Game of love update Friday 9 October 2020


Game of love 9 October 2020: Anika gives food items to Shivaye and says we have to go by budget. He says I can make many things by these, just see. Bhavya asks Rudra to earn 25000 in a week time. Rudra says challenge accepted. The man says your Dada made me lose, you will get idol by making my grandson lose. Om says I will have to prove you wrong, I will fight.

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Some time before, Shivaye and Anika reach her house. She asks him to think again, this will be tough. He says you are with me, difficulties will get easy. She asks him to open the door, as he is the owner of the house, he has the keys. He asks her to open the house, as she is the owner of the house. She opens the lock. They get in. He coughs and asks why is the house so dirty. She says it was locked, I will clean it. He says I will call Khanna. She asks to call for
servants. He says I understand, I m not Shivaye Singh Oberoi here, its hot, AC won’t be here, is there a fan. She says switch is there. He sees the slow fan and says I will call for a table fan. She says you just have 200 rs.

He says okay, I will manage. She says there is one way and opens the window. He says fresh air, move. She says nothing is got easily here. She opens another window and asks him to come here, how are you feeling. He says I feel like the king of the world. She asks what. He asks did you not see titanic. She asks am I mad to go and see sinking ship. He says I will show, and holds her arms. Ishq hai aansun……plays…. They smile. He holds her close.

Rudra says impossible, Shivaye can’t live in Anika’s house, he has never seen poverty, just I have seen poverty here. Bhavya asks did you see poverty. He says yes, I got change as pocket money, just 25000rs. She asks for a month. He says are you mad, just for a week. She says means one lakh for a month. He says its very less, I used to manage. She says you know my salary. He says 10-12 lakhs, like your work, it should be 60-70 lakhs. She says 35000rs for a month. He asks what.

She says yes, you feel one lakh pocket money less, you don’t know what’s poverty, how people fulfill needs in some money. He says fine but I know how to earn money. She asks why are you hyper, you have to work hard to earn money. He says don’t challenge me. She says fine I will challenge you, you have to earn 25000rs in a week. He asks just 25000rs, you would have said 25 crores. She says without the help of family and family business, are you scared, I knew you can’t do this, let it go.

He says challenge accepted. She says fine, you have 7 days now, if you earn 25000rs, I will agree you have something. She goes. Anika gives Daal chawal to Shivaye. She says we have to go by budget. He says I can make many things by these, just see.
He goes to kitchen and says I can make lentil soup by this Daal, where is your cooktop, microwave. She says its not there. He asks how did you cook. She shows the mini gas stove. He asks whats this, its kind of antique. She says its stove, you can’t cook on it, I think I have to sleep early. He says there is nothing I can’t do, just go. He sends her and tries to stove.

Gauri scares the servant and asks him to say about the idol. Servant agrees to tell her. Rudra asks Chubby to understand, he has to earn 25000 in a week. Chubby asks him to sign any deal and get money. Rudra says I have to earn without family help. Chubby says you just know body building and impressing girls. Rudra asks him to say some plan. Chubby asks him to do salesman work, make a plan, what to sell and where. Rudra says just one week time is there, plan fast. Chubby says I wish you had talent like carpentry, painting or plumbing. Rudra hears Dadi asking to call plumber, garden tap is leaking.

Shivaye gets the bowls and says food is ready. He takes a rose for Anika. She checks the food and says wow, Daal tadka. He says its just this. She says its much. She eats it and likes a lot. She feeds him. He finds it spicy. She asks why did you add much chilli, have water, its boiled and safe. She feeds him water and says you should have kept food for yourself separately. Shivaye reminds how she has thrown dirty water on him. She says it was second time. He says yes, first time it was clean water. She laughs and says then your pant got torn. He says I don’t remember, you are making me drink water by your hands, everything is perfect now, your hands have magic. She laughs.

Rudra stops Khanna from calling plumber and says I will repair tap. Khanna says you can’t do this. Rudra says don’t take tension, you go. He says see how they underestimate me. Chubby asks him to prove everyone he is real solid man, love you meri jaan, go. Rudra goes.
Om and Gauri come to someone’s house and see wrestlers exercising. They see the idol and greet the old man. Om says I m Omkara Singh, this idol is ours, our servant has stolen this and sold to you.

