Lost in love starlife update 18 June 2024

Bhavani hosts Savi’s satkar samaroh/ felicitation ceremony. She thanks all guests for attending the ceremony sparing their precious time and Maratha samaj for organizing this ceremony for Savi. She describes how Savi faced struggles in life without her parents and being bought up by her grandparents, how she shows the good qualities of her parents, how she troubled Savi since childhood and even tried to get her married to a criminal Samrudh, how Savi escaped from that marriage, etc. Mandar gets angry hearing that. Samrudh stops him and asks him to wait for some time to teach this oldie a lesson. Bhavai says while she troubled Savi, two people in Savi’s life helped her a lone, one is Isha madam. She asks Isha to come on stage. Isha walks on stage.

Bhavani says Isha is a ray of hope in Savi’s life and other person is Isha’s son professor Ishan Bhosale. Ishan walks on stage. Guests discuss that Savi’s professor is so handsome like a model. Savi scolds them.

Bhavani says Savi is walking on a path of success under Isha and Ishan’s success and asks them both to honor Savi with a medal which belongs to her late husband Nagesh Chavan. She calls Savi on stage. Ishan fumes hearing that but controls himself. Bhavani requests Isha to speak a few words about Savi. Isha says whatever she did for Savi is in Ramtek here; as a teacher, it was her duty to guide her student; Savi got admission in Bhosale institute with her talent and the way she is growing there, the credit goes to her son Ishan. She says she wants Ishan to honor Savi with this medal. Ishan and Savi look at each other. He puts medal in her neck. Harini imagines Virat and Sai in them. Everyone clap for them.

Another host takes mic and after much talk announces Savi’s dance. Savi performs lavani dance. Harini and Vinayak join her followed by Bhavani, Ashwini, and Ninad. Ninad drags Ishan and Isha on stage next. Isha dances a bit and says good bye to Savi. She smiles at Ishan and leaves with Shantanu. Bhavani then insists Ishan to dance with Savi. They book look at each other’s face and stand silently. Chavans dance around them. Samrudh spikes everyone’s juice and sends it to all the guests via a waiter. Waiter offers juice to Bhavani first. Ishan walks away.

Ninad gets tired and walks down the stage followed by Ashwini. Waiter offers juice to them next. Bhavani walks towards washroom with waiter feeling drowsy. Goons kidnap her followed by Ashwini and Ninad. Samrudh says game has started now.

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