Game of love update Tuesday 29 September 2020


Game of love 29 September 2020: Seeing mandap Anika asks Vikram what’s all that. She doesn’t like cheap jokes. She says they have to go and tell everyone the truth. Ragini comes there. Anika says so it was their both plan. She takes out her phone to call Shivaay, but Ragini pushes her and her phone falls down.

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Vikram breaks it. Vikram takes her to the mandap saying she should be lucky that a rich bachelor is marring a divorcee. Anika says even her sandal wouldn’t marry him. Shivaay feels Anika is in trouble. Vikram hears band baaja music. He asks Ragini if she called them. She says no. He says as they are here already, some music would be nice. Shivaay, Om, Rudra, Gauri, Bhaavya comes in dressed as band baaja members. No one recognises them. Anika was walking away. Vikram pulls her. Shivaay gets mad, but Rudra stops

him. Vikram asks to start marriage. Oberois start playing music. It gets too noisy. Vikram asks them to leave. They continue playing music and dancing. Vikram throws money at Shivaay and says enough. Shivaay removes his glasses and says first finish accounting. Vikram says what? Shivaay removes his cap and punches Vikram. Others also come in their original avatar. Shivaay asks Vikram how dare he touch Anika. Ragini is shocked. Shivaay tells her that he gave enough chances. This time he will send her to jail. Vikram’s bodyguards attack on Obros. While they are fighting, Ragini ties Anika with rope. Anika gets happy seeing Shivaay beating Vikram. Gauri and Bhavya tie Ragini with rope.

Shivaay goes and frees Anika. She says wah band wale superman singh oberoi. He says not to talk with him. Couldn’t she tell him about Vikram’s plan? She says Vikram broke her phone. Shivaay says how dare he.. only he has right to break Anika’s phone. He was going to beat him again, but Rudra stops him and sends him back to Anika. They both argue about the ring. Shivaay says he put ring. Anika says she didn’t find any ring. Bhavya brings ring saying she found it from Vikram.

They continue fighting. Bhavya asks what she should do with that ring. Shivaay says throw it.. Vikram touched it. They will engage again. Anika asks who said she will engage him? He says no one else can endure her except him. Others ask them to get in jeep. Shivaay tells Anika let’s go. She asks where? He says home. He lifts her. She says she can walk. He says can’t say anything about her. She went to get married and reached here. She asks him to leave her. He doesn’t and walks.

O Jaana plays.. He puts her in jeep. Rudra feels sorry for Dadi saying she would be thinking why no marriages are normal in their house. Shivaay asks how they could be normal when ladies in their house are so tadibaaz. Anika says we are like this. Shivaay says us too.
They reach home. Shivaay is still lifting Anika and both are fighting. Rudra tells Bhavya it feels so good seeing them fight. Om tells Gauri they have to see who throws water first. Pinky asks what’s all this? Anika was supposed to wed Vikram, right? Shivaay says it’s a long story. OmRu will explain. Dadi and others come. Shivaay takes Anika inside to talk with her. OmRu tell everyone that wedding is cancelled. Everyone is happy except Pinky. OmRu taunt Pinky saying all this made their love stronger and now no one can separate them.


Shivaay and Anika come to their room. Shivaay says no more ego, no more tadi. Just him and her. He asks her to tell the truth. They will handle. She asks him to let it go.. for her. Just forget it. Shivaay agrees for her.. he won’t ask her again. Anika is relieved and she goes to change. Shivaay says he won’t ask her, but he will find out himself. He doesn’t know how, but he will.
Anika comes out smiling. Pinky asks she thinks she won? It’s not easy to beat Pinky.

Anika says it was never about winning and losing. It was about right and wrong. Pinky says this is wrong.. she keeps coming here again and again. She will go and tell truth to Shivaay. Anika stops her. Shivaay asks what she won’t tell? Anika says not much. Shivaay asks but what? Pinky says not much, about media questioning about Vikram’s marriage, etc.

Shivaay tries to recall what Anika had told him on day they were drunk and Anika told all truth. He recalls Anika had said it doesn’t matter to her what he is. He can’t remember after that. He says no one will tell him. He will have to make them say him and for that he will have to go back to being SSO.
Svetlana shows proofs to Tej against him and Jhanvi and blackmail him about something which is not revealed. Jhanvi goes in the house to check on Tej. She doesn’t find him.

Ragini and Vikram blame each other for their defeat. Ragini calms down and says they can still win. Vikram says her brother was right, she’s mental. Ragini says she never loses and leaves.
Jhanvi is worried as there is no news about Tej since 2 days. She can’t go to police either. She asks around. One person says he saw him at some dhaba/restaurant. Jhanvi comes there and finds Tej in a different avatar – chef in that dhaba.
Vikram hears some noise and runs to Ragini’s room. She’s trying to commit suicide.

Vikram stops her. She says if he can’t help her, then let her do what she wants. He says Anika and Shivaay love each other. She can’t separate them. They tried once. Ragini says her love is not that weak that she will stop after one try. It’s not her love, it’s her obsession. Ragini says, she doesn’t care love or obsession, she just wants Shivaay and asks he will help her right. He agrees.

Tej/chef introduces himself as Peter D’souza. Jhanvi is confused. Peter sends her away. Jhanvi wonders whether Peter is Tej’s twin. Jhanvi comes back to him. He says he is not Tej. She doesn’t know his wife.. if she sees him with another lady, then will get mad. Peter’s wife is shown and it’s Svetlana in south avatar named Kaveri. Jhanvi is shocked.
Vikram brings Ragini to some woman. Ragini bribes her.

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