Game of love update Tuesday 6 October 2020

Game of love 6 October 2020: Dadi says Billu will make the dish which Anika says, Anika will make the dish Billu says, both will eat the dish and say whose food is better. Shivaye and Anika name their fav dishes. Rudra and Bhavya smile.

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Some time before, Rudra says its good we made two teams. Shakti says fine, but colors, themes and decorations, everything will be of my daughter’s choice. Anika says Shakti uncle….. He says not uncle, you will call me dad from now. Dadi says he is saying right. Anika asks can I call you Papa. Shakti nods and hugs. Rudra says our team is so happening, we have good looks and emotions. Om corrects his words. Gauri says our team is not less. Rudra says but less in height. Shivaye says don’t you go there. Gauri says tell me what color of decorations to do, we are groom’s side and it

will be by our choice. Rudra says you will be groom’s family at your home.
Shivaye says ya so we are in our house. Om says Shakti said we will decide. Gauri says no, we will decide. Om asks Anika to say color. Gauri says red, shagun color is red, all decorations and flowers will be red. Om says none said jagrata is happenings, its marriage. Bhavya asks what about Khaki, its so different. Rudra jokes that it will look like a police drill. Om says I think I will decide, I m artist and know colors. Gauri says I know about colors too, I made Lord’s clothes and idols. Shivaye messages Anika and asks what color she likes. O jaana….plays…. She replies, what you like. They smile. He texts… my choice is you. She blushes. Om says enough, Shakti said it will be by Anika’s choice, I will decide. Gauri says no, we will decide. Bhavya says control, chill, we don’t have to do encounter. Rudra asks Om to chill. Shivaye texts our choice met, now we have to make their choices meet. Anika replies… for this I have an idea…. She smiles.

Pinky cries and recalls Shivaye’s words. Dadi comes to her and asks are you feeling bad, entire family is together and you are alone. Pinky says Anika wanted this, she got my son and then entire family. Dadi asks can’t you see even now, we reap what we sow, Anika has sown love and reaped love, you have sown hatred and reaped hatred, Anika didn’t snatch Billu, you lost your son, you never valued Anika, at least value your son, but you couldn’t do that, so no one values you. She goes. Pinky cries.

Om asks how did you plan to get Lord idol. Shivaye says Anika said and it got planned. Anika says not me, Dadi said. Om says Dadi….. Dadi says I forgot. Shivaye says Dadi told in childhood. Om says Dadi never told about this. Shivaye says your hair got long and memory got shorter, Rudy you remember Dadi told about our tradition, Dadi tell me Dadi says yes, Billu reminded me, when your Dada and I got married, we placed that idol at home, I want same idol of Shiv Parvati in Billu and Anika’s marriage. Shivaye says correct. Rudra says wow, Shiv and Parvati, Shivaye and Anika, I noticed somethings, we brothers have names on Shiv ji and three girls have name on Parvati ji. Dadi calls him Chotu and jokes. She says its coincidence that your names are on Shiv Parvati, Om go and get it. Rudra says why to trouble Om, I will go. Shivaye says not you. Rudra says Dadi called me smart, do you doubt me. Shivaye signs him. Rudra says I m much hurt.

Anika says you are hurt, let Om go. Rudra says I realized I have work, go Om, live your life. Om says you suddenly changed mind, I will go. Dadi says go today itself, marriage rasams will start once idol is placed. Anika asks how can Om go alone. Om says don’t worry, I will take Khanna. Shivaye says no, Khanna is mine. They all react. Om asks is Khanna yours. Shivaye says no, not that way, I have some, Khanna will help. Anika says Gauri is free. Gauri says no, I won’t go. Anika says she believes in Lord, she won’t go to get Shiv Parvati idol. Gauri asks how did you get my Shankar ji in between, I have to go now. Shivaye says then leave now, will you drive at night. Om says alright, but Shivaye I will take your car. He turns and sees them doing high five. He asks what’s all this. They all wave. Shivaye says we are welcoming idol. Om thinks I understand what you all are trying to do. Om and Gauri leave. Dadi and everyone laugh.

