Imlie Starlife update Monday 17 June 2024

Imlie 17 June 2024: Imlie watches Agastya preparing bed. Na Jaane Mere Dil Ko Kya Hogaya.. song plays in the background. Agastya asks if she doesn’t want to sleep and goes to bed. Imlie lies on her bed and thinks why she was staring at Agastya. Next morning, Imlie hears Daadi calling Agastya and walks near him to wake him up and inform him. He holds her hand in sleep. She feels anxious and pinches him.

He wakes up shocked and asks who is it. She blabbers and says Daadi is calling. He sits confused. After some time, she asks Shivani how does it feel being in love. Shivani says just like she feels for Agastya. Imlie says she is asking about her. Shivani says she will feels bubbles in her heart when she touches the person she loves.

Imlie walks towards Agastya while he is busy decorating house. She imagines singing Hogaya Hai Tujhko To Pyaar Sajna.. song and dancing around her. She gets out of imagination and thinks it can’t be true.

Agastya asks her to help him in flower decoration. She touches his hand and feels bubbles in her heart. Vishwa looks at Agastya and Imlie’s divorce and contract papers and thinks Imlie loves Agastya even in this contract marriage, he will use Imlie’s love to get her out of the house. Meera notices killer walking into Chaudhry house and follows him.

Mehandi ceremony starts. Imlie serves juice to guests and while filling juice glass for Rajni gets lost seeing Agastya passing by and overfills glass. Sonali notices that. Shivani alerts Imlie and makes her sit with her to apply mehandi. Vishwa stares at Imlie. Avinash asks her to stop staring Imlie or else Agastya will not spare him. Vishwa says he is lost in some thoughts and not staring at Imlie.

Meera walks around the house covering her face. Sonali stops her and asks who is she. Meera signals at caterers. Sonali sends her in. Alka seees her next and asks who is she, show her pallo. Agastya notices Meera and asks what is she doing here. Daadi asks if she knows her. Agastya says they don’t know each other, even then this aunty helped him. Alka and Daadi walk away. Agastya thanks Meera for her help and offers her money. She refuses to take it. He asks her to bless him and touches her feet. She blesses him emotionally. Killer is seen wandering around the house. Imlie’s mehandi spoils. She walks towards her room to clean her hand and bumps on Agastya. Agastya asks where is she going. She warns him not to touch her again and walks towards her room. Agastya asks if she lost her mind and thinks why she is behaving weirdly.

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