My desire update Sunday 26 May 2024

My desire 26 may 2024: Kashvi gets shocked seeing Mahima sleeping keeping her head on Arjun’s chest. Jagdish is also shocked, while Nitya is happy to plan such a scene. Jagdish knocks on the car window and asks Arjun to get out.

Arjun wakes up and says baba, Kashu. Mahima recalls pretending to sleep on his chest, to make Kashvi fight with him, and their marriage will end and Arjun will be hers. Arjun says thank god, you have come here, else I don’t know how to contact you, as our phones were not working and off.

Nitya says we located you, due to the GPRS in the car. Jagdish asks why did you come here? Arjun tells that they had come to get Minister’s signs for the project. Nitya hugs him and asks him to thank Mahima who has handle him well. Arjun tries to talk to kashvi. Kashvi goes. At home, Arjun asks Kashvi why you didn’t talk to me since you saw me with mahima. Kashvi says she is tired and needs to sleep. He says we can’t sleep until we sort out this matter. Arjun asks her to say. Kashvi says lets talk. She says we wanted to help Mahima, but you was sleeping with her in the car, and was cuddling her.

Arjun says when I slept, Mahima was awake. He tells her everything and tells that when I was sleeping, Mahima was awake. He says may be Mahima also slept and may be in sleep, we fell on each other. He tells that the work was halted and Mahima shared the idea that we shall go to Ministr’s farmhouse. He says she clarified that she is not interested in me and is not the same clever Mahima. He says she has no wrong feelings for me and asks her not to see her from wrong side. He asks her to trust her and tells that he can’t break her trust. Kashvi looks on and tells that she trust him. Arjun asks her to say yes from her heart so that it reaches his heart. Kashvi says I trust you more than myself and hugs him.

Arjun asks Kashvi to close her eyes if she trusts him. Kashvi closes her eyes. Arjun makes her bite chilli. Kashvi opens her eyes and hits him with pillow. Arjun says you didn’t trust me at first and that’s why I made you have chilli. Mahima asks Nitya if Kashvi is not shocked as she didn’t fight with Arjun. Nitya says she was in shock and don’t know what to say. Mahima says my life is to get Arjun and to make Kashvi feel insecure. Nitya asks why Kashvi shall feel insecure? Mahima says so that Kashvi feel that Arjun loved her always and leave from his life.

Later Arjun and kashvi come to the hall and do the goddess aarti for the navratri. Others also do the aarti after them. Kashvi gets a call that Aruna died. She tells everyone that she has to go to office. Nitya says you have taken off today. Kashvi says Chandra sir called and said that some file needs to be work. She reaches the hospital and asks the doctor what had happened to her. Doctor says she was in stress and didn’t want to live. Nurse gives her safe keepings and a latter. Kashvi reads her letter in which Aruna asks her not to tell anyone about her death, not even to her sons else the killer will be alerted.

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