Game of love update Wednesday 30 September 2020

Game of love 30 September 2020: Om asks who told you Shivaye. Rudra cries and says maybe Pinky has told him, she would have understood nothing will work now. Shivaye looks on. Shivaye asks Anika not to refuse anything now.

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Pinky stops him and asks him will he name everything to Anika. Shivaye says Anika has done a lot for me, even after knowing my blood and family truth. Pinky asks what truth, I lied to Anika to get you rid of her, I lied to her that you are not my child, you are Shakti and Kamini’s illegitimate child. Shivaye gets shocked.

Some time before, Shivaye comes to Anika. She says you know what was Sahil saying…. She finds him worried and asks what happened, you look worried, is there anything. Shivaye says I got to know the truth. She asks what truth. He says one you told me that night, I had bhaang food by
mistake, I got to know everything, I understood why you left me and hidden this. She asks everything. He says you don’t care what I m, you said this right.

She recalls her words. He says it matters right, this has changed everything. She worriedly holds his face and says its nothing like that, nothing changed, you are still same Shivaye for me, even for everyone, we love you equally. She cries and says I tried to hide it, not because it matters to us, but because it will matter to you, I know how much name, blood and family matters to you, I will break down if you break, that’s why. Shivaye turns to go and says let me be alone for some time. He leaves.

Gauri says finally, Anika and Shivaye got together. Om says whatever anyone does, love always finds its way. Gauri says if they keep belief, there won’t be any fight, trust is also needed along with love, who else can understand this better than me. Om holds her hand and stops her. Main tenu samjhawan ki……plays…… They have an eyelock. Their old moments are seen.
Om says Gauri….

She asks do you want to say anything. He says nothing. She says I knew it, you can’t say anything, we came close and supported each other while stopping Anika’s marriage, but nothing changed for me, I m still this house’s bahu, only bahu. She cries and leaves out of the room. Saathiya…..plays…..Om feels sad.
Rudra arranges his clothes in cupboard. He gets Bhavya’s dress and looks at her.

Tu jaane na…..plays…..He thinks of their moments. Bhavya and Rudra see each other. Gauri comes back to room and sees Om unpacking his stuff. She offers help. He thanks her. She asks what are you doing. He says actually, I didn’t get a chance to unpack after coming from Germany, so I m trying. She says you are keeping clothes in bag. He says yes, I thought to do it later. She says I will do it. He says no, let it be, I will do it. He gets a shawl and recalls Gauri. He turns to her.

She turns away. He puts it aside. Gauri picks it. Om says I got these gifts for everyone, Shivaye, Rudra, Anika and others. She says its so beautiful and gets a peacock feather in it. She recalls their moment. Saathiya…..plays….. He says this is for me, can’t I gift myself.
She says yes, but so much colors won’t suit you, even if you are an artist. He asks why, and wears the stole. She laughs and says you are looking a colorful bird, this is not your style.

He says so what, I have gone to Germany and my style changed, this is new me. She says I will keep it in cupboard, give me. He says no, I want to wear it for some time. She calls him strange and goes. Om removes the stole. Rudra comes laughing. Om asks what happened. Rudra acts as Om and makes fun. Om asks don’t you have any work than hearing other’s talk. Rudra says I had heard what I had to, just give this gift to Gauri as you got this for her, else I will give her and say Om got this for you. Om says don’t you dare. Rudra says fine, I m going. He goes.

Ragini talks to someone and says I have sent photo, work should be done, Shivaye will be there with Anika, take some people along, you will get money after the work is done, Anika should be finished, else you won’t get a penney. She relaxes seeing Shivaye’s grand pic on the photo bedsheet. Vikram comes and asks are you sure about this, it can’t be undone. Ragini says I know, but we should hit where it hurts the most, I know where will Shivave get most hurt, don’t stop me.

He says I m not stopping you, I m warning you, don’t know how will you get Shivaye after all this. She says simple, it was just me in his life before Anika came back, even after Anika goes, it will be just me. She hits a dart.

Shivaye comes to Om. Om finds him serious and asks what happened. Shivaye says that you guys didn’t want to happen, I got to know truth. Om asks what truth. Shivaye says my blood and family truth. Om gets shocked.

