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Game of love 27 October 2020: Shivaye throws water on Anika and asks her to relax and breathe. She asks him not to say it again and throws water on him. He makes her wear the ring and kisses her hand. Ishq hai aansun….plays….

  • Game of love 26 October 2020

They all see someone coming on a bike. Some time before, Dadi says I don’t want any other drama, Billu’s marriage will happen after two days. Anika gets too excited and reacts. They all look at her. Anika asks when did we change this bulb last time. They all laugh. She makes excuses. Shivaye says how will everything happen in two days. Shakti says mehendi rasam didn’t happen. Dadi says it will happen today. Comedian Zakir comes in. Shivaye hugs him and introduces to his family.

Anika starts laughing and says he is so funny, I remember his joke. Shivaye asks her to be little subtle.

She asks why do you do stand up comedy by standing, Shivaye gift him few sofas, do comedy by sitting on sofa, we will still laugh. Zakir says stand up comedy has to be done by standing. Anika laughs and says you are so funny. Shivaye says she is a bit… She asks what. Zakir says I m waiting for this day, congrats, I have work. He leaves.

Anika says he is so funny. Dadi asks them to start preparations. Om and Shakti divide the work. Tej says someone call Rudra. Pinky comes and says you guys did my son’s chunri rasam and didn’t tell me, will you insult me more. Shivaye says if anyone can get happy for me and my wife can come else… He argues. Dadi asks them to forget everything and make a new start. She gets a call and goes.

Anika says how will so much happen in two days, what will I wear. She checks the wardrobe. She says I have no clothes, how will bridal dress get ready in two days. Shivaye comes to her and asks her to just breathe. She says I have no clothes to wear, leave breathing. He reminds she is getting married to him, he will arrange everything for her. He shows the ring box. She asks what’s this. He says its a tractor, come on I got a ring for you, breathe in.

She asks him to show it. He calls her a greedy monkey. She asks did you call me monkey. He says sorry, female monkey. She says I m so worried. He asks her to just breathe in, he will arrange everything. She says there is much to see, fitting of dress and matching jewelry. He splashes water on her. She asks what was this. He says just relax, breathe. She says if you say breathe again, then…

He asks what. She throws water on him. She asks him to just breathe in. He asks feeling better now. She says I will take help from Gauri. He stops her and says just breathe Anika, marriage will happen, lets do engagement first. He shows the ring. He throws the box. O jaana….plays….. He makes her wear the ring and kisses her hand. Ishq hai aansun….plays….They smile. She says this is so beautiful. He says not more than you, where is my ring, I got a ring for you, but you…. She shows the ring and says if you are Shivaye, you know whom I m, Anika. He says khidki tod. She makes him wear the ring. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage….plays….. They recall their moments. She kisses his hand. He signs he got hurt and gets another kiss from her. He cups her face and they have an eyelock.

Shivaye asks Khanna to make sure there is no security breach. He talks to Jhanvi and goes. Anika asks Jhanvi to say if there is any work. Jhanvi says I can’t imagine Shivaye changed so much, he used to crack big business deals, now he is organizing a mehendi ceremony. He orders organic mehendi for Anika. Anika thanks him. He asks what did I do. She says thanks from heart, for this ring, like Saif says wow. He says thanks for reminding me marriage vows. She says wow is felt and gives examples. He says that’s wow, and this is vow. He teaches her and says vow means promises, which guy and girl exchange before marriage. She asks is that called vow, did you write it. He says yes, I m excited to share it in front of family, I kept it in room, did you prepare. She asks how will I prepare, you just told me, I m getting tension. He asks her to breathe. He goes. She says what new things he gets, its just two days and so many functions, what’s this vow.

Rudra says I m Bhavya’s friends. Guards stop him and says its commissioner’s order, none can come in who is not in guest list. Rudra argues. Bhavya comes out asking what’s this noise. Rudra sees her in bridal dress. She says you here….. come in.

Anika keeps hand on a paper and vows that she will never call Shivaye as Bagad Billa. She says how to make vows, I will call him Bagad Billa, so this vow cancel, Shivaye will say anything in good english, I can’t do anything, I wish Sahil was here. Sahil comes and asks her to say. She holds him and asks how did you come. He says I have come as you missed me. She hugs him and says you made entry on right time. He asks what help do you want. She says I have make vows for Shivaye, don’t make face, I will explain, like guy and girl make vows. Sahil asks her to think and make vows. She says I don’t understand what to make, say something. He asks her to close eyes and think. She tries. He asks her to think of the vows. She gets an idea.