The man asks are you Prithviraj’s grandson, he has made me lose in wrestling, I couldn’t forget that insult till now, go you won’t get the idol. Rudra goes to the leaking tap and sits thinking. Bhavya says you have to step in the sea to calculate its depth. Rudra says you said good saying, but there is no sea here. She asks what are you doing here. He says I was repairing tap. She says you can’t do this. He says I will repair it and take money from Dadi. She says you have to get into this dirt, you are spoilt brat of Oberoi family. He says I will get in this and repair this. She says you will need my help. He says I will manage. She asks sure. He asks shall I get court orders, go. She says all the best. He says thanks, I will manage. She goes. Rudra goes to the tap.


Gauri says idol is ours, we will take it. Om says be quiet, let me talk. He says whatever happened between you and my Dada ji, its old thing, now he is no more, this idol is his sign, I m ready to pay double amount for this. The old man asks him to leave. Gauri asks Om did he get peace. She says its our idol, Om is ready to give double amount, you are wasting time. Om asks her to understand, be quiet. She says its your ancestral idol. He says its not imp than you, come. The old man stops him and says you will get idol on one condition.

Rudra removes his shoes, watch, tshirt and tries to repair the tap. Bhavya looks on. Rudra tries fixing the tap. He gets hurt. He tries many things and finally stops the water leakage. Bhavya smiles. The old man says your Dada made me lose, you will get idol by making my grandson lose. Om asks your grandson. The old man calls Balran. Balram comes. Om and Gauri look at him. The old man says he is my grandson Balram. Om says see wrestling is not a joke, I don’t know rules, we came to take idol, we will go to police. The old man says Prithviraj’s grandson is such a coward, he would have not gone like this, you ruined your Dada’s name.

Balram says I think he is ashamed to get beaten up in front of his wife. Om says you thought of my silence and patience as my weakness, I will have to prove you wrong. He goes to Balram and says I will fight. Gauri gets shocked. Om says I will do your grandson’s state like my Dada ji did of you. The old man agrees.

Dadi asks what, did you repair the tap. Rudra says yes, going out of clothes and character. She says you just got me to fool, liar. He asks why don’t anyone trust me, Khanna tell her. Khanna says yes, he is saying true. Dadi says Khanna you are also lying. Khanna says no, Rudra didn’t let me call plumber. Dadi says you made me happy, bless you. Rudra says but personal and professional things are different, give me money for my hardwork. She says fine, how much. He says 10000rs. She asks what, 10000 for repairing a tap.

He says see who repaired it. Bhavya comes and asks what happened. Dadi says he is asking 10000rs for a small work. Rudra says give anything you want. Dadi gives him 500rs. Bhavya says its enough. Dadi laughs and goes. Rudra says I removed my tshirt, you should have given 5000rs. Bhavya says 500rs, you will lose challenge this way. He says seven days are not over, keep my first earning. He gives money in her hand. They have an eyelock. He says I will give entire amount within 7 days. She thinks money is less, but of your hardwork, its much.

Om says we have to answer him. The old man asks him to see Balram well. Gauri says he is saying right, don’t take any decision being emotional, see this guy is so dangerous, come with me. Om doesn’t move. Gauri says wrestling cancel. Om says I will fight wrestling, Prithviraj’s grandsons don’t run away by fear. The old man says you have attitude like your Dada. Om says I hit like my Dada ji too. The old man says fine, we will meet in wrestling ground after 24 hours, we will see.

Shivaye rests and thinks its not easy to sleep here, but there is nothing you can’t do, so just try and sleep. Anika gets up and sees him. She passes her pillow to him. Shivaye sees her sleeping without a pillow. He goes and lies next to her on the ground. He says I will be there where you are. She asks how will you get sleep here. He says you are with me. She holds his hand and says you changed a lot. He says its your magic. She says its your magic, you made this 2rs life like a fairy one. Water from the roof fall on them. He asks what’s this.
She says rain. He says raining inside the house, nice. She gets buckets and keeps under the leaking areas.

He says its called rain water harvesting, you are expert in all this. She says yes, Sahil and I used to do this every year, we had less money and did this to deal with this problem, I like this sound of rain drops. He says you love rains. Light goes. She shouts Shivaye and hugs him. He says I m with you, you don’t need to get scared of darkness, I will get candle. She says no, hold me. He holds her and walks. He lights a candle. He asks why are you scared of darkness, open eyes, you are fearless. She cries and says don’t know, in ashram, some people used to switch off lights and beat me every day without any reason. He asks who were they. She says I don’t know. He says I told you I m a sun, one who has sun doesn’t need to be scared of darkness, I will fill much light in your life that there will be no place for darkness, I will protect you forever and ever. He hugs her.



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