The Evil Eye Starlife update Monday 17 June 2024

The evil eye 17 June 2024: Ansh sees Piya and is surprised. They move closer. Ansh hugs her and caresses her face. Dil mein ho tum plays.. it turns out to be Piya’s dream. Ansh moves to her and asks how is she? She says I am fine.

Ansh says I am sure your husband keep you happy, you dont have to explain, you moved on in your life, I know you have a daughter, I heard her voice in your house. Piya says you think what you see is true, how is Adi? Ansh says he is fine. Ansh says be happy with your husband and kid. Ansh says my fiance is calling me for a romantic dinner, she is caring. Piya says I am lucky as my husband is sweet. Ansh glares at her. Both are jealous.

Pari says to Adi that we will make our parents talk and patch up. Mohana comes there so Pari hides from her.

Piya comes home and asks where is Piya? Guru Maa says she is in her room. Piya goes to check on her. Pari comes there and says I Want to tell you something. She runs from there.

Vedsheree asks Ansh why he is angry and miffed? Ansh says leave me. Vedsheree says you dont make up your mind, you are scolding Adi too. Ansh says I was just angry. Vedshree says Urvashi is staying here and waiting for your yes, you want to marry her or not? I cant keep her waiting. Ansh tells Vedsheree that I am ready to marry her.

Piya tells Nishant that she has taken a job in Delhi.

Vedsheree tells Ansh that you wanted to bring Piya back for Adi. Ansh says dont take her name. Vedsheree says she is his mother, you cant keep her away. Ansh says URvashi might be a good mother than Piya, say yes to her. Wedding will happen this week.

Nishant asks Piya if she is sure? Piya says yes, I will leave this week.

Urvashi says to Mohana that Ansh said no because of Adi, I can kill them all marry Ansh, Mohana says dont do such a mistake. Vedsheree comes there and says I wanted to say something, I am sorry about Ansh not making a decision. Vedsheree says Ansh wants to marry you this week, you dont have a problem? Mohana comes there and says its good that Ansh have decided. Urvashi says I am okay with it. She smirks.

Ansh comes to his room and finds Piya’s earring. He recalls them arguing over it in past. Ansh says she left us for a man. Vedsheree comes there and says Urvashi is ready to marry, did you talk to Adi? Ansh says I will. He leaves.

Pari and Adi looks at happy pictures of Ansh and Piya. He tells her that Ansh is marrying Urvashi. Ansh comes there to Pari hides. Adi says I am sleepy. Ansh turns to leave. Pari hides under blanket. Ansh sits there and says I am sorry for being angry with you, I am your father, I love you but sometimes we have to leave people when they move on, thats what happened with your mom, he puts chocolate there and says you are best kid in world, he leaves. Pari cries, Adi asks what happened? Pari says he made me emotional.

Urvashi says to Mohana that Ansh easily agreed for marriage, reason can be anything. Mohana says dont be so calm, some power is helping Adi, things can change easily, I know Piya and Ansh, try to understand situation otherwise you will be in trouble.

Pari says to

Adi that papa gave me this chocolate. She shares it with him. Adi says what we will do next? Pari says if Ansh marries Urvashi then we will have to live separately. Pari says if Ansh sees her evil form then he wont marry her. She says I have to go now as mom would be looking for me. They start leaving but see Vedsheree and hide. They run from there. Pari says we can show Urvashi’s form tomorrow, what happened in engagement when she came in her real form? Adi says let me think about it, you always order me around, you are younger. Pari tickles him and laugh.

Naman locks Dilruba in a casket. She says leave me. Naman says you are going to stay here. Saanvi comes there and says now you understand she is evil. Guru Maa says she is not bad but she doesnt remember her marriage with Naman. Nishant comes there and says there is a way to work around this.

Pari comes to rickshaw and sits inside. Ansh arrives there and sees her going. He comes out of car and says why I felt Piya was here? What is happening?

Adi comes to Urvashi’s room. Urvashi is getting ready for night and says soon I will marry Ansh. She says if Ansh sees my real avatar then he wont marry me, She smirks and throws a bottle away of liquid which brings her real avatar out. Adi takes it and leaves.

In morning, Adi is waiting for Pari to come for pooja. He takes out bottle and says today is Urvashi’s last day here. She comes there and asks you are talking to yourself? I am here for life so you can talk to me. Adi hides bottle from her. Urvashi says enjoy my wedding, dont try anything. She asks what he is hiding? He shows her a comb. Urvashi combs his hair and pulls it, Adi is scared.

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