Bhavya checks something and worries. Rudra comes and says what will happen of them, if I m not here, their lives will stop, I m managing this house alone. Bhavya asks really, you are hugely mistaken. He says your cop ego will get hurt, truth is truth. She says my mission is left incomplete because of you. He says I saved your life. She says Sultan was in front of me, he has run away. Rudra says he was shooting you, I pushed you, else you wouldn’t have been here, you are angry as I saved you.

She says I m angry as Sultan got saved. He asks would I see you dying. She asks so what, I would have died. He stops her from saying so. He says your life is very imp to me, I will come in front of you 1000 times if bullet is shot at you. She looks at him and asks why. He says because you are very imp for me. He goes.

Shivaye says I know Om, name, blood and family matters to me, you all thought I will break down after knowing truth, so Anika left me and made you swear not to tell me anything. Rudra comes and asks did you get to know. Shivaye says I know everything, I have no complains from you two, I know you both are my brothers and love me a lot, you were protecting me, knowing I will break down knowing about blood and family, Anika says this doesn’t matter to her, I know this doesn’t matter to you two, but it matters to me, I m not what I thought I was, I m……. They cry.

He thinks why are they not saying anything, come on Omru say something, help me. He says I m…… Rudra says you are our brother, this truth will never change. Hum Saath ek duje ke…….plays……. He hugs Shivaye. Om looks on confused and asks how did you get to know this, Anika would have not told you. Shivaye says Anika would have told me long time back if she had to. Om asks who told you Shivaye.

Rudra cries and says maybe Pinky has told him, she would have understood nothing will work now, she has spoiled everything. Shivaye looks on and says Maa. Rudra says what Maa. Om signs Rudra to stop. Om says if Shivaye to got this, why to freshen his wounds, nothing will change between us, I don’t know how you handle this info and Pinky, all for one, one for…. Rudra says all. Shivaye says along. He hugs them.

Shivaye thinks how is Pinky involved in this. He recalls Anika, Omru and Pinky’s words. He thinks to find out truth today itself. Jhanvi thinks why is Tej doing this drama, I have to find out, he is doing this by fear of Shwetlana. She sees Peter going in the car.

Pinky thinks Shivaye ruined my happiness, Anika was marrying Vikram and leaving, but Shivaye got back. She sees Dadi at the door. Dadi says you should be happy your son’s life got back on track. Pinky argues angrily. Dadi asks her to stop spitting poison against Anika, she is a nice girl and right for Billu, you can lose your son while making Anika out of his life. She goes.

Jhanvi sees Kaveri and Peter/Shwetlana and Tej. Shwetlana aims gun at Tej. Jhanvi worries and enters the house and sees the surprise party going on. Peter sings Apun bola….. and dances with Shwetlana. Tej dances with Shwetlana and Jhanvi. He gets Jhanvi in arms and then drops her down.

Shivaye calls a lawyer home. Shakti asks why did you call him home. Shivaye says you will know it. He asks lawyer about the papers. Lawyer asks are you sure, I mean this decision is too big, think again. Shivaye says I have thought about it. Lawyer asks him not to hurriedly take such big decision. Pinky asks what decision, why is he asking you to think again. Shivaye says nothing much, I m naming my stocks, equities and properties to Anika. Pinky gets shocked and asks are you mad. Shivaye signs papers and sends the lawyer.

He says Anika this is for you, my everything is yours now, you did a lot for me, don’t refuse please. Pinky asks will you give your life’s hardwork to this cheap girl. Shivaye says Anika has done a lot for me. She says no way, I have made you what you are, will this girl take everything, its all just mine, I will not let this girl take anything.

She tears papers. He says you don’t know what she did, she protected me, even after knowing my blood and family truth. Pinky asks what truth, its all a lie, there is no truth, I lied to Anika to get you rid of her, I lied to her that you are not my child, you are Shakti and Kamini’s illegitimate child.
Shivaye and everyone get shocked. Anika recalls Pinky’s words. Kaveri asks Peter what is this woman doing here.

Peter says I don’t know her. Jhanvi says enough Tej, come with me. Peter says I m not Tej Singh Oberoi, I m Peter and she is my wife Kaveri. Kaveri asks where do you want to take her. Jhanvi says he is my husband Tej. Peter says I m just your husband. Kaveri and Jhanvi argue and pull him to their sides. A man says he is Kaveri’s husband Peter. Jhanvi says he is my husband Tej, this Kaveri is Shwetlana, its her game plan. The man says you have misunderstanding, they are staying here since ten years.

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