Shivaye says Gauri, I know you don’t want to go with Om, but I can’t send him alone. She says I will go. He says don’t talk to him. Om says we will get bored if we don’t talk. Anika says fine, get bored, don’t show you are dying to talk to her. Om says I m not dying, but route is long, it will look strange. She says say straight, you are dying to talk to her. Om says I m not dying, Gauri talks a lot, I have to talk to her. Gauri says I talk and he shows nandi bayl horns or tells shayari. He asks does he tell his shayari to you too. She says sometimes. He asks her to keep this. She asks perfume. He says its pepper spray, that route is unsafe, you can use this, spray in person’s eyes. She tries. He says not now, use it when needed, close it, very imp, don’t play with it.

Dadi asks Om to get Ishtdev idol safely, its very valuable for Oberois. Shivaye says so…. have fun. Om asks what do you mean by have fun, I m going to get idol, not on picnic. Anika asks Gauri to enjoy well. Gauri says yes, I will hear bhajan, when it ends, I will play Satsang cd. Anika says Gauri please, hear some romantic songs. Gauri asks love songs, fine, I will hear Radha Krishna bhajan, Aisi lagi…. Anika stops her. Shivaye says you don’t need to come back soon, you can stay for one day if you want. Om asks why will we stay, there is marriage in house, we will get idol. Shivaye says we will manage. Om asks why.

Anika comes to Shivaye and signs thumbs up. Om sees them and thinks so this is the thing, Shivaye you see now. He says Dadi, I recalled something, we have a tradition, three challenges one. Dadi says yes, I forgot. Shivaye asks what three challenges. Om says you forgot, Dadi told us in childhood, when there is marriage in house, girl and guy give three challenges and fulfill it. Shivaye says that’s too kiddish. Dadi says shut up, its tradition and you have to fulfill it, you both will give three challenges to each other, to know how much equality and love is there. Shivaye says its waste of time. Dadi asks them to fulfill the challenges. Om says till I get idol, Dadi see that they fulfill three challenges, Shivaye have fun, come Gauri. Om and Gauri leave.

Om and Gauri are on the way. Gauri thinks Om is silent and me too, I made a record. Om thinks what happened to her, she talks so much, why did she keep maun vrath. She thinks Shivaye told me, but I will get unwell if I keep silence. He thinks Anika was right, she is giving me attitude, I have to start a talk. He looks at her and thinks no way, why shall I talk. She thinks he won’t talk and Shivaye stopped me, I will play songs to pass time. She asks shall I play songs if you have no problem. He says sure. She gets a CD and looks how to play it. Om takes it and plays. Om jai jagdish hare…..plays…. Om says bhajan, that too in car. She says har har mahadev.

He says she is in bhajan mood, what to do. He calls her out and stops bhajan. She asks why did you stop. He says I was thinking, we can talk. She asks will you talk. He asks her to talk. She asks why shall I talk. He says then why shall I talk, nothing, I think bhajan is fine. He plays bhajan again. She thinks he is strange. He thinks I was mad to stop bhajan and asked her to talk. She thinks I m so hungry, shall I have water. He thinks is she hungry, I will ask. He asks are you hungry. She thinks he is asking as if he has fed me parathas at home. She says no. He says okay, I will stop the car, I m tired of driving. She says fine, stop at any dhaba, we will have food. He says wait, you just said you aren’t hungry. She says yes, but stop at dhaba, we can have food. They argue. He says fine at dhaba, are you hungry. She says no.

Dadi says first challenge is…..Rasoi. Shivaye says Dadi you are so sweet, you want your masterchef Billu to win. Anika says this is cheating. Dadi asks do you think I will cheat. Rudra says its obvious. Bhavya defends Dadi. Dadi says its about making each other’s fav food, Billu will make the dish which Anika says, Anika will make the dish Billu says, both will eat the dish and say whose food is better. Shivaye says fine, Aloo puri. Anika says no, I had it thousand times, this time I want to have pau bhaaji, pau should be buttery. Shivaye asks chowpatty style. Anika says yes, don’t say you didn’t have it ever, Rudra… Rudra says no. Anika asks what did you do in life then. She describes the pau bhaji in chowpatty style.

She says I want to become shayar like Om. She jokes and says leave it, what will you have. He says okay, stewed vegetable ratatouille with baked up cappucino asparagus and pesto sauce. Anika laughs and says good sound, tell me what will you have. He says stewed vegetable ratatouille with baked up cappucino asparagus and pesto sauce. She asks will you have this. He asks will you remember. She says yes, why not, I want a vegan. She asks less spicy brinjal. He says vegan, will you do it. She looks at Rudra. She says fine. Rudra says we will do, but will you make Chowpatty style pau bhaaji. Bhavya says yes. Rudra and Bhavya smile. Dadi says fine, your challenge starts now.