He says you have to think vows, not ideas. She says you will get vows for me. He reacts what. She says you have watched much tv in hostel, don’t laugh, go. He asks will you do cheating. She asks him to just go and get it. He says cheating is bad. She says Shivaye is cheating, I have no time to write vows, please go, will you let me lose, look at me, its about my respect, go Sahil. He agrees. She signs him to go. He says my sister is making me steal, its a sin to be a kid. She asks him to regret later. She smiles and says vows, wow….”

Bhavya asks Rudra why did you come here. Rudra asks are you marrying Manav, how can you do this. She says this is right, relations can’t be kept all life by connections where flaws are found. He says I apologized, why do you want to marry so soon. She asks are you thinking how did I get a nice guy. He asks why are you upset. She says I will end all this, we met for a mission, that was just a mission, atleast we can maintain and respect our friendship, go from here, I wish you all the best. He stops her and asks how many friends did you have, with whom you shared the room. She gets upset and says I felt your age is less, but even your thinking is small, you can’t be my friend. She leaves.

Sahil comes to Shivaye’s room and says how will I find that beautiful papers, in which Shivaye wrote wedding vows. He looks around to steal the papers. Shivaye comes in and sees Sahil. He thinks I knew Anika will try to steal vows paper, but I didn’t know she will make Sahil do this. Sahil asks where did the wows go. Shivaye says its vows. Sahil gets papers and says thanks. Shivaye says you are welcome. Sahil says SSO. Shivaye asks him to look at him and asks how are you related to me, what was happening here. Sahil says I m your brother in law, Anika has sent me.

Shivaye calls him close and signs. Sahil gives the papers to Anika. Anika says you have stolen this from Bagad Billa’s cave, you are also Khidki tod like me. She reads, wow Anika… sorry, copy cat monkey, I can’t believe you have sent your younger brother to steal, you cheater. She looks at Sahil and reads, write your vows on own and remember. She asks did Shivaye give this to you. Sahil says yes, enough, come back, I will not help you now. She asks how will I write vows. He asks her to think and write. She asks where are you going. He says brother has much work in sister’s marriage, apart from stealing. He sings behna meri …. and goes. She says how will I write vows, I know V for vows.

Jhanvi asks Khanna to check all arrangements. Om and Rudra come home. She says thank God, you guys came on time, go and get ready for mehendi function, I will come. Rudra asks bad day? Om recalls Gauri’s words and says no, I m fine, why are you upset. Rudra recalls Bhavya’s words and says I m fine. Om says we can’t lie to each other, if Shivaye sees us like this, he will understand. Rudra says this shouldn’t happen, his life got happiness after long time. Om says exactly, we have to support him.

Rudra asks Om to say some shayari. Om says you will get emotional by an emotional shayari. Rudra says how will I get emotional, I m a kid, no I m not a kid. Om says you are a kid for me and hugs him. He asks are you fine. Rudra says I should be and goes.

Dadi asks someone to call Billu and Anika. Om and Rudra get Shivaye. Lafzon ka yeh…..plays….Dadi asks where is Anika, she has come. Anika comes. Everyone smiles. Shivaye says wow…. Anika says thanks. Shivaye says not this wow, I mean vow, I have written mine, where are yours. She says its ready. He asks her to show. She says I m Anika, my memory is much better than a parrot. He asks is parrot’s memory good. She says listen to me, I don’t need papers, you don’t know me, I m ready with vows. He says we will see.

Dadi says we will start mehendi ritual now. Jhanvi asks where is mehendi. Shivaye asks Khanna where is it. Khanna says actually I m tracking it. Pinky taunts them for poor arrangements. Shivaye says it will come. Dadi says but mahurat started. Shivaye calls and says my mehendi function can’t stop by traffic, I want mehendi here in 2 mins

Someone rides the bike. Shivaye says mehendi got late because of traffic, I promised Anika everything will be perfect. Om says we can’t do anything than waiting. Shivaye says every function has mahurat, we are losing time, Anika’s mehendi function spoiled because of me, I must apologize to her. He apologizes to Anika. Someone comes in riding a bike. They all look on. Security comes. The person signs Khanna to back off. Shivaye asks who is he. The guy removes the helmet. They all look on.



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