Strings of love Starlife update Sunday 26 May 2024

Strings of love 26 may 2024: Angad gets concerned when Tani falls down and tries to calm her down. Madhu walks to him, accuses him of hurting Tani, and nurses her wound. Angad says he didn’t do anything.

Inspector Gagan says Tani’s blood is not stopping, they should take her to a doctor. Angad brings tea powder from kitchen and applies it on Tani’s injury saying it will cease her blood. Tani holds his hand. Angad calls her Simran and assures that she will be fine. Tani asks who is Simran.

Veer says Simran is their younger sister whom Angad loves a lot. Madhu says he hit Tani and now is showing concern for her. Tani says Angad didn’t hit her, she got hurt while papa tried to free her. Angad says he doesn’t want to trouble them and is just trying to find out where his wife is as she alive and he fears for her life.

Shamim shows Rumi’s past 6 months’ location. Angad notices Rumi’s location at his house, Sahiba’s college, and a place outside Ludhiana.

He cross-checks it with the plane crash location and says both match. He says he is sure Rumi must have taken Sahiba there. Rumi continues to pester Sahiba to marry him and forcefully puts a garland in her neck. Sahiba says soon his sin will be caught and he will be punished. Rumi says Angad will be punished instead for his crime and will be given a death penalty. Sahiba continues to tongue lash him. Rumi warns her to cooperate and threatens her with a gun. He clicks their selfie with his mother’s photo.

Constable Balwinder with his team reaches Gagan’s house and recalls hearing Madhu telling that Angad is here. He thinks he just acted to not alert Angad. Shamim and Pam chat with Tani and say they will visit her next time with chocolate. Balwinder barges in with team and asks Madhu where is Angad. Madhu asks how does she know. He says she told he is here. Madhu says he must have heard wrong. He asks who are these 2 girls. Madhu says they are Tani’s school teachers. Pam and Shami walk away. He asks about Gagan. Madhu says Gagan is sleeping. Gagan frees his mouth and shouts he is here. Madhu recalls Angad leaving house before constable reached.

Angad hiding in a car dickie heads towards Rumi’s location with Veer, Pam, and Shamim. He hopes to find Sahiba there and hopes she is safe. Police jeep blocks their car. Gagan gets Veer, Pam, and Shamim out of car and asks where is Angad. They say they don’t know. Gagan opens car dickie feeling confident that Angad is there, but finds his gun and Angad’s message that he is returning his gun and will return to police station once he finds out Sahiba. Veer thinks Angad must have gone to jungle in search of Sahiba. Rumi continues his psychotic behavior and force Sahiba to perform prewedding rituals. Sahiba thinks Angad is in trouble because of her and she will save him at any cost after escaping from Rumi.

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