Game of love update Monday 26 October 2020

Game of love 26 October 2020: Oberoi family members argue with an inspector and get behind bars. Some time before, Om says Gauri is not answering. Shivaye says I hope they are not in any problem. The scooty breaks down. Anika worriedly checks it. Gauri asks what to do now.

Anika says we have to hide it, but how. Gauri shows a fallen tree. Anika, Suman and Gauri cover the scooty by the leaves and run. The village head and others arrive there. Village head laughs and says they think they will hide here and get saved, they don’t know I m the village head, I will find them. Anika asks Gauri and Suman to hide at other place. They get divided. Shivaye sees the villagers and stops the car.

Village head and others look for Suman. Village head asks them to come out, they know they are hiding here. Anika sees him going towards

Gauri and Suman. She thinks their life is in danger, I have to do something. She shouts I m here and gets up. He laughs on seeing her. Gauri gets worried. He keeps a knife at Anika’s neck and asks where is Suman. She refuses to say. He threatens her. Suman gets up and says I m here, leave her. He says we will tackle you in village, we will first see them. Suman says no, its not their mistake, I was not happy with the marriage, punish me, leave them. He says they have ruined our respect in front of entire village. She accepts her mistake. Gauri asks Suman are you mad. Anika asks her not to get scared and gets hurt by knife.

The men talk that city girls didn’t get scared of village head’s threatening, they will not leave the girls for making the bride run from mandap. Shivaye and Om hear the men. Shivaye and Om say they can’t bear anything happening to their love. Anika hits the village head and runs with Gauri and Suman. Anika gets tired of running. Gauri shows the police station. The men see police station and runs. Shivaye asks the man about Anika and Gauri. The man says maybe village head took them somewhere. Shivaye pushes him and wonders where are Anika and Gauri.

Shivaye gets the blood stained knife, and thinks of Anika’s words. Om gets piece of Gauri’s clothes and thinks of her. Anika, Gauri and Suman ask for senior inspector to file FIR. Constable says you can meet her when she comes. Gauri says we came to file report against village head. The lady inspector comes and asks who is it. Constable says hear one imp thing about her. Anika says we have heard enough. Constable Tyagi salutes inspector Taadka. They laugh on her name. Anika says we were waiting for you to file FIR against village head, he is getting her married without her wish. Taadka asks fish, tailor? She doesn’t hear well. Gauri says I think she can’t hear us. Anika checks by signing her. Taadka asks Tyagi to put herself in. Gauri says she didn’t call you deaf. Taadki asks him to put Gauri and Suman inside lockup too. Tyagi says I told you not to talk much. Anika says let me make a call. Anika calls Shivaye.

Om says maybe Anika is calling from unknown number. Anika says Shivaye, we are in police station. Shivaye asks what are you doing there. She says we came to file report and got in lockup, will you ask everything on call. Shivaye says I m coming, which police station. Taadka scolds Tyagi. She says these girls joked with me and now they will know its result.

Rudra and Bhavya come to an army quarter. Rudra likes the room and rests. She asks him to remove shoes. He plays with a pillow and gets all the fur out. He says I didn’t know pillow will get torn. She laughs. He apologizes and asks how did she agree so soon. She says when apology is made from heart, it not needed often.

Shivaye and Om come to police station. Shivaye scolds the inspector. He asks Anika and Gauri not to worry. Anika says listen to me. Shivaye says hold on. He threatens the inspector to get transfer done. Om says call the defence minister directly. Taadka shouts Tyagi and puts them inside the lockup. Shivaye says you should have told me. Anika jokes and says Tadi doesn’t work anywhere. Gauri says Taadka has more Tadi. They laugh on her name. Taadka shouts. Anika asks did you come to free us or get caught. Shivaye asks did you come to attend marriage or make bride run away. Anika says we had no option, they were forcing her for marriage. Gauri says that too with an old man. They argue. Om says guys we are in lockup. Shivaye holds Anika. She asks are you thinking of romance. He sees her wound. She says its nothing. He says when I leave from here, I will not leave that man, She says then we will come back here. She sees his wound and worried. He says we had ring ceremony today. She says we are together. He says this experience is also imp.

Om says you should have told me. Gauri says I called you, you didn’t answer. They argue. Tej comes and shouts what the hell, who has dared to put our children here. Everyone signs them. Shakti asks them not to worry. Taadka asks who are you. Tej says we are the Oberois, I want them out right now. He hits the table. Tej and Shakti also get in lockup. Shakti says I didn’t tell anything. Shivaye says it was enough what Tej said, someone could be even to her.

Bhavya says I will sleep on ground. Rudra asks for food. Bhavya calls to order food. She says food services were operational till lunch time, now you will get food at dinner time. He asks what will I have now. They go to kitchen to cook something. He throws the eggs to her. He says I will make chocolate cake. She says fine. He asks do you know making. She says I will watch you making it. He jokes. They have few months while making the cake.

Everyone talks in lockup. Taadka asks them to shut up, else she will put them in different lockups. Dadi comes and asks who has such courage to put my family in jail. Taadka asks who has such courage to threaten me here. Shivaye says if she puts Dadi in lockup, I will sue her. Dadi and Taadka challenge each other and have an arm wrestle. Taadka asks Dadi did she identify her. They laugh and hug. Shivaye and everyone call Dadi and remind they are here. Dadi says I didn’t think I will see this day. Om says if Rudra was here, he would have gone in first. Dadi asks did you not identify Tej and Shakti. Taadka says no, they were little cry babies, they did good, village head and old groom got arrested. Dadi asks why did you put them in. Taadka says they are Tadibaaz. Dadi reminds the childhood days.

Taadka leaves all of them and praises Anika and Gauri for showing bravery. She says policeman will drop Suman home, I will punish the old groom and village head. Dadi says till we reach home, we will miss mahurat for chunri rasam. Taadka asks her to do rasam here, its a temple for her and work is worship. She says if Kalyani’s dad didn’t support my studies, I would have not been on my feet, give me a chance to repay your favor. Dadi agrees. Rudra and Bhavya get chocolate on their faces. They get close and have an eyelock. Anika gets seated. Dadi makes her wear the chunri. Shivaye winks to Anika.

Taadka asks Anika to tell her if he is teasing her, she will put him in lockup. They laugh. Om clicks a picture. Dadi says chunri rasam happened, we will do ring ceremony at home. Shivaye says I can’t think what will happen if rasam started in police station. Dadi says its Tadibaaz Billu and khidki tod Anika’s marriage, something different will happen.

Bhavya serves the cake to Rudra. They have it and feed each other. He says I m perfect cook, I know it. She asks why are you asking them. He praises himself. She asks him about his earnings. He says you can’t digest that you got a hot and happening guy in this age. She looks at him and asks what do you mean, I don’t deserve a guy like you, are you doing a favor on me, am I any aunty type. He says no, I meant I have more options in my age. She asks him what is he, he is such a shallow ageist. She scolds him. She asks him not to think he is doing a favor on her. He says I didn’t say anything. She angrily goes. He asks her to listen. He says we were having good fun and… what’s the need to overreact. She asks am I overreacting. He says I have accepted your flaws, that you are older, I have no issues with it. She says your immaturity is a big issue. He says I just want to say sorry. She says thanks, you have cleared a lot today, shallow ageist. He asks what does this mean. She asks is there any use, I m going. She goes out and sees Manav. She says Manav… Rudra asks Manav? She says he is my friend. Manav asks is everything fine. She says yes, everything is fine now.

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