosts. Om asks four ghosts. She sees their feet and says they are not ghosts, their feet is straight, they are men who came to loot us. The goon calls her smart and asks her to give everything. She scolds them. Om asks her to stop nonsense and give them, try to understand. She says we will deal with them. Om asks them to take wallet. Goon says give us everything, come here, maybe he is blind. Gauri argues. The goon says maybe we should kidnap this girl. Om and Gauri get shocked.

Shivaye eats first and coughs. Anika looks at him. He laughs and acts to praise her. He says its really nice, exotic, what did you make. Dadi understands and smiles. Rudra says I was Anika’s assistant. Bhavya asks are you sure, you like it. Shivaye says so good Anika. Anika says how can this happen. Rudra says I was thinking the same. Shivaye asks Anika to taste. Anika tastes and feels like vomiting. She digests and praises the pau bhaji. Bhavya says how can this happen, ratatouille doesn’t have raw eggs. Rudra asks how can you like sweet pau bhaji, I mean Shivaye adds less salt. Bhavya says I like raw eggs so much that I get its smell everywhere. Shivaye says Anika’s dish is perfect.

She says even Shivaye’s dish is best Dadi says then you both decide whose dish is better. Shakti says so that we can decide the winner. Shivaye says Anika. She says Shivaye…. Dadi says its true ishqbaazi. Rudra and Bhavya ask who is winner. Dadi says love has won, you both have won in first challenge, congrats. They clap. Shivaye hugs Anika and congrats. Dadi says you started again. Rudra says Billu doesn’t agree. Pinky comes and says you are enjoying well, did you make this Shivaye. Shivaye goes. She cries. Anika sees her.

Shwetlana shows the locket to Tej and asks why did you remove this. He says I was feeling hot. She asks him to wear it, then she will get news of what he does. He agrees and says I m doing whatever you are saying, this locket is not needed. She says I have fixed microphone in locket which is connected to my phone, so that I know everything. She goes. Tej looks at Jhanvi and thinks I have to stop Jhanvi from taking us phone, I have to do something to let Jhanvi know this. Om asks goons not to touch Gauri. Om kicks goon and asks Gauri to become his eyes, tell where they are. She helps Om. Om beats the goons.

A goon holds her hand. Om pushes him away. Gauri falls over Om. Om holds her in arms. Music….plays….. She asks Om to beat them. Om says wait, I have beaten all four goons, who is fifth one. She teases him. He holds her close and opens eyes. Badalon me ghul nai jaaye…..plays….. Their moments are seen. They have an eyelock.

He asks are you fooling me. She says I was joking, yo have beaten them, amazing. He says I told you there is nothing like ghost. She says you got scared in car. He says its because of you, you were saying much. She says fine, I won’t talk now. He holds her. He says we will leave now.

Jhanvi asks Tej is he ready. Tej asks her to have sambar dosa. She says I don’t want. He asks her to sit, its long journey. He sees Shwetlana. He gives dosa to Jhanvi. The chit falls. Jhanvi refuses to have it. Shwetlana comes and asks what are you doing. He drops his hat over chit and picks the chit along with hat.

Rudra thinks how can this happen, I added sugar in it, even then Anika liked it. Bhavya says how did Shivaye like the dish when I added raw eggs, I have to check. They collides again and ask what are you doing here. She says I came to taste Shivaye’s dish, I also worked hard. He says I came to taste Anika’s dish, I also worked hard. She says then come, we will taste. They see the taste. He says I feel like puking on seeing it, how did she like it. She says I m also thinking how did Shivaye like this, we will have to and see.

They wish all the best to each other and try it. She coughs. He says its so bad, how did Shivaye like it. She says I didn’t have worse pau bhaji than this, how did Anika like it. Rudra says it means they were lying. She asks but why. Dadi comes and says because they love each other, happiness matters. Rudra says I don’t understand this funda to lie to keep each other happy. Dadi says you didn’t pass this stage. Rudra says I have crossed many stages and limits. Bhavya agrees. Rudra and Bhavya argue. Rudra says just your duty is imp for you, nothing else. She goes. Dadi calls him and goes. He says what did I do.

Om says I called for a car, but it will take time. Gauri thanks him for saving her from goon. He says it was my duty. She asks why. He says because…. She asks him to say. He says you are a girl and if girl is in trouble, its my duty to save her, I would have done this even if there was some other girl in your place. He asks what happened. She says nothing. He thinks her attitude put up started. She thinks he is strange and doesn’t say what he should. She stumbles. He holds her and asks her to be careful. She says you saved me as I m a girl, its good man’s duty to help. He asks what do you mean. She says you won’t understand and walks ahead. Shwetlana gives other dosa to Jhanvi. Tej puts chit under dosa and asks Jhanvi to have it. He signs her. Jhanvi picks dosa. Shwetlana comes and stops her.

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