Strings of love Starlife update Monday 27 May 2024

Strings of love 27 may 2024: Rumi starts wedding rituals with Sahiba. Sahiba recalls Angad’s love and care for her. She thinks Rumi will find out today what a true sikhni can do. Angad notices plane crash location and hopes to reach there soon and save Sahiba.

At police station, police threaten Veer, Pam, and Shamim to reveal Angad’s location. They say they don’t know. Constable Balwant says their tech team is checking their mobiles and will find out any clue for sure. Jaspal calls Veer.

Veer requests to let him speak to his father as has a right to make one call. Balwant threatens him. Inspector Gagan asks Balwant to let him speak to his father and put the phone on speaker to get Angad’s clue. Veer speaks to Jaspal and informs him that he is in lockup.

Family shows their concern for Angad. Gurleen asks Jaspal if he contacted Veer, he is not picking her car. Jaspal informs her that Veer, Pam, and Shamim are in lockup for trying to help Angad.

Japjot says she feels helpless and her wealth waste seeing her children in trouble. Jasleen walks in and says Angad can’t be saved now, one whose photos were in news papers as businessman of the year is wanted by police now. She shows Angad’s wanted poster. Family is shocked to see that. Inder insists Manveer to come along for Angad’s sake and leaves home. Angad notices his wanted posters and tears them. A man who is fixing posters notices him and alerts mob. Mob catches him and informs police. Gagan with his team heads towards the location to catch Angad.

Rumi continues wedding rituals with Sahiba and tells his dead mother that that she is getting her desired DIL. He asks Sahiba to start pheras with him and showing his sketch book says this depicts their journey. Sahiba says he is right, tears book, and throws it in fire. Rumi panics and asks what is she doing. Sahiba hits with with fire stick and says she is Angad’s wife and will not tolerate his nonsense. Rumi falls down and searches for his gun. His clothes catch fire and he gets busy setting off fire. Sahiba leaves from there to save herself and Angad.

Mob catch Angad and wait for police to come. They hear police jeep siren and determine to hand him over to police. Angad pushes them away and runs. Rumi searches for Sahiba calling her Natasha and asks if she is playing hide and seek with him. Sahiba tries to escape from jungle and prays god to save her from this monster. Mob surround Angad. A man helped Angad in gurudwara stops his auto and takes him from there saying he will handover Angad to police. He apologizes Angad for misbehaving with him to save him. Angad say he understands and asks how did he reach him. Man says he sold Angad’s golden kada and cleared his debt, he was riding his auto when he heard police discussing that Angad is near school and they shall catch him before he escapes and hence he came to rescue him. Angad thanks him.

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