Game of love update Thursday 29 October 2020

Game of love 29 October 2020: Everyone smiles seeing Badshah, who performs on Abhi to party shuru hui hai…….. Some time before, Anika laughs on Shivaye’s fake attitude. He asks her to stop it. She asks what will you do if I don’t stop. He asks shall I say or do. She says Dadi….

He asks where… She says in her room and gets going. He holds her hand and stops. Chand chupa badal mein….plays…. Shivaye romances and kisses her. They get close. They hear media. Shivaye jokes that media is covering the girls’ heartbreak as he is marrying, if I could do what was in Mahabharat. She says Swayamvar. He says yes, that, millions of girls would have come. She asks him to keep Swayamvar, I m going to my room, you ruined my mood. He stops her and says there maybe many girls, but I m marrying you. She says

we will meet tomorrow and goes. Media is at Oberoi mansion. Someone comes there wearing hood. Khanna asks them to move back. Khanna goes to check electricity wiring. Someone enters the house, getting wrapped in a carpet. The person comes out and removes the hood. Its some girl…..

She says I have come inside house, I have to meet Shivaye before he marries Anika, else it will be a big disaster. Khanna checks things. He stops that girl who hides face by a ghunghat. She lies to him and thinks to meet Shivaye before ceremony. Dadi says haldi will happen as per mahurat. Jhanvi asks her not to worry and goes to check arrangements. Dadi asks Pinky what happened. Pinky says I had some dreams for my son, but he behaves so badly with me. Dadi asks her to give some time to Shivaye, just keep doing mum’s duty,

he will realize being a son. She asks Khanna to do his work and come, she has some work. Khanna goes to Shivaye. Shivaye takes his phone and calls. Khanna says no use, Anika’s phone is with Dadi. Shivaye says I had to give her imp message. Khanna asks shall I convey it. Shivaye says no, none trusts you, its personal message. Khanna asks him to talk in haldi and congratulates for marriage.

The girl goes to Shivaye and stops. He looks out of the door. The girl goes. Shivaye says you…. Dadi asks him to come with her. They leave.

Dadi says I have a surprise, I called Badshah in function today. Shakti asks that popstar? Pinky says I m his big fan. Dadi asks her to stay happy, he should have come by now. Shivaye comes with Omru. Everyone smiles. Dadi says Anika has come. Shivaye tries to see Anika. Abhay says she is looking gorgeous, shall I click her pic. Shivaye says yes, I want to see her. Rudra says Dadi said its bad omen, Dadi believes in it. Dadi asks where is haldi. Abhay goes to get it. Om says he just came and doing much work, he is sweet. Rudra says much sweetness is not good. Om calls him jealous. Dadi likes the decorations on bowl and compliments Abhay.

She says mum applies haldi first, I told Shivaye to listen. She asks Pinky to come. Pinky cries and says you are much annoyed with me, what to do, I m mad and can’t think of anything else, you are much imp to me. Kabhi khushi kabhi gham…plays…. She applies haldi and goes. Dadi asks Jhanvi to come now. Tej applies haldi to Shivaye. The girl thinks to talk to Shivaye. Shakti, Omru also apply haldi. Shivaye says I will apply haldi to Anika. Dadi asks him to sit.

Jhanvi asks Anika did she hear what Shivaye said. Sahil asks can I apply haldi to Anika. Jhanvi says yes, but after elders. Abhay says we will make mood better, we will play haldi holi. He throws haldi on Rudra. Rudra throws at him. Om gets haldi on him and asks what was this. Rudra says I missed the shot. Om throws haldi on him and throws haldi on Shakti. Shivaye throws haldi on Rudra. They all play haldi holi. Lafzon ka yeh…plays… Shakti applies haldi to Pinky. They smile.

Badshah comes. He performs on Abhi to party shuru hui hai………and Kar gayi chull….Shivaye takes Anika with him and asks her to open eyes. She says no, Dadi said its not good to see each other. He insists. She sees him. He asks how do I look. She says good. He asks her not to worry, just good will happen with them now. She asks pinky promise. He promises.

The girl looks for Shivaye and asks servant. She goes to Abhay and thinks where did Shivaye go. Shivaye says it was hardest day of my life. I didn’t see you since yesterday. She asks why did you get me here. He says I wanted to apply haldi to my wife myself. In lamhon ke daman me….plays…. He applies haldi to her. She turns shy and nervous. He doesn’t let her go and applies haldi. He pulls her close. They hug. He applies haldi on her back. He says I want to say something.

She asks what. He says what you want to hear. He applies haldi to her face by his face. He says I love…. Dadi asks where is Anika. Anika says Dadi and runs. He asks her to listen, I love…. O jaana…plays… The girl comes. Khanna asks him to come fast, Dadi is finding him. They go. Dadi looks for Sahil. She says I m worried for Sahil. Abhay helps her and asks her to just chill, he will feed medicines to Sahil. She goes. He says where to find Sahil.



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