Jhanvi and Dandi follow Kaveri and see her paying money to a man. Kaveri goes. They see her gone. He says strange, she disappeared faster than Mr. India Jhanvi asks whom was she giving money. She sees Peter and Kaveri’s graves. He says something is wrong. She says they both are dead.

Om asks what will you have. She says I m not much hungry. She orders many things. Om looks at her. She says wait, take Om’s order. Om says you said you are not hungry, will you have all this alone. She says yes, I ordered less. He says we will share. She asks why, if it gets less for me. Om asks the man to double order, as we are not hungry. They hear news on radio about some ghost near Shiv Parvati temple. She gets tensed. Om says stop this radio, what nonsense. He asks her not to worry, there is no ghost. She says I don’t believe, but they are saying, my aunt used to say Chudails exists. Om says let it be. They get the food and start eating. He asks her to eat. She says ghost. He signs her to eat.

Dandi says I got these records from municipality, Peter and Kaveri died 6 months before in a car accident. She says they said they are staying here since 10 years, it means they are not Peter and Kaveri, why is Tej doing this, along with Shwetlana. Om and Gauri are on the way. She gets a newspaper from her purse, which comes in front of Om. He fails to drive and stops car. They get down the car and argue. She says I was finding pepper spray, Shivaye gave me, I thought to use it on ghost. He says there is nothing like ghost. She says talk slow, if ghosts hears.

A ghost is seen on a tree. Om asks her to sit in car. They leave. Om says there is nothing like ghosts. The ghost is behind them in car. Dandi sees Jhanvi leaving in car and calls her out. Peter sings. Jhanvi comes there. He hides. She asks him to listen. He says I m not Tej, I m Peter. She says stop this drama, I m trying to meet you, why are you doing this, if you can’t say, give a sign. He says I told you many times, I m not Tej, I m Peter, I feel frustrated, if you trouble me again, I will go to police and get you arrested. She asks did you go mad. He asks her to see, police help please. She sees constable and goes. He thanks Lord.

Om says its good there was no one in front, else accident would have happened. She says it didn’t happen. He says I m saying so that this doesn’t happen next time. She says who will come with you next time. He says ill mannered. She says if ghost really comes. He says there is no ghost, let me drive. Ghost says if she is saying with love, then agree. They get shocked. She says yes. She screams ghost….. Om stops the car and they run far. Gauri asks where will we go. He says just run when ghost is behind. They see ghost/man coming after them. Om says what to do now. Gauri recalls Shivaye’s words and looks for pepper spray. Om says its not time to check bag, run. Gauri says where to run, way is closed. She sprays in Om’s eyes and says sorry.

Shivaye asks Jhanvi where are you and Tej, I m marrying Anika, I called Tej too, both of you have to be here. She says ya, as soon as possible, bye. She says how to tell family what’s happening here, Tej is here and refusing to be Tej, Shivaye is calling us home for his marriage. Dandi says Shwetlana is clever and playing big game. Kaveri gets angry on Jhanvi. Peter stops her and says give her one chance, listen. Jhanvi says my husband is lost, I know he is Peter, not Tej, you are his wife Kaveri, I want your help, there is marriage in my house, happiness came after long, I m not able to say Tej is missing, they will get sad.

Kaveri asks how can we help you. Jhanvi says by acting like Tej, come with me. Kaveri says he is not Tej, he is Peter, your family will know. Jhanvi says no, I will tell them Tej lost his memory. Kaveri calls her mad. She says our dhaba business will get shut. Jhanvi says I will pay the loss. Dandi asks Peter to say something, help for the sake of humanity. Peter says we can give one chance. Kaveri agrees to help. Peter says happy now, go. Jhanvi says thanks, we will leave for Mumbai tomorrow. She goes.

Kaveri smiles comes to her real form. Shwetlana says I wanted this, return to Oberoi mansion. Tej says I agreed to know and did Peter’s acting, you want to go Oberoi mansion, what’s your new game plan Shwetlana, tell me. She says you would have done this before Tej, just do what’s told to you. He says if I don’t do then. She says then get ready to go jail along with your wife, I m sure Oberoi mansion is better option than going jail. He says you think its easy to act like Peter and Tej in front of Jhanvi and family. She asks him to think. He tries to call someone. Shwetlana asks what are you doing.

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